Personalized Watch Gifts That Show You Care - Sylvi

Personalized Watch Gifts That Show You Care - Sylvi

Care for our loved ones knows no bounds and if thoughts could be counted then we all know that every one of us would put some extra thoughts to be counted. Gifts from our loved ones are always special however the ones with a personalized touch simply add the crown to it. 

Personalized gifts signify the special love for the receiver from the giver. It's always ordering a special cheeseburger with some extra requirements to make it special – though normal cheeseburgers are also superbly tasty. 

These days the sky is the limit when it comes to personalized gifts for men and your mind is overwhelmed with superb options to choose from. From a personalized bathrobe with his initials sewn on in a stylish monogram to personalized wallets with his initials or some sweet thoughts that would remind him about your special love, there are too many options to confuse you. 

But what personalized gift do you give to your watch-loving man and get your name engraved in his heart forever? Put your worries at rest as Sylvi is there with their unique personalized wooden watch base that would surely melt your heart. 

Why you should for Personalized Watch Gifts?

Getting that perfect gift for your man is really difficult. Trust me, getting a gift for a woman is quite easy but for a man who doesn’t even know what they want is really difficult. Even if you ask them what they want, they would say they don’t need anything. But the actual fact is they really do or at least deep down their hearts would flutter with joy when they get a gift from their loved ones. 

Now even if you ask him for ideas the majority of the time it will be super vague like ‘I don’t know’ or ‘anything simple’. Now do not get me wrong when I say that this ‘anything simple’ is actually not at all simple to find. And the icing on the cake would be if he is a watch-loving man. 

Sylvi is one of the leading online watch store India that has a unique personalized wooden watch base to make your gift something extra special. When personalized products are ruling the fashion industry, then how come Sylvi would lag behind? Watches with personalized dials are quite common, so Sylvi has come out with a personalized wooden watch base with your special message on it for your loved one. 

Whether you accept it or not, this gesture and gift of yours definitely brings that eternal smile onto his face for sure. 

Wooden Personalized Watch Base from Sylvi

Everything personalized is always special and when it is from a brand that manufactures the best stylish watches, it's like icing on the cake. Sylvi is one such brand that always goes different from others. So when the entire world has jumped into personalized watch dials, Syli has gone for a personalized wooden watch base. 

There is a different special appeal with a wooden watch base and the hardwood base from Sylvi takes it way ahead of other competitors. Each and every wooden base is intricately handcrafted with details and precision and has kept the natural beauty of the wood intact. Just like their watch designs made without any flaws, these wooden base with personalized message comes out like a beauty sans any flaws. 

And the best part of these wooden bases is that they can be made for both men and women. Most importantly these hardwood bases would give the most refined touch to your outfit making you always shine in the crowd. 

Ideas for Personalized Messages

Now that you know this amazing and unique personalized wooden watch base from Sylvi, have you thought about what would be the personalized message?

Let me be your saviour with some great ideas that can be engraved on these wooden bases from Sylvi. 

Engrave a Date

Nothing makes him feel special more than remembering the special date when you both first met, or your marriage date, or his birthday, or simply a date with some special achievement. This also goes for your other loved ones and not only your partner. 

Always remember if nothing works simplicity is always at its best. Nothing is better than dates to commemorate an important phase in someone’s life. This personalized touch will always be special and will make a difference in your relationship. You can also engrave a special date in Roman Numerals. 

Engrave a Name 

If you are a Bollywood buff you will know how important a name is in someone’s life. Who will forget that famous line of a song, ‘Tera naam likh diya’? 

If remembering dates is simply not your cup of tea, then simply go by the name on those wooden plates to make feel extra special in your life. Always remember you will never regret sticking to the base with his name or his initials or the special names with which you call him. 

Every time he wears that watch, he will come across his name engraved in its wooden base as the most beautiful token of love from you. If you want to go a step further, engrave as a monogram with his last initial in the middle of the wooden base. Another way is to write the important people’s names in their life, the name of their pet, the name of the fraternity, their favourite sports team, or even their favourite mountain peak. The sky is the limit for these amazing options. 

Engrave a Quote

Have you ever wondered or given thought that many personalized watches come with the message ‘Veni, Vedi, Vici’? It means to live our legacy and I am simply in love with this quote. 

If your man loves to read, how special it would be to him to gift him a personalized wooden watch base with a special quote engraved in it? 

Now you might be wondering from where you will find significant quotes.

You can pick a line from their favourite book or a poem, a special quote from their favourite idol, or simply a family quote. Music connects life in ways better than anything and engraving a line from his favourite song would symbolize his special place in your heart. 

Matching Engravings

Have you ever bought the same outfits for yourself and your best friend? If yes, then you are like me. Personalized wooden watch bases are considered to be highly fashionable. Matching engravings not only include identical ones for yourself and your loved one. 

You can go with engravings that go together. Like ‘Yin Yang’ one on each for both of you. Or you can also go for those college letters or your favourite travel destination. 

Simply say ‘I Love You’

If nothing makes you happy then simply engrave those 3 magical words, ‘I Love You’. That’s enough to make the strongest impact in his life for you. Trust me and go with this and you can thank me later by posting in the comments section. 

Procedure of Personalized Watch Online from Sylvi

Ever since Sylvi launched this personalized option, it has become our bestseller and customers are going crazy with this idea. And the best part is you don’t have to splurge a huge amount of money for this. 

Sylvi has always been open and transparent about their product pricing with their customers and this time also is no difference. This personalized process comes with an extra cost of only Rs 49 which is considered to be very reasonable. 

After you purchase your favourite Sylvi watch online, within 12 hours you need to contact our customer care and share all the necessary details for the customization and a special message. 

And TADA you are done and your FIRST order for Sylvi personalised wooden base is given. 


  • Can I cancel my personalized order and return or refund my personalized wooden base?
  • Please keep in mind that you cannot cancel your personalized order once the payment and the customized message are shared. Moreover, once you receive our customized wooden watch base, you cannot return or refund them. So please be very sure when you place the order as you cannot cancel them further under any circumstances and share the message and select the design very carefully. 

  • How long will I have to place my personalized order?
  • Once your order is placed, you need to contact our customer care within 12 hours and share all the details about your message and the design. Be very sure while doing that as once it is confirmed it cannot be changed further. 

  • What is the cost of the personalized wooden watch base from Sylvi?
  • The personalized wooden watch base from Sylvi comes with an extra cost of 49 INR apart from the cost of the timepiece. Please know apart from this Rs 49, no other extra cost is collected from the customers. Since we do not charge for shipping in pan India, therefore no other extra cost is involved apart from the watch cost and personalized message cost of Rs 49. 

    So not only buy a timepiece but also create the memories of a lifetime with your loved ones by gifting them a personalized wooden watch base from Sylvi!!!

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