Traditional Watch vs. Smartwatch – Which one should you buy? - Sylvi

Traditional Watch vs. Smartwatch – Which one should you buy? - Sylvi

There is a saying that ‘old is gold’. Something never grows old, they are never out of charm. And when it’s all about men’s watches, traditional watches have always been in the craze even in this cutting edge of smartwatches. Traditional watches have always been there ever since the inception of wristwatches. They have literally stood the test of time and time and again and have proven to be extremely reliable and stylish. 

In recent years, ever since Apple launched its first series of iWatch in 2015, there is a huge surge in the popularity of smartwatches. This wearable tech timepiece with affordable pricing made people literally run after them like anything. So this sudden craze in popularity and a huge influx of several models made people believe that maybe it's time that Apple or Samsung watches could replace Rolex or Patek Philippe. Because undoubtedly, these were considered holy grails in the world of luxury watches. 

So the entire world is dancing to the tune of going digital and has gotten used to working, studying, meeting, buying, selling, and even having fun with the help of technology. Now the question is will these traditional luminous watches for men will be able to fight competition with smartwatches? To know that, let us know first in detail about traditional watches and smartwatches. 

What is a Traditional Watch?

A traditional watch is considered to be a real descendant of timepieces that have never gone obsolete in all these centuries. Only the technology behind these traditional watches changed over the span of time from analog to digital and chronograph. A traditional watch is considered to be the best daily wear watch

Traditional watches unlike smartwatches do not use a network connection for the exchange of data. These traditional watches mainly work with quartz movement. Several technologies like mechanical, electronic, and hybrid systems are used to make these traditional watches work. Best watch brands for men in the world has a huge collection of traditional watches that are never out of demand. You may like to read: What are Reasons People Wear Watches?

What is a Smartwatch?

A smartwatch is a mini wearable computer that you put around your wrist. They are usually connected through the internet through smartphones and have a touch screen that tailors your regular needs. They are capable to transmit and receive messages and notifications and you can even check your emails and receive calls as well. It is almost the entire world is controlled at your wrist. So a smartwatch is considered to be the go-to tool in order to interact with the digital world and get involved with all its features. 

The best part of these smartwatches is that they are affordable hence everyone can be able to purchase one. Therefore, ever since they are launched commercially in the market by Apple, they have gained immense momentum of popularity. 

Traditional Watch vs Smartwatch

With the advent of smartwatches in the market with tremendous success, this question has come to everyone's mind will smartwatches replace traditional watches? The answer would be a clear no. No matter what technology is used, there will always be the demand and craze for traditional quartz or mechanical watches in the watch community. The best men’s designer watches still come in mechanical or quartz movement. 

Can you ever say that a Rolex watch has ever lost its popularity? Rather it has always been in constant demand and very much in trend among watch lovers. Men’s watches are not only used to check the time but are also considered to be an important fashion accessory and status symbol. It also complements the individual's style and confidence. Therefore, it’s true when it is said that for men the wristwatch is their only piece of jewelry. 

Moreover, over the years luxury watches have gained immense popularity. There have been a lot of developments in the traditional watch market and people these days prefer more on fine watchmaking and luxury timepieces rather than simple wristwatches. 

Reasons to prefer Traditional Watches more than Smartwatches

These traditional watches have many advantages over tech-savvy smartwatches that would always be preferred by watch lovers. So let us explore into it in detail. 

  • Durability: The biggest aspect of choosing a traditional watch over a smartwatch is its durability. A true traditional watch can be a piece of a valuable asset to the next generations. Such is their durability of them. Good brands use top-quality stainless steel, leather, and quartz movement that are capable to last a huge span of time. On the other hand, smartwatches are not long-lasting and are prone to malfunction and breakage. 
  • Timeless Style and Designs: There are a lot of options in style and designs when it comes to traditional watches. There is a variety of options from classic leather bands to gold watches that looks very elegant. They can be used for young boys as well. A traditional watch is considered to be the most stylish watch for boys. Whereas, in the case of smartwatches, the designs are very limited to rounds and square dials with silicone bands. They are mainly concerned with being trendy and easily becoming outdated. 
  • Battery Life: The battery life of a traditional quartz watch lasts a minimum of 18 months to several years with regular usage. On the other hand, smartwatches require daily charging like smartphones. Here are some tips to extend your watch's battery life.
  • Emotion and Personal Touch: A luxury traditional timepiece is more of an emotion rather than just a tool to check the time. There is always a personal touch to these luxury timepieces that are passed on to the next generations as a valuable assets. Along with valuable pieces of jewelry, they are a part of family heirlooms that holds sentimental value. Whereas, smartwatches are not that personal and are always replaced with the latest models within a short span of time. 

