10 Sylvi Watches To Gift This Holiday Season

10 Sylvi Watches To Gift This Holiday Season

The holiday season is when people start gifting their close friends or family members presents to make them happy. Giving out gifts to people close to your heart is a sign of affection or love towards them. Therefore, if you are also looking to gift something to your friends or family this holiday season, then choosing to wrap a Sylvi watch as a gift could be worth your money. Watches are considered an ideal holiday gift because many people like to purchase different kinds of watches to add them to their collections. However, choosing the right watch among all the available options could play a big part for the person you want to amaze with your gift. 

That is why here in this article, we have mentioned the top 10 Sylvi branded watches for men, which could help you pick one according to your preference. 

1. Sylvi Hawk black silver

Sylvi Luxury Water-resistant Black Watch For Men

If you have chosen the website of Sylvi to purchase a watch to gift this holiday season, then one of the first watches you should check out is Hawk black silver. The Hawk black silver is considered one of the best men’s watches sold on this website. These Hawk watches bring a classic design to your outfit if you wear such kinds of watches on any occasion you have been invited to. 

Moreover, due to its aesthetically pleasing design the person who receives this watch as a gift could flaunt them with any outfit according to their choice. Furthermore, the superior technical qualities of the imperial black silver watch offer are not readily available at much lower prices. 

2. Sylvi vogue black

Sylvi Classic Vogue Black Watch for men
Choosing gifts during this busy holiday season is never easy as the choices available are plenty, but selecting one out of all those could be a different problem. However, if you want to pick the best black silicon strap watch, checking out the Sylvi vogue black watch could satisfy everything you want. 

The black silicon strap watches have a different aura, which isn't comparable to any other category of watches you might find in the market. You can easily style the black watches with any outfit as they would only enhance your appearance amongst the people you are surrounded with. Additionally, these Sylvi vogue black silicon strap watches are entirely water resistant, making them suitable to be worn in deep water or while engaging in various sporting activities. 

3. Sylvi Rig one 'o one rosegold black

Sylvi Rosegold Dial Black Silicone Strap Watch for Men

When you are in the market trying to decide which type of watch is the best gift for men, you might have come across many options during your extended search. But even if you search far and wide, you can find anything like the Sylvi rosegold one 'o one watch due to the fantastic design it brings with itself. 

Additionally, its sophisticated and sleek design would automatically catch the eye of the men you have chosen to gift this watch. The color of rose gold in its dial and the black silicon strap which comes alongside it make this Sylvi watch for boyfriend birthday an even better choice among all the other options in the market.

4. Sylvi timegrapher red sl steel

Sylvi Timegrapher Red Silver Steel Watch For men

Are you looking to surprise your father with a fantastic watch this holiday? But after looking at so many options, you might have yet to select one according to your choices. You can check out Sylvi timegrapher red sl steel, as it could be the perfect gift for father this holiday season. 

Compared to their younger version, people start to develop different preferences when choosing watches to wear with their favorite outfits. Moreover, most fathers are office goers from Monday to Friday, so they have a limited amount of time to spend for themselves. Hence, gifting them something like Sylvi timegrapher red sl steel, which has a unique classic look with a silver body, might be an ideal gift as a daily wear watch for your father. 

5. Sylvi's first camo green

Sylvi Camogreen Belt Analog and Digital Sports Watch for Men

It is never easy to select a gift for your husband, isn't it? Many wives think their husbands could be more demanding when selecting a watch for themselves among the many choices available. Hence, if you are also among those group of wives that aren't able to pick a watch, then opting for the Sylvi first camo green, considered the best watch for men under 1500, is the one for your husband. If you want to make this holiday season the best one which your husband has ever experienced, then this Sylvi first camo green could be the right pick for you. 

