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    Leather Strap Watches for Men and Women

    Leather belt watches have been a must-have in the fashion world for generations. Their classic style never goes out of style; they add a touch of luxury to any outfit. A leather strap...

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of leather are used in Sylvi leather watches?

    We use genuine leather for our leather watches. This is a general term for leather that has been tanned and may have had some flaws removed. It strikes a good balance between being cheap and lasting a long time.

    Do leather watch straps typically last a long time?

    Yes, if you take good care of your leather strap watch, it will last many years. Pure leather is generally long-lasting, but the lifespan of a leather watch depends on how you use it and how you clean.

    Are leather strap watches water-resistant?

    Water resistance depends on the watch itself, not just the leather strap. Almost all our watches can handle splash or light rain up to 3 ATMs. Our warranty policy does not cover watch accessories, though.

    How do I care for a leather watch strap?

    Here are some basic watch care steps for your leather watch strap:

    • Use a soft, damp cloth to clean the strap often.
    • Use a soft cloth to spread a small amount of cleaner on the surface. Keep it away from strong chemicals and rough cleaners.
    • Let the strap dry all the way through.

    Are leather strap watches suitable for active lifestyles?

    Yes, leather strap watches can work for busy people depending on the type of watch. Most of the time, these watches are fine for everyday wear, walks, and light workouts.