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Rig One 'O One WT Max

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    Rig One 'O One WT Max Silicone
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    Welcome to the peak of elegance and technical innovation: the Sylvi Rig One O One WT Max Collection. Crafted with exquisite perfection, these watches flawlessly blend traditional beauty with cutting-edge digital functionality, providing a unique watch experience. This analog digital watch...

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the Rig One O One WT Max Collection water-resistant?

    Yes, the Rig One O One WT Max watches are designed to be 3 ATM water-resistant. While they can withstand minor splashes and exposure to water, it's advisable to avoid submerging them in water for prolonged periods.

    How does the World Time functionality work?

    The World Time feature allows you to easily switch between 29 time zones, including 48 cities and coordinated universal time. Simply select the desired city or time zone, and your watch will automatically adjust to the local time.

    Can I turn off the Auto Light feature if needed?

    Yes, the Auto Light feature is customizable. You can choose to enable or disable it based on your preferences. This feature is designed to automatically illuminate the watch face in low-light conditions for improved visibility.

    What kind of alarms does the Rig One O One WT Max support?

    The Rig One O One WT Max offers multiple up to 5 alarms that can be set for various purposes. Whether you need a reminder for appointments or important events, you can easily configure the alarms to suit your schedule.

    How long does the watch's battery last?

    The battery life of the Rig One O One WT Max varies depending on usage. Under normal conditions, the battery can last for 1-2 years. However, using features like the Auto Light frequently may affect the battery life.