Difference Between Water Resistant and Water Proof Watches

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Every watch enthusiast would definitely come across the terms ‘water-resistant’ and ‘waterproof’ watches. But very few know the actual difference between them. Trust me, though they sound similar, there is a huge difference between waterproof watches and water resistant watches. Truth be told, there is no watch that can completely guarantee uninterrupted waterproofness. 

In layman's terms, if explained, water resistant watches can withstand contact with water for a significant amount of time. On the other hand, waterproof watches have the capability to remain impenetrable from water. However, it is always advised not to use them underwater regularly, or else it would harm the performance. 

Water-Resistant vs Waterproof Watches

If you are planning to buy watches, water resistance should be the main feature that it should have. Because in our day-to-day activities, we come into contact with them to some extent. Hence it is essential that your luxury watch should be able to withstand minimum contact with water. However, if you plan to use your watch during swimming or diving, you need a waterproof watch instead of the water-resistant one. Therefore, it is crucial to know the difference between these two features in wristwatches. 

These days watches for men seldom come with the 'waterproof' tag on them. Majority of the commercial watches are water-resistant. On the label of the watch, alongside water-resistant, there is also mentioned the number of meters. It indicates the depth, the watch can withstand contact with water. Because it’s next to impossible to call a watch that is fully waterproof. 

The difference between both these features is the duration of time the watch would work along with the depth of water without breaking. However, if there is extreme water pressure, a waterproof watch would also leak. Therefore, it is always advisable for waterproof watches not to be put under high water pressure for a considerable amount of time. 

So while purchasing watch online, for regular use it is always advisable to purchase water-resistant watches that have high depth. Only if you intend to purchase a watch that would be used for swimming or diving, go for a waterproof wristwatch then. Or else based on your needs, you can get a water-resistant watch with water resistance depth according to your requirement.

Water Resistance Rating

It is important to know the technical details when you intend to purchase a watch. Let us know in detail about the depth rating and the numbers mentioned on the base of the watch. 

There are different ways through which water resistance is explained. Majority of the casual watch, use the commonly used measurement unit in meters. It is engraved as ‘M’ both in upper or lower case. The second most common indication for water resistance depth is through atmospheres. They are visible as ATMs. There is a link between atmospheres and meters such as 10 ATMs are equivalent to 100 meters. 

The third way to express water resistance is through a 'Bar' which is indicated as a unit of pressure instead of depth. This rating can be found in certain branded watches though not very common. Usually, 10 Bars is equivalent to 10 ATMs and 100M. 

However, one must know that all these depth ratings won't work much if put inside the water for a considerable length of time. All these indications are for a fraction of time and if it's induced to water regularly, it won't function properly. Below is the complete guide for water resistance ratings.

  • 30 M or 3 Bar/Atmospheres: The watch that comes with 30M or 3 ATM is usually a splash-resistant wristwatch. This watch should not be used while swimming, it only suggests being tested to 30m. The majority of the classic watches come with this rating.

  • 50 M or 5Bar/Atmospheres: The wristwatches that have 50M or 5 ATM mentioned can be used during the shower and even while swimming. However, this should not be repeated daily as it would bring long-term damage to the watch. 

  • 100 M or 10 Bar/Atmospheres: The wristwatches that come with 100M or 10 ATM can be used while snorkeling. However, these watches should be strictly prohibited to use while diving. So if you intend to buy watches for snorkeling purposes, you should definitely go for one that has 10 ATMs or 100 M mentioned. 

  • 200m or 20 Bar/Atmospheres: 200 meters is indeed a great depth however this rating is also not advisable to use for extensive diving expeditions. However, with this watch, one can definitely swim as well as snorkeling. 

  • 300m or 30 Bar/Atmosphere: Men’s luxury watches that come with this rating can be used for scuba diving. Although they cannot be used for deep sea diving as it doesn't come with the ISO 6425 (diver’s watch) certificate. 

  • Diver’s watch or ISO 6425: In certain watches, the watchmakers provide ISO rating along with depth rating (100m, 200m, 300m, etc). These are the authentication directly from the manufacturers with watches capable enough to handle these depths and water pressure. These are exclusively designed and manufactured for professional scuba divers. So apart from saturation diving, all other diving activities are considered to be safe from the manufacturer. 

  • Diver’s watch ISO 6425 over 300m: These are rare watches that come with ISO certification over 300 meters. These wristwatches are exclusively used in case of saturation diving i.e., in an environment where helium is present. 

Pick your favorite Water-resistant and Waterproof watches

With the help of the above guide, pick your favorite waterproof watches from different brands available as per your budget. Sylvi watches are a great choice when you are looking for the best water resistant watches for men. All the Sylvi watches come with 3 ATM or 30M water resistance depth capacity. They are capable enough to withstand water splashes. Their Sports watches are great for adventure junkies and health and sports enthusiasts. 

Be it water-resistant or waterproof, know your pick and adorn the best wristwatch that would increase your charm with uber confidence!!!

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