How to Measure Watch Case Size

How to Measure Watch Case Size

Human beings are connected to natural balance and men’s fashion is all about the fusion of the right balance. We always wear outfits that are exactly our size or else we would look ridiculous. The same goes for wristwatches as well. It’s very important to wear a wristwatch based on your wrist size. Very few people know esoteric subjects like measuring watch cases for men

Men’s watches these days come in a plethora of different sizes. Being able to perfectly measure your watch based on your wrist size is a godsend. Being fashionable doesn't mean only owning a beautiful designer watch. If you wear an inappropriately sized watch, it would look horrible no matter how beautiful the watch design is. Moreover, it would be extremely uncomfortable to use and lead to nerve damage. 

It would be extremely challenging for people who don't have the proper knowledge to find the perfect size watch. Don't worry, because our experts are here to guide and help you to find the perfect fitted watch with a detailed size guide and watch chart.

Is measuring your Watch Case important?

Like outfits need to be of perfect size, the same goes with wristwatches. Trust me, every minute detail is important. All the measurements of different parts of a watch are interconnected as this affects the overall sizing and looks of the timepiece. This also has a striking impact on your overall outfit. Further, if you are looking for online watches for men then it is very important to understand watch case size. 

If you are purchasing from a store, you can always put them on your wrist and know which one suits the best. But the case is different when you purchase online. Hence these days, for convenience, companies mention the dimensions of each watch in the description section. Previously wristwatches used to be smaller and many vintage watches have upgraded to different sizes based on the latest trends. Moreover, the embellishments on the watch also obscure its actual size.

The blue dial watches from Sylvi has standard case sizes that are extremely popular among the youth of today. These watches have all the sizes mentioned on the website for the convenience of the customers. 

Different Watch Sizes and Styles

Unlike shoes, you can choose different styles of wristwatches in several sizes to match your style. But that doesn't mean you can go for watches that are too big for your wrist or too small. The standard size of men’s watches usually starts from 34mm. Mechanical watches and sports watches have a bit large case size as they accommodate many extra features. 

The bezel of the watch contributes a lot to the case size. If a watch has a thick bezel but a small dial will significantly have a small case. The bezel of the watch also adds to the diameter and thickness of the watch. These days even the leather watch case for men also have different case size 

Despite any gender, large watch cases have gained immense popularity these days. Even rose gold case watches have been widely accepted by men. Men look great with a large watch case but if a watch is very thick, it would make your shirt or suit sleeves bulge uncomfortably. On the other hand, your wrist would cause pain if you wear a very tight watch. 

The shape of the dial plays a critical role to measure the size of the watch case. Sylvi has a great collection of black dial rose gold watch that has a round shape and standard bezel size. 

Sylvi also has a collection of square rose gold watch with black dial that would look great on large wrists. If you have small or medium wrist sizes, square watches won't fit properly and wouldn't look good on the wrist. 

There are also watches with thick bezel that needs to be measured properly. It is better to include the bezel for measuring the diameter. The Iconic collection from Sylvi has black dial brown leather strap watch that has a thick bezel which would look great on medium to large wrist sizes. 

How to know the size of the watch case

The caliper is the ideal tool to measure the size of the watch case. You can either use an analog caliper or a digital caliper. The standard metric for measuring the size of the watch case is in millimeters. Still using a caliper is a bit more complex than compared to a ruler. 

A caliper comprises a beam and a metal or plastic attachment that is movable which helps to read the scale and calculate the measurement. The caliper has a set of exterior facing jaws that are used to measure the length and diameter of the case. It also has a set of interior facing jaws that are used to measure the lug-to-lug distance of the wristwatch. The first half of each set of jaws is attached to the beam of the caliper and the other half is linked with the movable attachment. 

The thumbscrew helps to adjust the jaws of the caliper along with a lock that enables the jaws to be in position. The digital calipers come with a battery block and an ABS button that is used to reset the digital readings. It is also used to interchange the metric between millimeters and inches. 

When you take the internal measurement you need to lose the lock screw and then place the exterior jaws over the place of measurement. Keep on adjusting till the upper jaw sets touches the wall of the hole and tighten the screw of the lock. Reverse the process when it's done. The same process is done for exterior measurement only placing the clam of internal jaw sets around the watch facet that would be measured. 

You can also measure the size of the watch case with a ruler. It would be a bit tiresome and may not be as accurate as a caliper. Hence a caliper is always suggested to use. 

Measure the Case Size

How to Measure Case Size in Wristwatch Sylvi Watch

You need to measure one watch case to another central part of the watch. The best way to measure the size of a single crown 3’o clock watch is from the 2 o'clock to 8 o'clock position. You can also measure from 4'o clock to 10'o clock position. 

Lug-to-lug Distance

The lug-to-lug distance is also very important with respect to the case size. Sylvi has a great collection of watches under 1500 with large dials and standard lug-to-lug distance. This is the distance between the watch's opposite sides and is related to your wrist size. This is measured with the caliper. This distance along with the case size and wrist size helps you to find the wristwatch that would be perfect for you. 


1) Does the Bezel size contribute to the appearance of the watch?

Ans. The bezel size plays a pivotal role in the appearance of the watch despite the case measurement. A watch with a thick bezel will appear smaller than its actual size. So a bigger bezel will always have a small dial that would make the watch look small. A small bezel always makes the dial look big than its actual size. 

2) What is the exact place to wear your wristwatch?

Ans. The place of wearing a wristwatch depends a lot to select based on the case size. The most appropriate place to where a wristwatch is exactly below the prominent part of the wrist bone. This is also known as the ulna. This is the correct place to measure the wrist size to know which case size would be perfect to wear. 

3) Is the thickness of the watch case related to the case diameter?

Ans. The thickness of the watch is directly related to the diameter of the case. These days the diameter of the watch increases with the thickness of the watch. On a standard note, a watch case with a diameter from 38mm to 42mm, will have a thickness of 7mm. and with a case diameter above 44mm, the thickness would go to 9mm. 

4) Is hour marker size related to the appearance of the watch case size?

Ans. The size of the hour marker depends a lot on the appearance of the watch. If the hour marker size of the watch is small, the watch would look smaller. However, it is a bit complex to measure its size as they are inside the dial. It is measured with a ruler and is measured from one tip of the hour marker to the tip of the opposite hour marker. 

5) How important is watch case size related to wrist size?

Ans. This is the most important criterion on how graceful the watch would look on someone's wrist. If the wrist size and the case size are not co-related, it would look absurd on your wrist. If the watch case covers your entire wrist, it would look odd and if you have a large wrist and the case is small, the overall appearance would be damaged. If these two points are not in place, no matter how costly or how beautiful the wristwatch is, it won't do any justice. 

So with the help of our detailed guide regarding the size of the watch case, select your favorite watch based on budget and rock your persona with the utmost style!!!


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