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The Sylvi company made an entry in the watch category which was launched in India in 2015. Most of the watches were manufactured outside India but Sylvi made an attempt to deliver the products manufactured in India to the people of India, the company is still delivering its products to the people and creating value.

Journey of Sylvi

Launched in Flipkart

The first step was taken by making the products live on Flipkart for the watch lovers where they got the option to buy Sylvi's product and accepted our product from day one which was a great pleasure for Sylvi.

Available on Amazon

After an overwhelming start on Flipkart, Sylvi was launched on Amazon in early 2016 to provide its best service to delight Amazon customers.

Slim Watch Launched

Innovation is key to success. In early 2017, we found that there was a huge demand for Slim Watches. After a little experience of 2 years, we introduced different options to our former customers who accepted our new design which pleased them a lot.

Sports Category Launched

We were ready to serve our customers the best and beat the demand. The Sport collection was hence introduced in 2018 which became a special watch for all the sports, fitness, and time freak audience. Health is wealth and time is money, the sports addition helped cater to both the demand at a go.

Casual Digital Launched

Our digital sports watch that inspired our sports, fitness, and time freak audience, we designed the causal digital watch that can be worn on any occasion which can be an outing, social gathering, or corporate meetings. We got rid of the profession and made sure our customers can wear the watch anywhere they want.

Launched Website : Sylvi.in

After five years of delighting our customers, we further advanced ourselves to serve our customers by launching our website which gave our customers exclusive models and additional benefits.

Chronograph Model Launched

We launched our new category which became special for business professionals as our chronograph watch design has been designed for them, which creates a distinct identity for them in the corporate world.

We completed 500000 orders

In the early 2022's, a new milestone was achieved. We served our product to 500000+ customers and gained the trust, faith, and loyalty of the customers. A huge achievement to grow Sylvi differently.

More Sylvi

The products are designed keeping in mind the market trends and the customer's demand which sets us apart in the watch industry and most importantly the affordable price for the Indian brand is what we always try to keep.

Sylvi never claims that we give the cheapest but we give in the best quality and lowest price.

There is no synergy between the cheapest and the best, today the buying mindset of the people is changing, people are willing to pay the right price for the right product, while Sylvi does not change the standard of quality products to lower the price.

Make In India revolution- With Sylvi Watch

We have been contributing to "Make in India" since 2016 in which most of our products are manufactured in India. Today Sylvi is working with 49 people with a common goal of how to make the products better and provide proper service to its customers.



Today Sylvi supports the Deaf & Dumb and Women. Empowerment of Deaf & Dumb and Women means giving these people the first chance is Sylvi's ideology.

Running a company requires different factors of society and we can only move forward if we all get together but in today's society, it seems that two people are being pushed somewhere which we are trying to do a little help to bring up and create an identity in the society.


Best service

All products are served with a 6-month warranty, which the Sylvi team strives hard to service in the best way possible which makes us stand out.

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Our Product Line

Sylvi has been in the watch category since 2015, in order to change the design and usability of the watch over time and to make it possible for people to adopt this in their lifestyle, we introduced a new models:

Our upcoming category

Sylvi is launching products in different categories to further strengthen customer confidence which will be its new identity of Sylvi.


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Sylvi Support Info:

Care Number: +91 96876 60234 (10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Mon - Sat))

Mail: customercare@sylvi.in

(Note : You will receive a reply to your mail within 24-48 hours, and our support department is closed during the bank holiday.)


Our Service Center Address:

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4002, 4th floor, Silver Business Point, Nr. Uttran Amroli ROB Approach, Uttran Amroli Rd., Uttran, Surat Gujarat, India - 394105