Sylvi Watches: your Ultimate Favorite

A Sylvi watch is a pioneer in the watchmaking world in India that has gained immense popularity ever since its inception in 2015. Sylvi is considered to be one of the most trusted brands in India that has the most affordable pricing where quality is not compromised. Sylvi stands high with 500,000+ happy customers who have shown immense love and trust in the brand and its products. Sylvi proudly contributes to the ‘Make in India’ campaign.

So when it’s all about being vocal for locals, why we should not choose Sylvi and support this homemade brand? And the best part is that you will get the best watches under 2000 INR with the best designs and technology. When several brands are launching smartwatches, Sylvi has chosen the powerful traditional watches in the craze of smartwatches. And it has come with flying colors with sheer determination and honesty. You may like to read: Best Watches for Men in India.

There are a thousand reasons that Sylvi watches should be your ultimate favorite in the boom of smartwatches. The main reason is their variety of products under different categories, striking color options, long-lasting performance, and affordable pricing. You can even find the best watch for men under 1500 INR which is the true symbol of luxury. 

Different varieties and collections of Sylvi Watches

There is a huge array of Sylvi wristwatches for men under different categories. In the market of smartwatches, Sylvi has launched different types of traditional watches for men like Analog watches, Casual Digital watches, Chronograph watches, and Sports watches. They are continuously launching different collections over time that has been widely accepted by the customers. 

  • Analog Watches: The analog watches from Sylvi are the most unique watches you will ever find. Their 'Imperial' collection is the most unique and beautiful watch I have ever come across. They come in colorful genuine leather bands with stainless steel dials with the curves of the mountains and a date display. 
  • Casual Digital Watches: If a digital watch for men is in your mind, then you should definitely purchase a watch from this category. You will get the most premium 'Vogue' collection that is simply one of a kind. They come in stainless steel bands with vibrant colors with both analog and digital displays. It also has a stopwatch, an alarm, and a date display, and is water resistant. The other collections to look for are Hawk, Iconic, and Rig One 'O One. 
  • Chronograph Watches: If you want beauty with brains, then you should definitely go for Chronograph watches from Sylvi. Their ‘Timegrapher' collection is nothing short of royalty on your wrist at the most attractive price range. All the chronograph watches work with a 1/100th second chronograph and has 3 sub-dials that show hour, minute, and second, a date display and are water resistant. 
  • Sports Watches: If you are someone who loves adventure and is also health conscious, then the Sports watch range from Sylvi should be your ultimate choice. They come in a flurry of colors and are made with top-quality silicone bands that are very strong, flexible, and also long-lasting. All the sports watches have both analog and digital displays, a stopwatch, an alarm, a date-calendar display, and water resistant to up to 3 ATMs. 

So now that you know about the different categories of Sylvi watches, I am sure before having a look into smartwatches, you would definitely have a look at Sylvi watches. You can visit their website and select your favorite wristwatch for men. You can also visit their store in Surat with a prior appointment. However, to make your job easy, I have handpicked my 5 favorite Sylvi watches. 

  • Sylvi Imperial Black

  • Sylvi Timegrapher Bl-3 Chrono

  • Sylvi Vogue Rosegold

  • Sylvi Rig One ‘O One White Crystal 

  • Sylvi Frist Camogreen


  • Are traditional watches more reliable and long-lasting than smartwatches?
  • Absolutely yes, traditional watches are more reliable and long-lasting as compared to smartwatches. They are always made with the best materials and have a good battery life, unlike smartwatches that need regular charging like mobile phones. Quartz movement makes traditional watches more reliable and accurate and you don't need a network connection, unlike smartwatches. 

  • In which types of wristwatches you would get more design and style options?
  • Wristwatches these days are not about simple round dials and leather straps. There has been a huge development and various style options with different technologies when it comes to traditional watches. And this is the reason they are never obsolete in the era of smartwatches. Smartwatches have limited designs and are mostly casual types which keep changing with different models. 

  • How long does a traditional watch battery last?
  • A good quality quartz movement traditional watch battery lasts a minimum of 18 months to several years with regular usage. This is the reason why they are more reliable. On the other hand, smartwatches need regular charging like mobile devices and if the charge goes off they are of absolutely no use. 

  • Do Sylvi watches are more powerful and reliable than smartwatches?
  • Sylvi watches are made with the best quality materials and technology that lasts quite a long time. Don't get doubtful about its affordable pricing because the quality of the products is never compromised. These watches have an emotional touch that can be passed on to the next generation. So any day they are far better than these hyped smartwatches. 

  • Do traditional watches need to be connected to a smartphone?
  • The best part of traditional quartz watches is that they are completely independent and do not need to be connected to any network devices, unlike smartwatches. Whereas, smartwatches need to be connected to an internet device like a smartphone through Bluetooth and require regular charging to function properly. 

    So what are you thinking of??  

    Do not fall into the flood of colorful smartwatches and instead go for a timeless classic like Sylvi wristwatches and be one of a kind and shine

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