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In today’s buzzing world, every second matters. If you are someone, who is looking forward to levelling up their wrist game then you have come to the exact right place. At Sylvi, you will find the latest trending watches for men that are intricately designed and manufactured with excellent craftsmanship as per the latest trends in the international market.

Types of Watches:

At Sylvi, there are four different types of watches with the best quality and service.

1. Analog Watch

As the old saying goes “Old is Gold”, nothing beats the charm and charisma of a beautifully designed Analog watch. It somehow adds an extra feather to your confidence and personality. The Sylvi Analog Watch is undoubtedly considered to be one of the best wrist watches for men. Our exclusive ‘quartz’ mechanism applies the ‘ticking’ motion that enables the seconds, minutes, and hours of hands to move simultaneously. This particular mechanism of our Analog watches consumes very less electrical energy, hence our batteries also last a considerable amount of time.

2. Casual Digital

At Sylvi, we have an exquisite range of Casual Digital Watches that would charm you in every possible way. When everything is digital these days and a plethora of designs available, Casual Digital watches have become the ultimate choice of next-generation youths. With Smartwatches ruling the world, Digital watches have still not lost their charm among the most fashion-forward individuals. The digital watches by Sylvi are perfect for every casual event and occasion and are adorned warmly by men for regular uses as well. Our USP is our price that would never burn a hole in your pocket yet it rules your wrist as one of the most stylish watch for men.

3. Sports Watch

Whether you are a sports personality, a health-conscious individual, or someone who manages time round the clock, your wrist should rule your world. And what better way to adorn your wrist other than a sports watch that would monitor your every step? Sylvi sports watches were launched in 2018 and have carved their niche in the market with their attractive designs, amazing technicalities, and the most competitive price. Our sports watches are completely water-resistant and cover up to 3 ATMs. Our pieces boast exclusive rugged, water resistance designs with exclusive features like alarm, stopwatch, heart rate monitor, tachymeter, etc.

4. Chronograph Watch

Though sounds cliché, chronograph watches are termed as 'jumped-up stopwatches' and these timepieces have their charisma. They are intrinsically connected to the history of automation sports, the space industry, and also the aviation industry. The chronograph range of Sylvi watches has a variety of designs that has those typical three dials known as 'sub-dials' to register the time-lapse feature. These watches have the exclusive feature of a timer, date calendar, and tachymeter, which are water-resistant and scratchproof. They are the perfect accessory for all types of occasions.

Watches for Different Occasions

With an array of watches and a plethora of occasions, it's a very trifling and complex job to combine watches catering to the occasional needs. At Sylvi, our elegant watches are your perfect companion for every occasion ranging from parties, weddings, official events, and even casual occasions.

  • With launching products in different categories, it’s a perfect accessory for any occasion.

  • Whether it’s your wedding or need to gift for your close one’s wedding, think nowhere, Sylvi is your ultimate solution.

  • If you are someone who belongs to the business industry or from the corporate field, attending meetings is an integral part of your job role. Your appearance, confidence level, and your attire put a last impression on your clients, colleagues, and senior officials. Our watches would serve as that 'icing on a cake to your personality that would undoubtedly add an aura during the formal event.

  • Casual occasions like a brunch with your friends, a family lunch, or a cozy dine-out with your partner, you simply just can't attend with a messy and dishevelled look yet it should not be overdone like you are attending some grand event. Sylvi casual watches are that perfect accessory that would add extra chic to your casual look yet not overdoing it.

  • Parties these days are very much glitzy and pompous making it an appropriate event to be at your fashionable best. From that most attractive attire to that striking jewellery to that eye-catching accessory, men’s fashion has come a long way. Be at your fashionable best with our party-wear collection of watches.

Latest Watch Trends

Needless to say, we are one of those Indian manufacturers that proudly makes justice by contributing to 'Make in India' with the latest watch trends that are a complete buzz in the global market of timepieces. The evolution of watches over time is massive and beautiful pieces are worn not only as a status symbol but more as a statement piece. Through thriving communities on social media platforms, the latest trends are minimalistic yet very modern and this is the reason that sleek watches and smartwatches are such a craze. But there is always a group that has a soft corner for vintage watches that will never be out of style and always would rank among the top trends.

Reasons to Wear a Watch

Why do we wear a watch? Is it only to check time?

No matter whatever reason it is for an individual to wear a watch, it would never be out of fashion since time immemorial. A watch enthusiast would always look forward to grabbing extra knowledge and possessing the best branded watches for men.

