Top 2 White Men's Watches

Top 2 White Men's Watches

A white watch for men is considered to be that quintessential styling partner that plays a pivotal role in shaping one's personality. In the world of watchmaking, white watches for men grab the most unique space. The color white symbolizes peace and serenity, traits that are not much common with men. But trust me, these white watches for men portray a very refreshing visual appeal that can elevate any outfit in the most unexpected manner. 

When it comes to men’s designer watches, white watches are very difficult to find, let alone white watches for men. White watches are mostly for women but they look extremely elegant and stunning on men as well. White watches make a huge style statement on the wrist of men and this particular bold tone clearly stands out on any skin color irrespective of age. 

Is White the new Black?

It's high time that experimenting with new colors is the coolest trend these days. However, not everyone is brave enough to sport a white wristwatch with utmost confidence. But believe me or not, white men’s watches are the most eye-catching irrespective of any style. So why not make it the new normal like black watches?

For a watch aficionado, nothing can be better than spending quality time purchasing a new watch. Who doesn't want a watch that the world keeps on ticking? White is such a beautiful neutral color and a white watch looks so stylish and pristine yet versatile that undoubtedly considered to be the most luminous watches for men

Why Men should style with a White watch?

There are a thousand reasons to justify that men should definitely style with a white watch. If you are someone who doesn't want to experiment much with wristwatches and prefers a simple look, then you should always select a daily wear watch with a white dial. A white dial watch comes usually comes with a black or brown strap, sometimes these days it comes with a blue strap as well. Mark my words, though this combination looks very simple and is very stylish and sophisticated.  

On the other hand, if you are not one of those faint-hearted ones, then you should definitely sport your look with a white strap transparent dial watch. The look that it would create by God will have a huge impact on your personality. People beside you, won’t be able to ignore you and would surely stare at you again and again. That’s the aura of a white watch on a stylish man would create. 

Types of White Wristwatches

White watches go extremely well with every kind of outfit. They look amazing with light-colored outfits as well as bright deep-colored outfits. All you need is proper confidence to style them. Generally, white wristwatches are of two types, white color straps, and white transparent dials. 

  • White Color Straps:

    White color straps for men’s watches are quite unusual but look very stylish when properly styled. There are many digital watches in India that comes with white color straps. These straps are usually made of silicone or PU. Sometimes you might find white leather straps which is very rare. The fact is that white leather straps are a bit difficult to maintain whereas silicone or PU straps can be maintained very easily. 

  • White Transparent Dials:

    I have a special soft corner for white transparent watches that have always lured me towards them. Especially if they come with white transparent dials, it’s almost like the icing on the cake. These are the complete symbol of the trendiest style and bold fashion that everyone cannot carry. But if you are one of those who is not afraid to sport your look with a wristwatch that has a white transparent dial, then you should definitely keep them in your wardrobe. You may like to read: What are Reasons People Wear Watches?

Why Sylvi White Watch should be your perfect choice?

When color is on your mind, you can never forget Sylvi watches. Sylvi is considered to be one of the best watch brands for men in India with the most affordable pricing and remarkable quality. Colorful watches are the symbol and the USP of Sylvi watches. The designs of all the timepieces are really one of a kind. And the best part is they always keep on launching new collections that always keep the customers in surprise. 

Sylvi is one such fearless brand that is not afraid to play with colors. So when the color white is ruling the watchmaking world and is considered to be the new cool, how come Sylvi makers be left behind? And the best part is you will find these white watches under 2000 INR which is the best steal deal you can ever find.  

Types of Sylvi White Wristwatches for Men

The best part about Sylvi watches is that they always keep on surprising their customers and followers with different types of launches. The team continuously works on launching different designs and collections of several categories of wristwatches. That's the versatility of Sylvi wristwatches that keeps their customers coming back again and again. When color has always played a very important role in the product launch of Sylvi, then white color watches are a must in their prized collection. 

So let us explore in detail the types of white watches by Sylvi. Currently, there are two wristwatches from Sylvi that sport the color white beautifully. 

1. Sylvi Rig One ‘O One White Crystal
Sylvi White Silicone Strap Transparent Dial Watch for Men

Sylvi recently launched their ‘Rig One ‘O One' collection which has a collection of 6 wristwatches. And the most striking one among them is the one with a white transparent dial and white transparent silicone strap. This gives the coolest and the most sporty look ever before. This one is undoubtedly the best among silicone strap watches available in India. 

This watch is a multifunction watch that comes with both Analog and Digital displays. It is very sleek and gives a contemporary look with a white silicone strap and transparent dial. Along with the time display, it has a digital date display, a week display, a stopwatch, and an alarm, and also water resistant. I have shared the link below to help you to find this favorite watch of mine. 

2. Sylvi Iconic White Nylon
Sylvi Iconic White Nylon Strap Watch for Men

Being different from others is something that Sylvi excels at. So last year when the ‘Iconic Nylon' collection was launched it created a huge craze, especially the white nylon watch. It became their bestseller in a very short span of time. And it has all the reasons to be a bestseller. 

The watch is made with premium quality white nylon fabric that is very long-lasting and gives the most elegant look. It has a beautiful black color watch face with a green and white index that blends perfectly with its white strap. It is a multifunctional Analog Digital watch. Along with a stunning analog display it also has cutting-edge digital features. It also has dual time, a stopwatch, an alarm, a calendar, a backlight, and also water resistant. The link to this amazing timepiece is shared below. 


1. Are the white watches from Sylvi long-lasting?

Ans. Absolutely, not only the white wristwatches but all the products from Sylvi are extremely long-lasting. All the products from Sylvi are made from the best quality materials available in the market by the finest and most experienced craftsmen. And all of them go through several quality checks before they are displayed to their customers. 

2. Is it difficult to maintain silicone strap watches?

Ans. Silicone strap wristwatches are the easiest ones to maintain. Unlike leather straps, they don't get affected by moisture, sweat, and humidity. So they are very long-lasting. And most importantly it is very easy to clean the silicone strap. All you need is a moist clean cloth to rub the watch so that all dust and dirt are removed. 

3. Are nylon watches in fashion these days?

Ans. Definitely yes, nylon watches are very much in fashion these days. Gone are those days when wristwatch straps were only limited to leather and stainless steel. Nylon watches are highly preferred by youngsters as they sport a very trendy look. Most importantly, the nylon fabric is very long-lasting and also very easy to clean. 

4. Do white watches goes with any particular color outfit?

Ans. It's a myth that people think that white color wristwatches should go with certain color outfits and cannot be used all the time. White is such a beautiful neutral color that white wristwatches can be combined with any color outfit be it light or deep tone. White perfectly imbibes with every color and gives you that stand-out look. All you need is oodles of confidence to wear a white watch. 

5. Is white color watch fit for every age group?

Ans. The white color watch is fit for every age group irrespective of skin tone and the type of outfit they wear. So if you are thinking of gifting a white color watch to your loved ones, you can always do so without giving it much thought. You can also buy it for yourself and wear it at any event. 

So do not think much. It's high time to sport trendy and bold looks with an exclusive white watch collection from the house of Sylvi and be ahead in your fashion game!!!

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