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You can measure your wrist size as the diameter at the widest part of the ellipse or as the circumference on the outside. Wrist circumference is a more common measurement. Knowing the correct size of the wrist is helpful when buying a wrist watch for men to make sure it fits correctly.

People with a larger circumference tend to have thicker wrists. It is therefore logical that men also generally have larger wrists than women. However, you may not have realized that body composition can affect wrist size. Overweight and obese people tend to have larger wrists than thin people because of body fat in the joints.

Wrist Size A Major Factor

It feels weird to wear clothes you don't like, right? The same goes for shoes, belts and even men’s watches. Nowadays, it has become difficult to love our body without having to work hard for it, because movies, social media, videos, and advertisements constantly give us messages about how we should look, which makes us believe that we are not up to the standard.

There are many challenges to overcome before feeling compassion and acceptance for your own body. Changing your body or going with any black wrist watch for men may seem like the answer, but it is not. You do not have to change your body, but you can choose a watch that fits your body. Read this article, and we will help you choose the perfect watch and you will soon be the proud owner of a new wristwatch that will look proportionate and elegant on your arm.

If you wear a watch and it appears too large or small, don’t feel there is anything wrong with you, and instead invest your time determining the watch size best suited to your wrist. It is not guess work. Consider it a learning experience and don't hesitate to ask questions. Usually, sales staff and online customer support are happy to help you and provide guidance about men's watches online.

If you buy from a reputable seller, you always have the option of returning the watch if it doesn’t fit you. Watches for Men reflect their personalities. That is why it is important to know not only the type of watch that best suits your character but also the right size.

How To Measure Wrist Size

When you wear the right size watch, you will feel that it fits your wrist and hand. If you wear an extra-large watch with your daily work outfit, it would seem that you want everyone to see the watch you are wearing. This may be a good strategy in some cases, but it is generally too excessive for a casual watch.

Not to mention that an XXL watch that you wear with a suit will constantly snag on the cuff because of its thickness. Besides style and price, size is probably the most important factor in buying a watch, because one size is not for all. A watch and the wearer work together, and a watch subtly adapts to a person's style and lifestyle.

To find the right watch for you, it is important that you know your wrist size. You can easily measure your wrist size by placing a flexible tape measure around your wrist. Otherwise, you can simply use paper or your fingers. Wrap the paper around your wrist as if it were a tape measure to find the circumference, and mark the endpoints. Then you can measure the endpoints with a ruler.

It is best to measure your wrist size in inches. The average wrist size for men is 6.5-7.2 inches. Ultimately, it will be the wrist that will determine the most suitable watch. People with flatter wrists may wear larger watches. Conversely, people with rounder wrists should choose a smaller dial.

Wrist Size Compatibility with Watch Measurements

It can be difficult to find the right watch size for your wrist. As human beings, we are drawn to a natural balance. We instinctively look for the right proportions. If you are looking for the perfect fit for your wrist, consider the strap and thickness and diameter of the watch in relation to the size of your wrist. You can analyze the compatibility of wrist watches for men with wrist size with the help of these 3 key elements.

  • Watch case diameter
  • Watch case thickness, and
  • Watch band width.

Watch Case Diameter: The diameter of the watch case is the most obvious and noticeable element of proportion. Men's watches usually have a diameter between 38 and 45 mm. Here is the standard case diameter of most watches in the industry for different wrist sizes:

  • Wrist Size – Watch Case Diameter
        6 inches – 38 mm
        6.5 inches – 40 mm
        7 inches – 42 mm
        7.5 inches – 45 mm

Anything over 46 mm becomes too large and is usually reserved for flashy clothes. Anything less than 38 mm is more suitable for jewelry and trespasses into the realm of women's watches. To determine the diameter or width of a watch case, you can use a ruler to measure the distance between the outer edge of the left side of the watch and the outer edge of the other side. It is best to note the measurement in millimeters.

If your wrist is 6 to 7 inches long, this is a small to medium size. Small-to-medium diameter cases are 38 mm, 40 mm and 42 mm. If your wrist is 7.5-8 inches in circumference, 44-46 mm diameter cases are more suitable.