6. Sylvi hawk brown black

Sylvi Classy Brown Leather Black Dial Watch for Men

Are you looking for a simple yet elegant designer watch for your friend this holiday season? Then opting for the sylvi hawk brown black might be your prettiest option. The sylvi hawk brown black is the perfect choice for anyone who likes to wear watches that aren't too flashy in design. Moreover, if the person you are looking to gift this watch is fond of analog watches, then the Sylvi hawk brown, black styles watch for boy could be it for them. This type of watch is versatile, durable, and water resistant, making it an even better gift option for wrapping in the present this holiday season. 

7. Sylvi's iconic white nylon

Sylvi Iconic White Nylon Strap Watch for Men

Is the person you want to gift this holiday season fond of white band watches? Then checking out the Sylvi iconic white nylon transparent watches could be your option. This sylvi iconic white nylon is not only covered in white but even has a black dial, making it even more desirable for people who want a blend of both colors in their watches. 

Finding good quality white-colored watches is tricky in today's market due to the craze of black-colored watches. Thus, if you were looking for a white one among all the different colored options in the market, picking up the Sylvi iconic white nylon could be the best gift this upcoming holiday season. 

8. Sylvi rig one ‘o one grey matt

Sylvi Grey Dial Black Silicone Strap Watch for Men

A grey-colored watch could easily beat any other popular-colored watch if they are perfectly matched with an outfit that enhances its visibility. If the person you are looking to gift watches under 2000 is fond of trying different colors with their watch collection, purchasing Sylvi rig one 'o one grey matt could be the perfect gamble for you. This excellent grey-colored Sylvi watch wouldn't only bring style and commandability to your overall appearance but can also make the whole outfit of your gel in front of the crowd. However, listen to the preference of the person you might be purchasing this gift for as the chances of them liking it increase afterward. 

9. Sylvi protimer classy blue

Sylvi Analog-Digital Sports Mens Watch with Big Classy Blue Dial

Is your friend or family member whom you are looking to gift a watch this upcoming holiday season fond of the color blue? If they are, you should definitely opt for the Sylvi protimer classy blue boys leather watch, as receiving such a gift might make them ecstatic. This sylvi watch comes in royal blue, making it a fantastic choice for people who consider blue their favorite color. Moreover, it isn't only covered in blue as the dial of this watch gift is painted in black to make it more desirable for other people who would like to have different sets of colors on their watch. 

10. Sylvi vogue rosegold

Sylvi Vogue Rosegold Blue Watch For men

The last type of watch which we have included in our list of the top 10 best Sylvi watches to gift this holiday season is the Sylvi vogue rosegold. Many options are available in the market regarding watch color, type, design, or even functionality, but none of them can match the proficiency of Sylvi vogue rosegold silicone strap watches

Not only this type of watch is great in design but also has some amazing set of features and attributes offered in them. Whenever the person you have chosen to gift this watch would wear it on any occasion or meeting, they can easily make a bold entry compared to everyone in the room who might also be wearing any one of the best watch brands for men


These are the top 10 Sylvi watches you can choose as a gift to people close to you as a friend or family this holiday season. The holiday season is meant to be the happiest part of the year which calls for presenting people with different gifts to make their year even more worthwhile and beautiful. 


1) Are the Sylvi watches water-resistant?

Ans. Yes, all of the Sylvi watches are entirely water-resistant. However, you should avoid pushing any buttons present on the watch while it is submerged in water. 

2) What category of the watch movement is used in Sylvi watches?

Ans. The authentic Japanese quartz movement is put to use in all of the Sylvi watches that are available for purchase on the website of sylvi. 

3) Is there any warranty given for Sylvi watches? 

Ans. A warranty period of 6 months is offered to the customers along with any Sylvi watches they choose to buy from their website. You can easily replace or repair your model if any damage has occurred to your watch, depending upon the warranty guidelines. 

4) Are the Sylvi watches cheap in price?

Ans. If you compare the rates of other categories of watches offered by different websites, the Sylvi watches would always come out on top due to their lowest price. 

5) Which is the best sylvi watch to gift this holiday season?

Ans. It is difficult to pick one out of all the possible Sylvi watches that are available for gifting this holiday season. But if you want the best gift then trying out the imperial black silver could be suitable for you. 

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