Rugged Watch Buyers Guide

Rugged Watch Buyers Guide

Let the tough man in your life always shine. There is always that shining lion in every household, who literally beats the crap out of his gear. If you are looking for men’s watches for the rugged man in your life or yourself, make sure that your watch is completely ready to take the beating. Investing in a rugged watch should be such that it should last a long time. The watch should be tough enough to justify your rugged personality and worth all the pennies. 

Forget about those fancy smartwatches if your adventurous endeavors take you off the grid. All you need is a robust and rugged timepiece shining on your wrist. This rugged new watch for men is capable enough to withstand all tough moments and yet perform like a superstar. Since time immemorial, wrist watches are intrinsically connected with different adventures and unique exploration. 

Rugged is the new Cool

There is something exceptionally cool about being rugged and tough. This daily wear watch is not something like a sweet wrist candy. It's more about accelerating your inner powers. It's true, that smartwatch these days come with lots of functionalities and you can always be connected to social media, music, and the weather. But there is that dire need to carry that portable charger or power bank. 

When you are part of an off-grid long-period adventure, then these smartwatches fail to work. You need a multi function watch whose battery would last a long time. These wristwatches should be flexible and tough and should not be very complex to use. Being a part of a long-distance trail, you should know very well the importance of power. You won't get those charging stations or those mains-powered plug sockets. 

Let’s know your rugged watch in detail

Sylvi is known to be the best men’s wrist watch brand when it comes to picking exclusive rugged timepieces. The majority of people these days get carried away by the fame of smartwatches. They end up investing tons of money to own them. However, there’ll be very few who would choose to be different and rugged. And that’s where the exclusive collection from Sylvi exactly justifies your purpose. 

Trust me, your smartwatch won't serve its purpose in those extreme weather conditions and tough situations. But your multifunction watch would do. The collection of these rugged luxury watches for men from the house of Sylvi is one of a kind. There are different categories of wristwatches that can withstand your tough personality. 

    • Chronograph Watch: There’s a reason that Chronograph watches are known as ‘jumped-up stopwatches’. They simply lead the league of rugged watch category and are best connected to history. This is the reason that every high-end brand is busy making the best wrist for men to beat tough competition. Sylvi has a great collection of rugged chronograph watches that has their own charisma. 

    • Casual Digital Watch: The name rugged watches won't do justice if your wristwatch doesn't have a multifunction feature in it. Under this category, you will get the most trending watch for men at Sylvi that won’t cost you a bomb. There is a tough timepiece for every one of you irrespective of your age and background. 

    • Sportswatch: Last but not the least, the best among the rugged watch collection is the Sport watches from Sylvi. If you are looking for watches under 1500, then these watches should be your final choice. They are long-lasting, very flexible yet very strong at the same time. 

Exclusive handpick rugged timepieces only for You

There is simply no time to compromise on quality and performance when it comes to rugged timepieces for men. These rugged watches are considered to be an excellent gift for someone who is a tough nut to crack. All of them are the outcome of experienced craftsmanship and intricate mechanism. So let us delve into 5 exclusive rugged watches from Sylvi.

1. Sylvi Iconic Green Nylon:

This new launch by Sylvi is truly a beautiful and tough one in ways you can never imagine. Made with a nylon band and stainless steel dial, this one would give you a tough beat that would last a long time. This has a Dual Dial Analog-Digital display, a date-calendar display, an alarm, a 1/100 second stopwatch, and water resistance to up to 3 ATMs. 

Sylvi Iconic Green Nylon Strap Watch for Men

2. Sylvi Timegrapher Blue BL 2 – Chrono

This mechanical watch for men would give you that exact feeling of fantasy Hollywood movies. This watch has the most unusual bold blue dial with a completely rugged look. This is made with a genuine blue leather strap. But the game changer is its dial which is made with such designer intricacy and unmatchable craftsmanship. It has 2 Chrono sub-dial with an analog display and a date display. 

Sylvi Blue Leather Strap Casual Chronograph Watch - 2 Chrono

3. Sylvi Frist Camogreen:

The list of rugged watches would be completely incomplete without the inclusion of a sports watch in it. The band is made of genuine polyurethane silicone with shades of green that would give you the feeling of actual adventure. This analog sports watch is water resistant to up to 3 ATMs and has a stopwatch, an alarm, a date display, and a dual time zone analog-digital display. 

Sylvi Camogreen Belt Analog and Digital Sports Watch for Men

4. Sylvi Hawk Z black:

It would be a complete injustice if a black watch won't make the list of rugged collection watches. This watch is exclusively made for a rugged lifestyle since the dial is made up of real carbon fiber that gives a completely robust look. This watch has both analog and digital display with dual dials to support both different time zone, a stopwatch, a military 12H/24H time, and an alarm, and is shock resistant. It also has an LED backlight is your perfect partner for adventurous activities and is water resistant to up top 3 ATMs. 

Sylvi Premium Analog Digital Black Watch For Men with Date

5. Sylvi Frist Z Black:

There is always room for another black watch when it comes to choosing a rugged watch for men. This analog-digital athletic watch deserves flaunting with pride and is worth all your pennies. This multifunctional watch has a dual time zone, luminous light, a stopwatch, an alarm, a date display, military 12H/24H time format, and is water resistant to up to 3 ATMs. 
Sylvi Stunning Black Dial Analog-Digital Sports Watch For Men

True fashion is never about fancy products. A rugged wristwatch for men should be tough, flexible, and long lasting and would always give you that ultimate luxurious feel!!!

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