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Men’s Watches are an integral part of every man's wardrobe. No matter how many expensive attires you own, nothing beats the aura of a good branded watch. Soar high in fashion with the ultimate accessory a man can own. 

The dapper in you knows the magic that a watch does. No matter how many watches you own in your arsenal, it’s important to know the details about them. 

There are several categories of watches for men you need to consider while purchasing. Moreover, it is also essential to know about their maintenance to last them a lifetime. So here goes the complete guide to knowing every inside and outside detail about men's wristwatches. 

Parts of Wrist Watch

If you are someone who prefers to buy online watches for men, then it is mandatory for you to know every part of the watch in detail. Here you will find a rudimentary breakdown of the essential parts of a watch. 

  • Case: The case is a very important part of a wristwatch as it holds all the inner functional parts of the watch together. A wristwatch is completely unimaginable without an attractive case. Different categories of watches have different shapes and types of cases however usually they are made of stainless steel. Steel is the best metal to use as it is resilient and capable enough to withstand the light shock that the watch would encounter. 

The case is also made of expensive metals such as gold or platinum and they come in different colors as well. They also come with attractive finishing like high-polish, matte, smooth, and even a combination of these types. 

  • Dial: The dial is the most attractive part of a wristwatch. This is the place where the manufacturers implement most of the designs. Stunning dials are an important aspect of all casual watches for men these days. There are different types of display that come in a dial. They are made of different materials and textures and are available in several attractive colors. Dials use Roman numerals, Arabic numbers, or stick bar markers to display time.
  • Crystal: The crystal is the protective section of the watch that prevents the dial and hands from dust and dirt. Though they are known as crystals they are not always made of crystal. These days they are made of sapphire crystal that is usually scratch resistant and lasts a considerable time. 
  • Strap/Buckle: The strap or the buckle of your watch holds the watch around your wrist. Straps these days are made of different materials. Genuine leather straps are the classic choice for a wristwatch. Top stainless steel bands are also very popular among many brands and are used extensively. sports men’s watches are made of polyurethane materials that are extremely flexible yet hardy and also water-resistant. Explore different watch strap types here.
  • Hands: The hands are the only part of the watch that is used to indicate time. They are divided into two parts: hour and minute. The hand that indicates the hour is shorter in size than the hand that indicates the minute. These days they also come with intricate designs in it. Chronographs and Stopwatches also have additional hands that indicate the other functions of the watch. 

Watch Complications:

  • The ‘Complications’ of a watch are known as those additional functions. There are many watches that come with AM/PM indicators which are extremely useful on dual time zone watches. 
  • The majority of analog watch for men come with a date time calendar. Chronograph watches also come with a date time calendar along with a stopwatch. Multi-function watches also come with an alarm feature in them. 
  • The majority of watches these days run with the Quartz movement that works on a battery. Sylvi watches work with the Japanese Quartz Movement that makes the battery last a long time. Here are some tips to extend your watch's battery life.
  • The Chronograph watch comes with 'subdials' that have a 12-24 hours time display and usually has a 1/100th second chronograph. It is also important to know whether the watch is water resistant or waterproof and usage needs to be done accordingly.

Therefore to buy a watch, complete research is extremely important. Research enough about the brand you choose and purchase only if the brand manufactures quality products. These days there is a watch for everyone with every budget. So it is very important to set the budget for the watch before purchasing. Based on your budget, choose the right brand that would give you the perfect watch.

What to buy? For whom to buy?

You just can’t go out and buy any wrist watch for men. The most important aspect is that for what purpose or for what occasion do you want to buy a new watch? You just can’t wear a funky sports watch for a formal business meeting. The same goes for whom you want to buy. Age is also another important parameter when you choose the perfect men's wristwatch. 

Sylvi is a great Indian brand for men's wrist watches where you can find all categories of watches under one roof. Sylvi has a great collection of Analog watches, Casual Digital watches, Chronograph watches, and Sports watches. The looks and functionality of each and every watch would give you that ultimate feeling of luxury. And the best part is their attractive pricing that would never burn your pocket. 

These days, there is a plethora of men’s watches online to purchase under different price ranges for every age group. Do proper research on what wristwatch to buy for whom? If you are buying a wristwatch for someone who is above 50, a Chronograph watch and an Analog watch would be your best choice. 

Imperial Collection from Sylvi is the best premium watch for men who prefer being simple yet classy. The uniqueness in the design is undoubtedly the best which the makers can vouch you won’t find anywhere. With designs like mountain curves, it's sure to pull you out of the crowd. 

With this detailed guide, knowing about every hook and nook for men's watches would give you timeless memories that can be passed on to generations.

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