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What is Prototype?

A prototype is a physical, typically early form of a final product in the area of product development.

It's similar to a sneak peek or a test model in that it allows us to analyse, and improve our ideas before they reach at final stage.

Prototype Process

  • Get Your Prototype: Purchase your desired prototype watch.
  • Explore the Features: You are urged to thoroughly explore the features and functions of your prototype watch.
  • Provide Feedback: Your feedback is very helpful. We are very interested in hearing about your experience with the prototype watch. You will have 45 days to provide your valuable feedback.
  • Dispatch your prototype: Once we launch the final product, you have 15 days to dispatch your prototype. Upon its arrival, we'll dispatch the final version the next working day.
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Prototype Sylvi Collections

Why You Should Try Sylvi Prototype?

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Dive into Sylvi Prototype Offering

Sylvi Prototype Offering Beta Version Benefits Icon Image


Experience cutting-edge designs before anyone else. Gain exclusive access to Sylvi's innovative prototypes.

Sylvi Prototype Offering Beta Version Feedback Opportunity Icon Image


Your insights are invaluable; share them to shape the final product. Submit your feedback within 45 days and influence the watch development.

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Provide your feedback and secure a free upgrade to the final version. Receive the latest model at no extra cost upon release.

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Purchase the prototype at a significantly lower price. Prices will rise after the initial phase, making now the best time to buy.

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Terms & Conditions

  1. The Sylvi prototype watches will be available for purchase during a limited period of 30 days after the official launch date.
  2. If you buy these Sylvi Prototype watches, please tell us what you think about them within 45 days after you get them. You can share your feedback here: Sylvi Prototype Feedback.
  3. When you buy, use your correct phone number. This same number should be used when you give us your feedback.
  4. If you want a free upgrade for your Sylvi Prototype, you have to give us compulsory feedback. 
  5. You can pay for your purchase when it's delivered to you (Cash on Delivery). But remember, no special discounts apply to these Sylvi Prototype watches, even if you use UPI.
  6. Only major issues will be addressed under the free upgradation plan. A new product with resolved issues will be provided within 4 months of the prototype launch.
  7. You will be allotted a 15-day free upgradation timeline, during which the prototype product must be shipped to our warehouse. Our logistic partner will pickup your prototype product after your confirmation. However, if pickup service is not available at your address, you have to self ship the prototype product at our warehouse address at your own cost (Check our Return policy). Upgraded model will be dispatched within 24 to 48 business hours upon receiving the prototype product at our warehouse.
  8. You can't return or get money back for these new Prototype watches. But if it has a defect from our manufacturing side, you can get it replaced within 10 days of receiving it.
  9. If any issues arise with the watch after 10 days of delivery, repair services will only be available after the final prototype product is released.
  10. We might change these terms sometimes. If we do, we'll let you know through our official means.
  11. If there's a rare problem with the product, we can only replace it if we have the same one in stock. You can either wait for us to fix it or choose something else from the same product line that's available.
  12. Once the final edition of the prototype product launched, it will be non-refundable at any cost. Replacement & warranty services are applicable as per policy. Warranty period will start after final edition's invoice date.
  13. If your watch is upgraded from Prototype, warranty will be start from the upgraded final watch's invoice date.