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Leather is loved for its visual nuances: different textures, subtle color variations, smoothness and subtle signs of a cherished life. When working with such a versatile and multifaceted material, the care with which you do it can shape the appearance of leather watches for years to come and allow you to customize them to suit your own style.

What is a Leather Watch?

A leather watch is a wrist watch with a leather strap or belt intended to be worn by a man on his wrist. It is a stunning accessory perhaps the only one worn by men at any occasion. It has always been a part of men’s impeccable styling and grooming.

A Leather Watch is Pivotal to Your Smart Business Attire

The leather watch is the first watch every man should own. Leather straps give the watch a more understated look. They have an elegant tone that makes them the first choice for formal wear. The minimalist touch of leather gives a classic feeling. You can also dress them down, which makes them the first choice for a watch collection because of their versatility. 

A formal watch is the only watch that can be worn on formal and business occasions. For this reason, the leather watch, often called a dress watch is the one in your watch collection that is absolutely essential. The sole function of the leather watch is to complement a business suit or formal attire. It can also be combined with various business casual outfits. 

Embrace Leather Watches with Modern Designs

Traditionally, classic watch referred to leather straps, but now several elegant designs and craftsmanship can be found even with leather watch bands. Although added more fashionable look, leather watches are still simple, elegant and immortal. The watch case can be made of precious metal. Since mechanical watches are outdated, now battery-powered quartz watch complements leather straps.

The type of strap tells you who you are and what purpose you serve. For example, a nylon strap may remind you of sandy beaches and drinks with umbrellas. A leather strap shows that you are dressing up for an elegant evening. A rubber strap may indicate that you are a diver. Metal gives the accessory a heavy character, while leather gives a minimalist and sophisticated impression. Metal is less formal than leather. Metal strap is good for casual watch. Sometimes it is possible to wear metal strap with a suit, if it is not a formal dress. 

Watches come in a variety of styles. The watches at Sylvi are attractive, modern, elegant and fashionable to meet everyone needs regardless of age. Sylvi Blue Dial Chronograph leather buckle belt with white, blue, rosegold and black case,  Sylvi Luxury Analog Digital Watch with date, alarm, stopwatch, water resistant and such other features are available in blue, coffee, brown, black colour watch strap along with deployment clasp and other such beautiful leather strap watches. 

Business class watch for men

How to Choose the Right Leather Watch 

The standard rule of matching metals and leathers bands with shoes and belts still applies today. Leather types range from common to exotic leathers. If you wear your watch 12 hours a day, it should fit comfortably on your wrist. In analog watch, the strap is made of leather or the same metal as the case. Rough, worn leather straps go better with jeans. Such a watch would not be suitable for a luxury event. 

The material and colour of the shoes and belt is the suitable guide for choosing the watchband. First of all, the belt and shoes must be matched. A black strap should be worn with black shoes and belt; a brown strap with a brown belt and shoes. The straps should not be the same colour as the shoes, but of a similar tone (light or medium or dark). Do not wear a watch with a black strap with a brown shoe. Or a brown strap with black shoes. When in doubt, match the watch to the shoes. You may like to read: Top 5 Men's Watches to Elevate Look.

Black is generally more elegant, but that does not mean it is the right choice. Sometimes brown shoes are simply the best choice. Interchangeable straps are a good option for men who have different coloured shoes: one brown and one black for each watch, or a different colour for more variety. Black leather is more formal than brown. A black strap is more suitable for formal occasions. Watch for Men and his outfit must be in perfect harmony in every occasion.

Do you still want to check the time on your mobile phone? Or would you rather adorn your wrist with a classic analog and digital watch and make a statement to the world? Regardless of budget, lifestyle or profession, there is a perfect watch for you. 

To achieve the best effect, you should choose your watch according to your size. Watches must fit the body. Thin men can work with narrow watches, while taller men can wear watches with square, sturdy dials. Ideally, the stitching of the leather should match the colour of the leather. 

A chronograph is made for athletes and designed for sport. In general, it should be worn for sport or at gym. If your budget is tight and you are looking for watches under 1000, you can easily get a beautiful chronograph watch online at Sylvi. 

Everyday Care & Maintenance

You will certainly want to enjoy your leather wristwatch for the rest of your life. Taking the time to care for your leather watch will preserve the value and appearance of your most precious pieces. By following a few simple rules, you can avoid unnecessary wear and tear and add years to the life of your accessories. 

  • Leather is leather and can stretch. Therefore, avoid overstretching the watch strap. 

  • Pay particular attention to leather watches that you wear often. Every week, wipe off dust and stains with a soft cloth or brush. 

  • Scratches can ruin an impeccably finished piece. Take care to avoid contact with highly decorated clothing, sharp surfaces or heavy jewellery when out and about. 

  • Wet leather requires extra care, so remember to take an umbrella with you if rain is expected.

  • Do not store leather in direct sunlight to prevent discolouration. Store leather watches in a dust bag to avoid scratches and do not use plastic bags as that prevent good ventilation. 

  • Do not store leather near artificial heat sources, such as radiators, which can dry out and crack the leather.  

  • Clean stains and dirt with a mixture of soap flakes and warm water. Use a steam cleaner to disinfect the leather and remove deposits accumulated through regular use.

  • Do not wash leather in the washing machine, do not get it wet if possible, dry wet leather naturally and do not dry it near the heater or with a hairdryer, do not tumble dry it, do not iron it or immerse it in water to clean it.

  • Polishing leather, for example, maintains its original lustre. This process is ideal for shiny, ceremonial or evening accessories that you want to keep in pristine condition.

  • Smooth, fine, painted leathers benefit from a soft leather cream that nourishes, moisturises and maintains the softness of the leather. Mild creams and balms can also be used to remove light scratches. For light colours, scratches and smudges can be touched up with a polish, while special refreshing colour conditioners are ideal for a complete refresh.

7 Must Know Facts

  • The deployment clasp gives the leather strap an attractive appearance and can prolong its lifespan by several years. It also allows the watch to be put on and taken off easily. Deployment clasps are used on both leather and metal straps. They allow the wearer to place the watch on the hand and close the strap around the wrist.

  • Leather bands must be marked/printed on the back with 

  1. The manufacturer's monogram(s),
  2. Size and
  3. Brand name of the leather or genuine leather.
  • Leather must not be treated with formaldehyde, as this can cause skin irritation. It is also recommended that chrome-tanned leather should not contain hexavalent chromium, as this can cause allergies. 

  • All leather used for the production of watch straps must be deep-dyed so that no colour difference is visible on the cut surface. 

  • Leather for watch straps must have a PH value between 3.5 and 4.0. The difference between the values must not exceed 0.7. 

  • It must have a fat content of between 5 and 11 per cent, measured at 0 per cent moisture content, 

  • It must have chromium content of at least 3 per cent, measured at 0 per cent moisture content.

We invite you to become a watch lover and learn what many men around the world have already realized. That watches are a journey to make time a more important part of your life. You can always consider the Sylvi brand when looking for a perfect watch. We strive to provide best customer service. 

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