Buying Guide for Silicone Watches for Men: Checklist & Benefits

Buying Guide for Silicone Watches for Men: Checklist & Benefits

What is the significance of wrist watches for men?

Many would agree that for most men, a wristwatch is the only accessory they would love to wear on a regular basis. Men’s wristwatch is not merely just an accessory that would showcase time. It is more than that, it’s about their status symbol and a style statement. So watch lovers would not only spend on just a wristwatch, they would actually research a lot and then would invest their money in it. 

The evolution of wristwatches has achieved great heights through the years. Initially from pocket watches to leather wristwatches, it has now upgraded to stainless steel straps, rubber and PU straps, nylon straps, and silicone straps. Athletic and Fashionable Men’s Silicone Watches have become very renowned over the past couple of years. In India, Sylvi silicone watches for men are a great choice in a varied range of colors and affordable prices. 

Why you should select silicone watches for men?

There are a plethora of options when you purchase men’s watches. There are men whose inclination is toward elegant and classic timepieces that are more of formal look. On the other hand, there are also men who prefer tough and stylish watches that are practical enough to go for a beach walk as well as on a race track. There are even some men who are so technical that they would always prefer to sport tech-nerd flag watches on their wrists. Somewhere in between high-end fashion watches and cutting-edge smartwatches lies the sports watches. 

There are even silicone watches for men that imparts a sporty and stylish look that gives a smart and rugged look. Sylvi has a huge range of trendy silicone wristwatches for men under different categories to choose from. They are multi-functional and long-lasting and sport a rugged look. They don’t have all the features of a full-blown smartwatch yet not just like a time-only wristwatch. Silicone watches are exclusively designed for health enthusiasts and active men who follow basic health metrics. 

Benefits of Silicone Watches

There are several benefits of wearing silicone watches. However, before knowing about the benefits, let me put some light on what is silicone. Silicone is a type of polymer that is an elastomer which is a derivative of rubber. Therefore, it is a synthetic material that has elastic properties that are used to make watch bands. So let me explain the benefits of silicone as an ideal material for wristwatch bands. 

  • Silicone watch straps are durable and quite easy to clean, hence they do not need much maintenance. On average, silicone watch bands are known to last a minimum of two years which makes them quite long-lasting. 
  • Silicone watch straps are very flexible and comfortable to wear without any hassle. They can withstand extreme conditions. So you can easily wear silicone watches in hot climates because their smooth surface won’t make you feel uncomfortable. 
  • Silicone watches are water resistant hence they can be easily used during sports activities, active lifestyles, and adventure activities. 
  • Silicone is a vegan material so if you prefer an animal-free replacement watch strap, these are great options. 
  • Silicone watches are available in a plethora of colors and they give a very cool, sporty, and vibrant look. And this color is there to stay and does not fade over time. Therefore, you can match silicone watches as per your outfit color. 
  • Even high-end smartwatch brands also prefer silicone bands with their smartwatches. That’s the uniqueness of this material. 
  • The chemical resistant property of silicone is quite high and reacts very less with chemicals. They are also great against harmful UV rays and hence they are so long-lasting. 
  • If you are allergic to leather bands or stainless steel straps, then silicone is the best option for you because silicone watch bands are completely resistant to fungal infections. 

What to consider when buying Silicone Watches for Men?

If you prefer to purchase a silicone watch for men, there are several aspects that you can consider before purchasing. This will help you to select your favorite watch as per your requirement and budget. 

  • Lug Width: If you have decided to go for a silicone watch, you should know about the lug width of the watch. Refer to Watch Case Size to know about lug width ( Sylvi silicone watches have standard lug width that makes them reliable and durable. 
  • Functionality: Unlike formal watches, silicone watches usually come with multi-function features to make it appropriate to use them for many purposes. Sylvi silicone watches not only look extremely stylish but also have lots of functionalities to shortlist them as your ideal choice. The types of Sylvi watches that you will find with silicone straps are sports watches, analog-digital watches, and chronograph watches. 
  • Sports watches and analog-digital watches from Sylvi have a date calendar display, a stopwatch, an alarm, dual time zones with a 12/24-hour format, a luminous display, an LED backlight, and water resistant to up to 3 ATMs. The Chronograph watches have a working 1/100th second chronograph with 3 sub-dials displaying hour, minute, and seconds, a date display, and are water resistant to up to 3 ATMs. 

    • Water Resistance: A must feature of silicone watches should be their water-resistant feature. These watches are meant for multi-function types that would be a part of different activities, hence water resistance is a must-have in silicone watches. All the silicone watches from Sylvi have a water resistance of 3 ATMs. 
    • Hassle-free Display: Silicone watches are made for people who do lots of activities. Hence the display of these watches should be easily readable and is preferred to have a luminous display. Sylvi silicone watches have a luminous display and an LED backlight that makes them ideal to check even in the dark and has crisp reading. 
    • Strong case and band: Silicone watch bands are preferred because they are long lasting and flexible. Along with this, silicone bands are quite strong and not prone to breakage because of their flexible nature. Apart from this, the case should be strong enough to withstand all types of activities and give accurate readings. Sylvi silicone bands are very strong and the cases are also known to withstand all types of pressure. 

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    Handpicked Sylvi Watches Only for You

    When it comes to trendy silicone wristwatches for men, no brand can beat the popularity of Sylvi watches. And why not? Trust me Sylvi watches are absolutely worth all the hype. So now that you know all the details about silicone watches, let me help you to select your favorite silicone watches from Sylvi. 

  • Sylvi Frist Camogreen

  • Sylvi Frist Yellow

  • Sylvi Protimer Classy Blue

  • Sylvi Timegrapher Golden PU

  • Sylvi Rig One ‘O One Rosegold Black

    Sylvi is a brand that is trusted by lakhs of customers in India, so you can rest assured that your hard-earned money is properly invested. You absolutely get products that are valued for money. 

    So it’s time to ditch boring colors and grab attractive silicone timepieces from Sylvi and be the king of your domain!!

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