Explore Best 5 Silver Watches for Men

Explore Best 5 Silver Watches for Men

Have you been looking to purchase the best men’s silver watches available in the market? Silver has always been one of the top priority categories of watches that majority of the people like to own. Due to its shiny nature and cheaper cost than gold watches, the silver ones automatically become the ideal choice for many. If you have thought that silver watches were losing their popularity compared to the new upcoming categories of watches, then you could be entirely wrong on that aspect. 

Nowadays, there might be more options in stores, but the classic shine of silver in watches will retain its luster for the foreseeable future. Moreover, the preciousness of silver metal and ease of affordability compared to the other metals used in watches makes it one of the top-wanted timepieces for watch lovers. Whenever a company or a brand specializes in selling watches, they would always have at least one premium silver model in their ranks that is quite popular among the buyers. 

That is why here in this article, we have made a listicle of the top 5 silver watches from which you can choose to purchase one by checking out the website of Sylvi. In. The collection of silver watches sold here is considered the best in quality and ideal in terms of pricing compared to any other website.

1. Sylvi vogue silver

The first silver men's wrist watch to start our list is Sylvi vogue silver which has got one of the most stunning designs that could be frowned upon by many. If you want to show other people the boldness in your fashion, then the Sylvi vogue silver might be the best. 

Its stunning detail in terms of design and color black to complement it makes vogue silver a more desirable product in the market. Besides, it is a chronograph watch that allows you to use it for various purposes at once. It would completely change how you look at the watch to know the time because of its complicated design. 

2. Sylvi Timegrapher black red Dial

When purchasing a silver belt watch, you might always think the whole body would be covered with silver and nothing else. However, it would not be the case if you choose to buy Sylvi timegrapher black red Dial, a combination of red and black color, along with a leather belt in the category of a silver watch. The sylvi timegrapher black red leather is also a chronograph watch that makes it one of the most accurate timepieces available in the market. 

It offers three modes of time eclipsed, split, and 1st-2nd, from which you can choose one that fits you the most. The chronograph silver watch for men has a reputation that it wouldn't stop counting the time even if it is placed in the harshest conditions. You can easily use this watch while participating in any sports activities due to its water-resistant and shock-absorbent characteristics. 

3. Sylvi timegrapher black silver leather

The third one on our list of top 5 silver men’s watches is Sylvi timegrapher black silver leather chronograph watch. It looks pretty similar to the second watch mentioned on our list, and the only significant difference between them is the combination of black and silver leather compared to the red and black one. 

If you wanted to try out a silver watch that would enhance the black color to a greater degree, owning this watch could be a perfect choice. 

Moreover, the watches offered by Sylvi have dual functionalities, which means you can use them as analog or digital watches. 

The sylvi timegrapher black silver leather watch can be worn with any outfit due to its excellent ability to blend along with different colors around it. The watch contains a start, stop and reset button, which you can use to control according to your preference and needs. Now, to improve things, it works on the Japanese quartz movement, which shows an entirely accurate time in every instance. 

4. Sylvi timegrapher blue sl steel

Coming into the fourth spot of the top 5 silver chains watch for men is Sylvi timegrapher blue sl steel, one of the hottest-looking watches in this list. The blue color along the sides of the dial and the black within it makes the watch an excellent product of pure craftsmanship. It also falls under the category of chronograph watches, similar to those mentioned above. 

The functions of this watch are more or less the same but the design and elegance it brings to the person who chooses to wear it are unique. Additionally, it has a stainless steel silver strap which practically eliminates any chances of catching rust if pure silver is used in watches. It is a luxurious product targeted by people willing to spend a fortune to acquire such beautiful-looking timepieces. 

5. Sylvi timegrapher black RG PU

The last one on our list of silver men’s Sylvi watch is a timegrapher black RG PU that works on pure Japanese quartz movement, making it an accurate product. The durability and functionality of Sylvi timegrapher black RG PU cannot be compared to any other category of watches offered by other websites. When it comes to the design of Sylvi timegrapher black RG PU, it is more concentrated on black shades than silver. 

That is why, if you purchase this watch and love the color black, the luxuriousness of silver can be fulfilled through it. Even though you are short on money, you can still acquire this model as Sylvi offers silver watches under 2000 at the very least. You would not find a timepiece with such excellent quality and a modern-looking design with features readily available in the market. 


Were you looking for the best silver watches and a good place to purchase them? Then, after reading the above article, hopefully, we have cleared a significant portion of the doubt for you. If you choose to purchase your favorite silver men's watch, the timepieces offered by Sylvi might satisfy all your needs adequately. Watches are fragile due to the technicalities that go into making them. However, Sylvi watches are water and shock resistant, tested by experts, which means you can easily use them in any conditions as necessary. 

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