Watch Case Thickness: The best size for a men's watch is one that fits your wrist and physique. The thicker the wrists, the larger the watch should be (both in terms of thickness and case size). Most men's watch case sizes range from 38 mm to 46 mm, while the case thickness can vary from 6 mm to 18 mm.

Of course, the style of the watch should also be considered. For example, dress watches should generally be smaller and thinner than digital watches. You need to know how to measure the size of a watch and familiarize yourself with the basics of measuring watch sizes.

One may wonder how the thickness of a watch case relates to its size. The principle is this: When the diameter of a watch case increases or decreases, the thickness also changes. Therefore, it is necessary first to determine the thickness of the watch case. For example, in most automatic watch collections, the case thickness can vary from 6-10 mm.

Therefore, the ideal case thickness of watches for small wrists is usually between 6-7 mm. As for the diameter, you have control because you can choose the size of the case, but not the thickness, which is set by the manufacturer.

Watch Band Width: General guidelines for fitting a watch to the wrist are that the lugs (where the strap is attached) should not hang over the wrist. The band watch for men makes it look heavier or thinner. A leather strap, for example, makes the watch look thinner.

A metal bracelet, even if the same size as a leather bracelet, will always look larger and heavier because of the nature of the metal. This is an important consideration for those with smaller wrists. Metal bracelets make the watch appear larger and are therefore the first choice for men with larger wrists.

Other Things To Consider

Try different watch sizes to find out which one is right for you. The following factors also determine the perfect watch size.

  • The pictures of a watch may not reflect the exact dimensions when displayed on a screen, as each screen has a different resolution that affects the size of the images. Many watches can have the same case size, but due to geometry or design elements such as bezel thickness or dial size as in chronograph watches, some of them may look larger or smaller on the wrist.
  • Compared to the round case, the watch with a square case has more space on the dial due to its geometry. The watch on the right with the thicker bezel and/or smaller dial has the same case size as the round watch on the far left but is worn as a smaller watch because of the smaller dial, giving the impression that the watch on the left is larger.
  • Details such as hour markers, hands, dials, and crowns should also be considered when investing in a new watch. The size of these elements and their visibility can easily influence the size of a timepiece as present in sports watches for men.
  • Gentlemen with thin wrists and smaller watches will fit better with minimal elements like a formal watch, while gentlemen with larger frames and styles will look better with more dominant elements.
  • For optimal effect, choose a watch that also matches your height. Watches should be proportionate to the body. Thin men can work with thin watches, while taller men can wear watches with square, sturdy dials. At the end of the day, the choice is simple: which watch looks good on you and makes you feel comfortable when you wear it?
  • The numbers on the dial can also make the watch appear larger. Some watches such as analog watches omit the numbers altogether to make the watch look thinner, which clashes with a metal strap and a large watch.

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  • Keith

    The average wrist size for men is 6.5-7.2 inches. This is just plain wrong. There are a number of factors to be considered including the rest of a man’s physiology. The quoted figure may work in places like China or Japan but not here in The West where body frames can be significantly larger. I’m not talking about being fat but rather a larger skeletal frame. For instance, I am just over 6’ and have a wrist circumference of 190mm or 7.5". I don’t have ‘fat’ wrists. With my (and so many others) skeletal frame size, my wrists are a perfect size, being in proportion. I wear size 12(UK) 13(US) shoes. My feet are in proportion to my skeletal frame so they are an average size.

    Giving an average wrist size for everyone based on sex, ignoring other factors, is just ignorant. I have a niece (not by blood) who is a few inches taller than me and has larger wrists than me. Her wrists do not look large because they are in perfect proportion to the rest of her (a fitness fanatic and doesn’t look like she has an unnecessary ounce of fat on her).

    In summary, it doesn’t make sense to provide an average wrist size only based on gender. It only makes sense to the watch and watch-strap/bracelet manufacturers and retailers so that they can charge more if your wrist doesn’t match within their very limited size range for ‘average’.

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