Timepieces for Tomorrow: A Deep Dive into Sustainable Watch Choices

Timepieces for Tomorrow: A Deep Dive into Sustainable Watch Choices

What is the best way to keep track of time without stealing it from the planet and its environment and making it difficult for future generations?

Our fashion choices need not be such that they would take a toll on the planet. Environment sustainability though might be a two-letter word but carries a lot of weight these days amidst the crippling phase of global warming. So these days there is an increasing awareness of the environmental repercussions of choices of an individual that is being taken into hold. This is also true in the realm of fashion and accessories, especially watches. And this is the reason eco-friendly watches are so popular among the youth of India.

It is a known fact that the industry of watchmaking is considered to be one of the major contributors to environmental pollution and degradation. Previously, the raw materials that were used like plastics, animal leather, and metals had a severe impact on the health of the environment and its beings.

Not only this, but even the manufacturing process also resulted in the production of waste and harmful emissions. Even when the life of the watch comes to an end and it is disposed of, it used to be gathered in landfills that will usually take more than a hundred years to decompose.

So, can you imagine the threat to the world and its belongings that watchmaking was imposing?

This made the responsible watch brands and entrepreneurs become conscious and return to the environment without snatching away its health. Watch brands like Sylvi in India, manufacture watches without taking a toll on the planet.

What are Eco-friendly Watches?

With global warming at its peak and carbon footprints everywhere it’s just a matter of time when the downfall is nearby. Like other fashion sectors, the watch industry is also plundering the environment, hence the watch brands are moving a step forward to manufacture eco-friendly watches that are not harmful to the environment.

Many watch brands have started manufacturing solar power watches, using batteries that are long-lasting, innovative sustainable technology, straps and cases that do not hurt the environment, and recycled plastics. Wooden watches that are made with recycled wood are an excellent choice as they are biodegradable when properly dissembled.

Sustainable silicone watches are also very popular as most of the smartwatches are made with silicone bands. Recycled materials like recycled stainless steel and recycled plastic, PVC-free vegan leather, and other materials that are conflict-free. Out of all of these vegan leather watches take the cake.

Sylvi – the Eco-friendly Watch Brand

Sylvi is a sustainable watch brand that uses eco-friendly materials to manufacture stylish watches for men and women. Longevity and durability are the key for Sylvi watches which is indeed a rare find in the realm of planned obsolescence. Sylvi is not only responsible for the environment but is also responsible to the society as well. We never use unfair practices to manufacture our products, never involve child labour, never practice an unfair payroll system, and always provide secure working conditions.

Not only this, Sylvi is also a proud contributor to the ‘Make in India’ campaign. We also regularly contribute to several CSR activities that help society to be a better place It also vehemently supports the deaf and dumb and stands with complete support towards Women’s Empowerment.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Watch

There are different types of watch options available in the market these days and you can select anyone as per your preferences and budgetary needs.

Mechanical Watches

Mechanical watch movement works with the movement of the wearer’s wrist. They are powered by your body heat and hence no battery is required, however, you need to wind them regularly for the display of accurate timing. They are extremely long-lasting and durable. However, mechanical watches are quite expensive and only the high-end watch brands manufacture them. So if budget is not your concern, then you should purchase a mechanical watch for yourself.

Solar-Powered Watches

Solar-powered watches are a great choice for people who love to wear eco-friendly watches and the ones that do not require much maintenance. These watches grab the energy from the sun to power and run accurately. These kinds of watches are also a sustainable option as they do not contribute to the environmental impact of making watches.

Quartz Watches

Brands like Sylvi use long-lasting batteries to run quartz watches that are extremely durable and long-lasting and do not use harmful materials to build the battery. If you use them regularly, the Sylvi watch battery would easily last between 2-3 years.

Vegan Leather Watches

Gone are those days when animal leather straps were used to manufacture watch brands that came in only two colors black and brown. Now with the responsible inclusion of vegan leather watches, it is available in bright and bold colors for both men and women. Sylvi is extremely renowned in India for its colored leather watches that look extremely stylish and modern.

Silicone Watches

Silicone watches are a rage these days not only among young people but also among middle-aged people. The best part is that you get plenty of options in silicone bands that come in vibrant and bold colors. They are extremely flexible yet strong and are not prone to breakage, durable and long-lasting, and most importantly breathable and very comfortable to wear during humid weather conditions. 

Silicone bands are not only available with smartwatches but also with other types of watches. Sylvi has a huge collection of silicone watches and women under different watch categories and price ranges. 

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Watches

Eco-friendly watches have a potful of benefits and you will be amazed to know about them. 

  • If any watches are meticulously crafted with sustainable materials then it has to be eco-friendly watches. The conscientious design of these categories of watches has reduced the footprints of the environment. They have also ensured accurate time displays aligned with innovative technology without putting a toll on the surroundings.

  • These watches are there to last and hence the most conscious choice to get yourself a watch. do not have this misconception that since they are made with eco-friendly materials, they won’t be long-lasting rather the truth is these watches are only made with premium raw materials to ensure durability. So you do not need frequent servicing and replacement.

  • Beyond conscious choices, these watches are also extremely fashionable and have diverse stylish options and ranges. So by choosing an eco-friendly timepiece from Sylvi, you are not only ahead in the style game but also proved to be a responsible citizen towards the environment.

  • Sylvi only involves ethical sourcing of materials and ensures fair craftsmanship. So by wearing a Sylvi watch, you are representing the ethical standards of the watch industry. 

So with Sylvi watches, you are not only stylish but also responsible towards the environment!!!

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