Best Affordable Dress Watches for Men

Best Affordable Dress Watches for Men

What is a Dress Watch?

A dress watch is defined as a watch worn with a formal dress or suit and business casual outfits. These watches are slimmer than sports watches and fit better under the cuff of a shirt or jacket. A watch with a simple white dial with no complications and a black leather strap is as formal that it is. The most formal watches are those that show only the hours, minutes, seconds and maybe even the date. The complications on dress watches are simpler and have nothing to do with sports.

Fashion is constantly evolving, and so are watches. Designers around the world have created beautiful watches using precious metals and luxury leather to create truly elegant pieces. These watches usually have no complications, as they are rather simple and focus more on style. 

How to Wear a Dress Watch?

Until now, it has been customary to wear a dress watch with formal attire, but fashion is increasingly moving toward comfort. Basically, a dress watch has to fit well on the wearer's wrist. Otherwise, it draws attention to itself, which a dress watch should never do. 

Because it is worn with a suit, men’s dress watchesmust be thin enough to slip easily in and out of the cuff of a dress shirt. The standard rules for matching metals and leather of a watch to shoes and belts also apply. After these considerations, the next important detail for a dress watch is simplicity. Most dress watches have no complications or at most a second hand and a date window. The presentation should also be simple. 

Saber-shaped metal hour markers and Roman numerals are common. Arabic numerals may be used, but they must be small. The dial and bezel should be unornamented or at most with discreet patterns. White, black or metallic dials are preferred. Nowadays, when wearing a dress watch, it is more about freedom of expression. It shows that you appreciate quality and aesthetics, whether you go shopping or attend a nice dinner party. You may like to read: Introducing Black Series Watches

An Overview of a Dress Watch 

The choice of movement depends on lifestyle and personal preference. Manual watches must be wound daily, while automatic watches are wound by the natural movements of the wrist. Mechanical movements in mechanical watch were the basis of watchmaking.

A quartz watch, on the other hand, requires battery replacement from time to time, but is usually thinner and therefore more suitable for a dress watch. Consider all aspects before buying a luxury watch for men

  • Band of a Dress Watch: Leather 
  • Color of Dress Watch Straps: Black, Dark Brown, Tan, Cream 
  • Color of Dress Watch Casing: Silver, Rose Gold, Gold with Thin case
  • Color of a Dress Watch Face: White, Black, Metallic 
  • Numbers & Dial of a Dress Watch: Roman numerals, Minimalistic dashes, Hour Indexes, May or may not have a second hand, Always has hour and minute hands.

Types of Dress Watches

The variety of dress watches is wider than you might think. Dress watches come in a variety of shapes and styles and can feature different techniques and complications. You may want to narrow your search to the type of dress watch that interests you the most. You may like to read: Top 5 Men's Watches to Elevate Look.

Round or shaped: The traditional shape of a watch is round, and this is true for dress watches as well, but dress watches are often particularly apt to offer unique shapes. Rectangular watches are the most popular and represent the pinnacle of formality, so to speak, but other shapes are also possible, from square to even odd.

Minimalist or squiggly: You can choose minimalist, but there is room for interesting details, exotic techniques, and interesting designs, as long as they ultimately come together to create a classic look. Simple designs often help keep a watch affordable, but they can also represent understatement and subtlety, with textures or materials (such as porcelain dials) adding interest. Ornate watches, on the other hand, may incorporate exotic decorative techniques such as guilloche.

Simple or complicated: Many dress watches have even simpler functions than men’s designer watches; they may only show hours and minutes and have no seconds hand. On the other hand, there are some of the most sophisticated watches in the world that combine all kinds of functions in small, elegant cases. Think of complications such as chronographs, moon phases, and perpetual calendars. All of these features can greatly increase the price of a watch, but they can also elevate your wardrobe to a whole new level.

On another note, dress watches are essentially designed classic watch for men that do not require you to wear a suit. You can even wear them with a T-shirt and a pair of jeans.

We have already described what makes a watch a good dress watch, but the following examples illustrate it even better. With prices ranging from three figures to four figures, these watches are the epitome of the perfect timepiece for going out.

Sylvi Imperial Black Luxury Fashion Men's Watch 

The Sylvi Imperial Black Luxury Fashion Men's Watch with Silver Case is a really nice looking watch that evokes the design aesthetic elegance of the new watch. The clean lines, silver dial and case make it subtle enough to excel as a dress watch, yet unique enough to avoid being “just another dress watch”.

You would love the look of this watch. It’s available in black, blue, grey and silver. The subtle designs looks considerably more discrete on the white and silver, plus that combo just screams space-age.

Sylvi Black Belt Golden Dial Analog Chrono Watch

The Sylvi Black Belt Golden Dial Dress Watch has a couple of features that really make it stand out among branded watches. At 40mm it will fit most wrists. However, it is not terribly thin, so wear your best shirt when you try it on to make sure it fits.

There are three mini windows of hours, minutes and seconds each. It makes the watch unique, but does not detract from its overall presentation. Not bad for less than INR 1500. 

Sylvi Blue Leather Strap Casual Chronograph Watch

When it comes to ultra-high end best watch brands for men, the sky is really the limit as far as price is concerned.  The Sylvi Blue Leather Strap Casual Chronograph is fashionable, attractive and enhancing the characteristics of dress watch. 

A watch like this is assembled by hand, which usually takes weeks or months of extremely skilled work. It uses a movement designed and built by a master craftsman. For all that, the finished product is extremely refined making it the most affordable watch. The presentation is elegant, but straightforward and slim, at less than 13mm.

Understated sophistication and simple elegance are the true hallmarks of a dress watch. Perfect for completing an elegant evening wardrobe, yet understated enough for fashion watches

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