Tips on extending your Watch battery life

Tips on extending your Watch battery life


Are you looking to purchase a shiny-looking quartz watch from the market? But the issue of its battery life might be holding you from doing it. Quartz watches are considered a premium category of timepieces that only some people can choose due to their hefty price tag. Quartz watches for men are often designed in the most intriguing manner possible, with excellent craftsmanship from top to bottom. Moreover, you can also find various styles and designs available in the market for people to choose from. 

However, one thing that most people always consider before purchasing quartz men’s watches is tips on improving its battery life. That is why here in this article, we will provide some tips regarding battery life in the most effortless manner possible. 

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Switching it off or stopping it

This tip might not be helpful if you are a regular wrist watch for men. When you are habituated to using your watch from day to day then stopping it any time in between could result in loss of correct time in several instances. 

But if you like to keep your quartz watch for use only on special occasions, then stopping it after use last time might be a good idea. It is also one of the easiest ways of saving your quartz watch battery life; however, constantly turning the battery on and off could permanently damage its life. 

Ensure its original quartz battery

When purchasing a quartz movement watch, you might find many brands selling it at different prices. But, the originality of quartz watches depends upon the battery that is being used inside. Hence, if you want to own one of these types of watches, then buying Sylvi timegrapher black sl steel could be a good choice. 

The quartz batteries used in Sylvi watches are specially crafted in Japan, which is quite famous for its quartz watches worldwide. You will be easily able to understand the difference between a quartz movement watch by Sylvi and a regular watch by any other brand whose battery doesn’t last for long. 

Choosing the right model

There is no storage of designs when you are looking to purchase a quartz watch from the market, as they are offered in numerous types. But each quartz movement watch has its specialty depending upon the purpose for which you would be wearing it. If you want a quartz watch to participate in various sporting activities, go for those watches that offer extended battery life. 

However, if your sole purpose for owning a quartz watch is to wear it on different occasions to boost the overall fashionable look, then Sylvi timegrapher golden pu could do it for you. Not every quartz watch serves the same function; there are different types from which you need to choose one according to your preference. 

Please keep it away from heat.

Heat is the worst enemy for quartz watches under 1500 as the quartz batteries cannot deal with its extremes. People living in scorching temperatures should avoid using quartz watches as the chances of failure are high compared to other categories. Moreover, direct exposure to sunlight for long Sylvi watches, like timegrapher rose gold leather, could damage its internal power source. 

Hence, storing it in a cool and dry place while keeping it clean from time to time is recommended to ensure its battery life keeps functioning adequately. However, compared to others Sylvi quartz watches are said to take the heat head-on and function better even though it is placed in a challenging situation. 

Water resistance capabilities

When you are wearing a quartz small watch for men, the chances of it being exposed to water are higher than heat. Even though water does not affect quartz batteries, ensuring their water resistance could be an excellent choice. That is why, if you are out in the market looking for a quartz watch that is totally water resistant, then Sylvi timegrapher black red could be the best choice. 

The quartz collection of watches offered by Sylvi is water resistant, allowing you to use it underwater for an extended period. Hence, if you buy a quartz watch that is not water resistant, the chance of the watch battery working is slim. 


1) How long does a battery last in a quartz watch?
Ans. On an average quartz watch the battery is said to last for at least two years maximum. However, suppose you are using a Sylvi watch like timegrapher black rg steel. In that case, the chances of functioning properly for a minimum of 6 years are guaranteed due to its lithium-powered batteries. 

2) How do you maintain a quartz watch?
Ans. Maintaining a quartz watch is easy as you only need to keep it away from exposure to sunlight and store it in a cool and dry place. However, you also must ensure the watch doesn't come in contact with water. 

3) What causes quartz watches to fail?
Ans. The quartz watches are powered using batteries; hence when the battery power begins to go down, the timepiece ceases to function. But, before this happens, if the watch shows signs of failure, some dirt particles might restrict the quartz movement resulting in such a situation. 

4) Do quartz watches need oiling?
Ans. If you want the quartz watch to work efficiently, then oiling and cleaning it properly from time to time could help you. 

5) Does temperature affect quartz watches?
Ans. Extreme temperatures are a significant reason behind the failure of quartz watches to function adequately. For instance, the Sylvi timegrapher blue sl steel needs to be placed at a constant temperature so that the crystal embedded in it keeps functioning as usual. 


If you are choosing quartz movement watches as your next timepiece to add to your collection, it could be a great choice. Even though some people are tense about its battery situation, if it is handled carefully by remembering certain things, the chances of it functioning could be high. Reading this article, you will understand the importance of good quality quartz watches like Sylvi watches for getting the best ones available in the market. 

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