Top 5 Watches for Travelling

Top 5 Watches for Travelling

Traveling is a significant part of our life for it opens up a new way of living and being. You can make new connections with people and explore other places and cultures as well, which can help you broaden your perspectives. Traveling allows you to learn a lot and grow personally.  People love to travel for different reasons. 

Everyone has different travel dreams and purposes. Some travel to visit popular destinations or out-of-the-way places or to get the delicacy of foreign foods, while some other travel to visit family or to enjoy better weather or to get over a bad breakup, to see new places, or to take a break from everyday life. 

Why is a wristwatch important when travelling?

Our lives cannot be completely dependent on technology when we travel.  We advise you to travel mindfully. Leave technology aside and explore nature and the environment as much as possible. Technology can have another time in our lives. This is why it is important to keep your phone in your pocket or bag and wear a wristwatch to keep track of the time.

Not to mention how rude or embarrassing it would be for the people around you if you had to pull out your phone to find out the time, or if you were stuck in a place where leaving your phone on is not allowed. Therefore, even in today's digital age, it is essential to wear a comfortable watch for men to regularly keep track of the time. 

Wearing watches makes one look more stylish. A quick glance at your wrist is a much more elegant way to keep track of the time when you are traveling. Due to the constant development of the watch industry, various functions have been integrated into wristwatches, taking into account their use for different purposes and occasions. Watches for travelling are the wristwatches designed specifically to accompany you on your travels. 

Today a wristwatch serves not only as a watch, but also as a calendar, alarm clock, heart rate monitor, pedometer, fitness tracker, blood pressure monitor, stopwatch, waterproof fashion accessory, and heirloom showcase. Luxury watches are therefore essential when traveling. You can also give it as a gift to your father, uncle or other people important to you. 

Top 5 Watches for Travelling

1. Sylvi Army Camouflage Belt Analog Digital Sports Watch For Men

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Any army-inspired object has a functional use, including wristwatches. Wristwatches were first used by the military in the 19th century to synchronize movements during war. Since then, sport watch with camouflage belt has become a popular choice among people. 

The Sylvi army green camouflage watch is made with polycarbonate glass material which makes it shatters and scratches proof because it has unbreakable properties. The color combination of black dial, watch case and green strap gives it ultra-smart look. Its features include green luminous display, stopwatch, calendar, quartz battery powered, and analog- digital display, water resistance, very soft and comfortable band.

Sylvi Green Belt Black Big Dial Watch for Men with Date and Day is also one such army-inspired wristwatch with similar features. Both of these luxurious watches are great for travelling and categorized in watches under 1500

2. Sylvi Black with Green Charm Analog-Digital Sports Watch For Men

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You’d be hard-pressed to find analog-digital chronograph like this at a better price than Sylvi. It is most affordable as it would be hard to find anywhere for watches under 2000 Rupees. The watch band is made of polyurethane (PU) which is a composite material consisting of (1) one or more layers of polymer resins bound together by urethane compounds and (2) a textile or non-textile backing such as polyester, cotton, nylon, or ground leather.

Fabrics are usually used for functional and casual watches. Materials such as nylon are an excellent choice for a casual watch. It can be worn anywhere you have to deal with water, at the lake or at the beach. The fabric is not easily damaged if water splashes on the watch. A great accessory for summer! 

Common type of fabric watches includes rubber, nylon, tweed, and plastic blends. If you are looking for quality, stay away from plastic. They are rather cheap and break easily over time. Rubber is ideal for divers or runners who sweat a lot, as it does not absorb water. Tweed is a bit dressier and can be paired with business casual attire. 

The features of this watch are:

  • Movement: Digital Quartz
  • Case Thickness: 18.56 mm
  • Case Diameter: 49 mm
  • Dial Diameter: 34 mm
  • Weight: 75g
  • Band Length and Thickness: 25 cm & 2.97 mm
  • Display: Green luminous, Analog-Digital 12/24 Hour
  • Features: Stopwatch, alarm, calendar, waterproof and chic style.

Another watch with similar features is Sylvi Limited Gold Sports Analog Digital Wrist Watch for Men. There is a little bit of color difference between the watch cases of the two, which is perfect for their styling.

3. Sylvi Analog-Digital Sports Mens Watch with Big Classy Blue Dial

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It is another beautifully designed watch with excellent features. One of the great advantages of a watch, especially compared to a smartphone, is its long life in use. When choosing a running watch, which is good for travelling, you have much more exotic color and style options. The flashier the watch, the more casual it becomes and you have to dress accordingly. There are two features of a good running watch: the chronograph and the tachymeter.

While not a true dress watch, it is very stylish, especially in Sylvi brands. This sport watch is durable, stylish, and made of high-quality materials. It also has compass, tachometer and chronograph functionality. The tachymeter is a type of bezel used to calculate time and distance. The outer markings indicate speed in hourly units by measuring the number of seconds for a given distance. 

For example: If you start timing at zero seconds and run a mile in 30 seconds, you will see the number 120 on the bezel at 6 o'clock (or 30 seconds) and the watch will indicate that the speed is 120 miles per hour. It doesn't matter what unit of measure you use: the tachometer always indicates units per hour. This can obviously be useful for a driver calculating his or her laps per hour on a track.

4. Sylvi Multi-Functional Analog Digital Sports Watch

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Branded watches are often made with chronograph feature. A chronograph is a watch with a separate stopwatch function, usually with one (or three) additional dials and pushers at 2 and 4 o'clock to start/stop and reset the second hand. This Sylvi’s chronograph watch look technical and cool, and that's why they are still very popular today. The chronograph can be very useful in everyday life and is an excellent way to get more out of your watch. This chronograph is also designed for action or wet environments because it is water resistant and scratch resistant.

The modern chronograph not only just tells the time and, thanks to a special mechanical complication, can also record seconds, minutes, and hours (usually) in a stopwatch function. Most of today's chronographs are equipped with two pushers, which are useful not only for starting and stopping the chronograph mechanism, but also for an aesthetically striking appearance on one side of the watch. 

Because of the additional stopwatch function, chronographs were traditionally more expensive than pure watches. The other part, of course, is the fact that they are incredibly complex machines that require hundreds of small parts to work in perfect synchrony. However, new developments in the chronograph market have meant that these watches are now much more valuable and affordable.

5. Sylvi Luxury Black Dial Brown Leather Belt Watch For Men

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You can’t resist this attractive leather watch with an unparalleled style. The genuine brown leather belt gives this watch an aesthetic look. If you fond of adventures and trekking, this watch is best for you. It also comes in a premium durable packaging for keeping it secure anywhere. 

Today, modern digital timekeeping systems with digital quartz movement have made the watch essentially obsolete. This watch is a classic, functional and fashionable accessory.  It’s stylish look with color variation makes it an excellent choice for travelling. Strong bezel and zinc alloy case made with polycarbonate glass material protects the watch from scratches and water. 

This analog watch also accompanies digital display of time. Its top-notch specifications are display of day & date, alarm, week, LED backlight, stopwatch, military 12H/24H time, and functions. It’s build and display quality is outstanding. This is the best value for money for your everyday use.

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