Types of watches straps: leather, steel and PU

Types of watches straps:  leather, steel and PU

Watches speak a lot about your personality, character, and style or fashion sense. Let’s not forget how critical the watch straps play a part in completing the look of the accessory, you have. Wristwatch straps are more noticeable than the face or dial of the watch, so different or expensive or attractive watch straps can enhance your little collection of watches. As these have the capability to make or break the look you wanted to present if the watch straps are a misfit to the wristwatch you wanted to wear. When a watch was first fixed to a bracelet in 1790, it becomes very popular with the ladies of the era, as pocket watches were preferred by men. During World War 1, the soldiers experienced the mettle of watches that have been proved in war, initiate the demand of wrist watches for men. Now we have a number of materials to be used for watch straps that carries a fascinating story with their styles. 

What is a Watch Strap?

Watch band, watch bracelet, watch strap or watch belt, whatever you want to call it — the watch strap is a band you put on a wristwatch so that you can wear the watch around your wrist. As these watches have both functional and cosmetic purposes, the watch strap can also play a good part as a fashion accessory. Watchmakers will use different strap materials even their combination as well. Watch straps are fastened with a buckle or a folding clasp. So that wearers can adjust the length of their watch strap while wearing their dive apparel. 

Different Types of Watch Straps

Let us discuss the main materials leather, steel and PU used as straps for watches to explore the trend, usability, reliability and durability of the watches:

Leather Strap

Leather is a timeless classic which make them exceptional choices of many collectors for dress watches as these can match easily with any sort of formal watch. The price and style mainly depends upon the quality and source of the leather, which can be from alligators, crocodiles, ostriches and even sharks. These straps can be made with different padding, finishing and stitching patterns available in different color and style these days. The leather watch strap is soft and comfortable that emphasizes flexibility and longevity which make it best fit to adjust and expand over time allowing wearers to fit perfectly into their leather straps. The beauty of a rustic leather strap gives the sophistication and uniqueness to the wearer. The high-polish refinement of leather strap pops with flashy confidence.


  • Leather is a classic material that has been used for centuries to make watch straps. It is considered to be very luxurious and prestigious.
  • Leather is durable and will last longer than other materials if it is properly cared for.
  • Leather is comfortable to wear and will mold to your wrist over time. 


  • Leather can be expensive. 
  • Leather can be difficult to clean and care for. 
  • Leather may not be as strong as some other materials, so it may need to be replaced more often.

PU (Polyurethane)

A PU (Polyurethane) strap for your watch comes with some benefits. Apart from highly being durable, PU straps are also non-allergic and non-toxic, so they are perfect for people with sensitive skin. PU watches bands come in a wide range of colors and textures and are very easy to clean. On top of that, they are lightweight, adjustable, and have a casual, stylish. With these qualities PU strap becomes an excellent choice for wearers who prioritize convenience and practicality. 


  • PU is a synthetic material that looks and feels like leather but is more affordable. 
  • PU is easy to care for and does not require as much maintenance as leather. 
  • PU straps are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. 


  • Some people may prefer the look and feel of real leather over PU.
  • PU straps may not last as long as leather straps if they are not well made. 

Stainless steel Bracelet

Stainless steel is universally loved, paired with any watch and the most versatile type of watch strap in the market. As it is an alloy of iron and carbon, manufacturers are capable of polish, Coat and brush to make it durable, and robust enough to get it Soaked and damaged easily. These Steel watch straps make watches very elegant, smarter, and more serious to wear. These straps do not get easily worn out, you cannot miss this stainless steel watch band without any doubt.


  • Stainless steel is very strong and durable, so it will last a long time with proper care. 
  • Stainless steel watch bands are available in many different styles, including link bands, mesh bands, and solid bands. 
  • Stainless steel is hypo all.


  • Sweat gets trapped under the links and irritates the wearer's skin sometimes. 
  • Cumbersome to clean.


As we discussed the pros and cons of every material for watch straps. You can better decide which material or watch strap will best suit your personal taste, preferences, comfort, and brand. Most men associate leather straps with the formal watch, because of the classy look and metal bracelet with casual attire. PU watches are best to wear as rough and tough watch straps. But you can wear leather and stainless steel, both for both the events, formal and casual events, depending upon the mood and occasion. The look you want to be in depends upon the attire, activity, and social circle. 

Actually, this is a fashion accessory watch for men, which reminds men, how much luxury and style they want to flaunt and to spend to impress. The love for watches, watch strap material and the best accessory men have, will never be ignored.

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