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    Welcome to Sylvi's Urbane Watch Collection, here you will get classic beauty meets modern watches. Our Urbane Watches redefine refinement by combining careful workmanship with a contemporary twist. Explore the beautiful features of our analog watches, which are sure...

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the Urbane Watch appropriate for formal events?

    Yes, the Urbane Watch is meant to be adaptable and may be worn with both formal and informal clothing.

    Can I change the size of the Urbane Watch strap at home?

    Yes, the Urbane Watch has a unique fold-over clasp with a locked adjustment mechanism that allows you to modify the fit at home.

    How does the Urbane Watch's date display feature work?

    The date display feature is simple - a short look at your watch displays the current date, keeping you organised.

    Is the stainless steel strap long-lasting and pleasant to use on a daily basis?

    Yes, the stainless steel band not only increases the longevity of the Urbane Watch but also offers a comfortable fit for regular use.

    Is the Urbane Collection accessible in shops, or is it just available online?

    The Urbane Collection is available online only. Just explore our official website.