5 of the Best Watches for Men to Wear in the Winter

Winter Style Essentials: Top 5 Men's Watches to Elevate Look

When it comes to men's fashion statements, the options are very limited. The most important accessory to wear is a watch for men. There is something special about watches when it is related to men’s fashion. Since time immemorial, watches have been an integral part of men’s attire. No one can deny its charm and presence over other men’s accessories.

With every season, the fashion statement changes for both men and women. With the advent of the winter season, summer fashion takes a rest. Winter accessories play a pivotal role in winter fashion. The same goes for the winter watches for men

Now did you say that there are watches for men to wear in the winter?

Oh Good God! The answer is a big YES. 

Now that's the evolution of fashion to date. Even the best branded watches in the world have a separate section for winter. Not all summer watches would be on par with winter fashion. Are you in a big challenge to looking for men's watches to wear in winter?

Keep all your worries at a deep rest because I am there to help you out. 

What are winter watches?

Trust me there is a great variety of men's watches to wear during the winter season. You just can't select any random watch and wear it during the winter season. I am here to help you to buy the best watches that would rock your winter fashion. Winter is about wearing warm clothes and keeping you covered. Hence your watch should be such that it is noticeable amidst warm clothes. 

When it comes to buy the best online watch for men in India, Sylvi is the most trusted brand. It has a wide variety of timepieces that would be nothing but perfect for your winter fashion. Feel proud to be a part of Sylvi’s customer as it contributes to ‘Make in India’. All the watches are made exclusively in India by the finest craftsmen. And this is the reason that it has 500,000+ happy customers. 

Let’s look into the types of watches appropriate during winter. 

  • Leather Watches

During winter you can definitely wear leather watches that were not so comfortable during summer. Leather watches give that ultimate feel of luxury that would never fade with time. At Sylvi, you will get the best watches that would always keep you in limelight for the entire winter season. All of their leather straps are made from top-quality genuine leather that would last a lifetime. 

  • Stainless Steel Strap Watches

During winter stainless steel strap watches are the ones that are most sought after. Sweat is absolutely not a concern during winter so wearing your favorite stainless steel watches would never make you feel uncomfortable. You will get the best stainless steel watches at Sylvi. All of them are made from top-quality stainless steel that is completely scratch and sweat-resistant. 

  • Chronograph Watches

Chronograph watches are also considered to be a great choice of fashion during the winter season. The big dials of chronograph watches are always noticeable with loads of warm clothes. They are known to be the 'jumped-up stopwatches' with multiple functions and the best classic look. Sylvi’s Chronograph range would be your best choice if you are looking for watches under 1500

The Chronograph watches have 3 dials that are known as 'sub-dials' to register the time-lapse feature. They also have great features like a timer, date calendar, and a tachymeter. When it comes to the best mechanical watch for men, nothing beats the performance of a Chronograph watch. 

  • Imperial Collection Watch

The latest launch from Sylvi, the premium Imperial Collection deserves a separate mention. They come with the most unique carving of mountain curves that you would never find anywhere else. At an attractive price of 1499, these are the best analog watch for men to rock their winter fashion. 

The sight of mighty mountains during winter is so soothing. You would have the same feeling when you come across the watches from this collection. Winter watch for men has never created such an aura as the ones from the premium Imperial Collection. 

Top 5 watches to wear in winter selected exclusively for YOU!!

I have thrown a light on the types of winter watches that you can choose from. Winter means that time of the year when you go all merry and happy. Christmas brings so much happiness to everyone irrespective of their religion. With winter comes the dreamiest wedding when you look your best. There should not be a single dull moment in your fashion game. And if it’s your wedding the entire limelight is on you. 

Look for the best casual watch to remain stylish during this festive season. Hence let me help you by handpicking 5 exclusive men’s watches to wear in winter and look your best.

1. Sylvi Luxury Black Dial Brown Leather Belt Watch For Men

As already discussed, winter is all about premium leather watches to adorn your fashion game. Sylvi is the best branded watches and I have selected the best leather watch exclusively for you. Nothing beats the charisma of a classic brown leather strap watches with a black dial. It's like such royalty that can never be beaten.

2. Sylvi Blue Casual Analog Chronograph Man's Watch - 3 Chrono

This watch is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful watches from Sylvi. The dial is intrinsically designed with traditional patterns and encrusted with white stones. The dial comes with different shades of blue and Chronograph sub-dials and a blue leather strap. This design is the perfect combination of an Indo-Western look that gives the ultimate touch of royalty. At an attractive discounted price of 729 INR, this is one of the best watches under 1500

3. Sylvi Imperial Stylish Black Luxurious Daily Wear Men's Watch

Mountains never go unnoticed so does the Imperial Collection from Sylvi. Black dial with mountain curves with silver Dauphine style hands that are polished and give a triangle form. It has a date display with a black leather strap. It also has a crown reset button and a deployment clasp and works perfectly with the Japanese Quartz Mechanism. 

4. Sylvi Exclusive Working Chronograph Black Steel Belt Watch

This black Chronograph is one of the best sellers from Sylvi. As mentioned above, stainless steel bands are extremely popular during the winter season. This has the most unique combination of the black and blue dial with rose gold hands and rose gold casing. The black stainless steel band is made with premium quality steel and has a Chronograph display. 

5. Sylvi Atlantic Blue Premium Style Analog Digital Watch For Men

Blue is the ultimate color of luxury and the icing on the cake is a blue stainless steel band. If budget is not your concern, this Analog Digital Watch is one of the best watches under 2000. It comes with a black dial and an Analog Digital rose gold display that looks so classic. It has the feature of an alarm, a stopwatch, and a date display. It is also scratch and water-resistant. 

Winter is all about being festive and merry. This is a detailed guide to rocking your winter fashion handpicking exclusive premium watches for men. 

So shine high amidst the crowd this festive winter season with the exclusive men’s watches from Sylvi and rock your fashion game!!!

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