Leather Watch for Men

Leather Watch for Men

Nothing beats the charm and charisma of a classic leather watch for men since time immemorial. Be it an Analog watch or a Digital watch or a premium Chronograph watch, a genuine leather strap with either a white or a black dial is considered to be the signature best in the men's fashion game.

A genuine leather strap in a wristwatch would last a long time and is considered to be very sophisticated and sturdy. Sylvi leather strap watches are available in different colors and different price categories to support people from different backgrounds.

Latest Genuine Leather Watch for Men

A genuine watch for men is always at classically best irrespective of innumerable designs being launched in the international market. A simple black or brown leather watch with a white or black dial is always at its signature best and is never out of style. Considering this at Sylvi, you will get the best men’s leather watch at the most affordable price range.

All the leather watches manufactured by Sylvi are made with a top-quality genuine leather strap that comes in different colors. At Sylvi, we always strive to create top-quality wristwatches by not only retrieving old designs but also launching new designs and introducing the latest technologies available to make the best watch for men.

Hence we can always declare with utmost pride that the leather strap watches for men at Sylvi are a treat to the eyes. No one can ignore their presence.

Benefits of Leather Strap Watch

The leather strap watch for men at Sylvi are very popular and are available under different categories at different price ranges that would never burn a hole in your pocket. There are innumerable benefits of using a leather wristwatch for men.

Sylvi Leather strap wristwatches for men are extremely versatile that can be worn on every occasion from a wedding to a social gathering to even a corporate event. These go perfectly with all types of outfits ranging from a shirt and jeans, and formal suits to even casual dresses such as shorts and half pants. All you need is to carry your leather watch with oodles of confidence irrespective of your age and occasion.

At Sylvi, we only use genuine leather for making the straps of our wristwatches which has a long-lasting effect as they are very strong and flexible. Our leather strap watches provide you with that ultimate comfort of luxury without paying a king's ransom to own our products. No other material stands in competition with the comfort provided by leather straps which have their magnificence and grace.

Men who are humble and prefer simplicity and yet remain sophisticated would always choose a leather watch over any other category of watches for men. No matter what the movement of the watch is but the watch strap should be made of genuine leather.

Trending Colors of Leather Belt Watch for Men Online

Gone are those days when a leather watch would mean a simple Analog watch with a white or black dial. As per the latest trends of the international market and the never-ending craze for a leather watch for men, they are combined with the latest categories of wristwatches as well. Smartwatches being the latest buzz are available in leather straps as well in different colors apart from those typical colorful silicone bands. Chronograph watches are also available in genuine quality leather straps apart from the stainless steel bands. Casual Digital watches are also available in leather straps that are never out of fashion and always keep you in style.

  1. Brown: A brown leather belt watch is always a sign of ultimate sophistication and simplicity at its best. The brown leather watch manufactured by Sylvi would put you at the peak of its fashion that would never be out of style. The brown leather watch from Sylvi is considered to be the best quality at the most attractive price.

    We have two colors available, one is simple brown and the other one is dark brown. Both of these brown leather straps come with either a black dial or a beige dial and use black or silver casing. Grab these exclusive brown leather watches for men if you want to remain more stylish than others and always shine.

    Apart from these two shades of brown, there are also attractive coffee leather watches available at Sylvi that have been launched recently. Wearing this make sure to rock your coffee date like never before.

    Sylvi also has a unique collection of beige leather watches that would look extremely elegant yet sophisticated. Fashion these days is all about being different and experimenting with bright colors. So why not orange? The orange leather watches from Sylvi is for those brave heart who loves to play with colors.

  2. Black: A black leather watch for men has its grandeur and enigma that would always make you think about whether you should wear it or not. But trust me, a signature black leather watch is nothing short of that 'Black Beauty’ that would always be the cherry on top of your personality and fashion game. At Sylvi, you will get a plethora of black leather watches with different styles that would sway you like anything. Our black leather watch comes in blue, silver, black, and rose gold casings and is available with a blue dial and black dial with a bright luminous display.

  3. Blue: Like the term goes ‘Blue Blood’, similarly there is an unmatchable grandeur and ethereal royalty with a blue leather belt wristwatch for men. Not everyone around has the guts and confidence in their personality to carry out a blue leather watch and be the trendsetter. At Sylvi, there are different patterns etched on our blue leather watches that make them very precious and give that premium look. Even there are different designs engraved within the dials of the wristwatch with a blue leather belt. Our blue leather watch comes with a silver casing and blue dial with a luminous display.

    Why should you buy a men’s watch with a leather belt?

    A watch aficionado would always have a minimum of one leather watch in their precious collection no matter what other types of straps are available these days. One should always buy a men’s leather strap watch because of its classy look that would endow you with the sheer grace of luxury. If you are looking for a leather watch, then think of nowhere other than Sylvi because of the variety, style, and price it would offer, you wouldn't find it anywhere in India.

    A genuine quality leather strap is always long-lasting, unlike other strap materials. Our leather straps are so versatile and are available in different colors brown, black and blue. Our leather watches would always match any of your attire and would give you that elegant debonair look. Men's watch with leather belt has never been old-school as they will always shine with that glitzy finish that gives an extra aura to your personality.

    The leather strap used in men's watches is considered to be of extremely strong material yet it is flexible enough to let you bask in the joys of ultimate comfort. And the most important aspect of buying a men's watch with a leather belt from Sylvi is its affordable price range which would enable everyone to own a beautiful timepiece. So if the price of high-end watches is stopping you to get your dream leather watch, Sylvi leather watches are there to fulfill your ultimate wish.

    Sylvi Leather Band Watch Quality and Features

    The quality of products in Sylvi is one important aspect that is never compromised. All our products go through numerous quality checks before being delivered to our valuable customers. At Sylvi, we only use genuine leather bands in all our watches with leather straps that are very strong and flexible and also very long-lasting. We have never used fake leather bands in our watches that would easily wither and break within a short period.

    Our leather band watches start at the discounted price of 729 INR and go up to the discounted price of 1199 INR. This would give you the freedom to choose your favorite leather watch with the ease of sitting at home or office without giving a second thought about the pressure in your pocket. The leather watches from Sylvi falls under the different category of Analog watch, Casual Digital watch, Analog-Digital watch, Slim watch, and Chronograph watch. All of them have a luminous display and are water-resistant to up to 3 ATMs. The Chronograph leather watch comes with the feature of a Stopwatch, 1/100th second chronograph, date calendar, and tachymeter, and comes with three sub-dials and are completely scratchproof. The Casual Digital watch comes with a stopwatch, alarm feature, dual time zone, date calendar, luminous LED display, backlight, and water resistance to 3 ATMs.

    So what are you waiting for??

    Don’t think much and grab your favorite leather belt watches and be the ultimate star among your group and enjoy the limelight!!!!