  • Stylish look: Gone are those days when wristwatches were considered only a status symbol. In recent years, its subtle and stylish looks have made them a must-have accessory in everyone’s wardrobe. At Sylvi, we focus on men's watches that are showcased as the most stylish ones.

  • Multi-Function: Like mobile phones evaluated to smartphones with literally the entire world at your palm similarly subtle Analog watches are evaluated to digital ones and further to sports-watch, chronographs, and smartwatches with everything being controlled at your wrist. These modern-day watches are not only about telling us time. They have so many features like alarm settings, sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, calorie check, email notifications, call notifications, tachymeter, and the list goes so long. At Sylvi, with our sports watches and chronograph watches you are simply ahead of time.

  • Relationship with time: Human beings are intrinsically related to time for ages. Even before wristwatches were introduced, people used so many ways to track time by observing the movement of the Sun and moon. With constant evolution and development, clocks, and pocket watches were launched, and finally came the use of wrist watches. Now they are a constant in every fashion statement.

Why buy a men’s watch online?

Online shopping is the latest mode of shopping these days with a varied range of designs under several price ranges. It becomes very easy for a shopper to look for attractive designs and not compromise on the budget as well. At Sylvi, you will get the best trending watches for men with the most attractive designs at the best price. However, with our reasonable price range, one can rest assured that our quality is never compromised. And this is the reason we have covered 500000 customers with honesty, trust, and faith. We also have an attractive referral program whereon with every successful referral our repeat customers can avail 8% discount on their next order.

Unique features of Sylvi Watch for men

The most unique feature of the Sylvi watch is that our research and design team always explores new trend watch designs and features for men that are a buzz in the international market. We consider customer feedback as the most essential aspect of our business and this is the reason we have built-up such a great customer base. We also invite influencers and bloggers to collaborate with us to strengthen our social media presence. Once You log in to our website, under one single roof you get amazed by a plethora of designs, and an array of features in the most attractive price range without burning a hole in your pocket.


Which watches are trending now?

Luxury watches are the biggest buzz these days that can control the entire world under your wrist. Few designs are never out of style and the same goes with classic vintage watches. Most 90’s styles are emerging back, hence these are a new craze in today’s youth. Another style that is trending now is the watches with minimalist designs.

How long is my watch water resistant?

Sylvi watches come with a water-resistant facility of up to 3 ATM (rain resistance). That means it can sustain up to 30 meters of water. It can withstand a splash of water, rain splashes, and even during a shower however it is advisable not to fully submerge in the water to a depth of 30 meters for a considerable amount of time.

How to set an alarm in a wristwatch for men?

The alarm setting feature in the wristwatch is available in casual digital watches and sports watches. The ‘Mode’ button needs to be located and by pressing it repeatedly, the alarm setting mode needs to be selected. The hour and setting need to be adjusted as per requirement and by selecting it the alarm is set.

What are the materials Sylvi watches for men are made of?

Sylvi watches are manufactured with the finest and best quality materials. The case of our watches is made of the best quality surgical grade stainless steel with a comfortable silicon band. We also use genuine leather bands and the best stainless steel bands. We use polycarbonate for the glass and top-notch zinc alloy for the case. The strap of our sports watches is made of polyurethane and the case material is PU and ABS.

Do men’s wrist watches emit radiation?

Yes, digital watches do emit an extremely small amount of electromagnetic or EMF radiation. However, if you are someone who is completely allergic or has extreme hypersensitivity towards EMF radiation, it would be advisable to use Analog watches that emit no radiation at all.

Are Sylvi watches affordable?

Sylvi is such a brand that is renowned for its extremely affordable price yet not compromising on the quality of its products. We do have our trustworthy and knowledgeable customer service team who would attend to all your concerns. Our pricing is sans that extra cost as compared to costly brands. We don't involve retail agents and other mediums hence this is also the reason for our affordable price range.

Can I replace Sylvi's watch glass?

Though the glass material of Sylvi watches for men is scratchproof still if there is any crack it can always be replaced. We could suggest contacting our customer service team at to report your concern instead of getting it replaced by any other technician because we don't know with what material of glass it would be replaced by them.

Which watch brand is best for watches for men?

If you are someone who loves men's stylish watches, undoubtedly Sylvi is the best brand that can offer the best watches for men without burning a hole in your pocket yet not compromising on the quality.

Do men’s watches come with leather straps?

There is an intricate relationship between men's watches with leather straps. Leather straps in men's watches add an extra aura not only to the look of the watch but also add extra bling to your personality. Sylvi watches come with the best quality and genuine leather straps to make them worthy.