From Classic to Modern: A Guide to Different Men's Watch Styles - Sylvi

From Classic to Modern: A Guide to Different Men's Watch Styles - Sylvi

A man’s life is always a competitive marketplace and to choose the right watch for men is absolutely not an easy job. It doesn’t matter if you are purchasing your first watch or a brand new one, to get that ideal watch that would perfectly live up to your expectations is not an easy job. 

So let me help you out with different watch styles that will always remain in style. 

The wristwatch is one staple accessory in every man’s wardrobe. If a single accessory that has the capability to pull an entire outfit all together, it’s a men’s watch. It gives every man that ultimate finishing touch that has become absolutely necessary for a modern man. 

Before I highlight different watch styles, there are other attributes that need to be put light on. 

What are the features every man looks for in a watch?

It depends a lot on a man’s choices and the purpose of wearing a watch. Many prefer their watch to be clean and simple with minimalistic designs. They want too many features on their watch. For them, a simple analog watch maximum with a date display is the best choice. So this kind of man does not look for too many functionalities in their watch. 

On the other hand, there are men who prefer a multifunction watch but also not the complexities of a smartwatch. For them, either you can go for a digital watch or you can go for a combination of analog and digital displays. 

Sylvi has a huge collection of different categories of wristwatches that would suit the needs of every man.

There are also some group of men, who wants to literally control their daily activities through their phones. From checking email notifications to health monitor. For them, smartwatches are the best option. 

Ways to Wear a Watch

The only way to wear a watch is to wrap it around the wrist. Now the matter is a watch strap can be of leather, stainless steel, titanium, silicon, or nylon. Watches are considered to be the most versatile accessory a man can have. Therefore it can be worn with any outfit from formal to casual ones and can wear it in the office, attend a wedding, and also attend to casual outing with friends. Sylvi watches can be easily worn with any outfit and to any place from office to casual outings. 

Budget of the Watch

When you decide to buy watch online whether it is for the first time or just another one in your prized collection, you need to set the budget. Without setting up a budget, then at the time of purchase, you might end up on selecting one that is way beyond your budget. 

These days when you purchase online, there is always the filter option to select the price range and based on that watches are displayed. Hence you are one hundred percent sure, you are selecting a watch that is within your price budget. Moreover, if you do not exceed your budget you will always have the option to select timepieces more than one. 

Sylvi's website has a filter option to check watches based on price ranges that enables you to see products based on your price selection. And you will be amazed to see that for every price range, there is an amazing collection and it is not wrong when I say, there is a Sylvi watch for everyone out there. 

Watch Dial Size

It is important to select men’s wristwatches based on the size of the dial. If you have a broad wrist, then a large dial face would look great on them. If you have a medium-sized wrist, then a medium-sized dial would perfectly look good on your wrist. A rectangular dial or a square dial would also look good on a broad wrist. 

Exploring Different Watch Styles for Men

To elevate a man’s ensemble and create a lasting impression, it is important to know about different watch styles. I understand that if its your first watch purchase then it is so special. So proper knowledge is definitely required. 

Let us explore first with different types of watch straps then we shall discuss about its features. 

Classic Leather Watches

Sylvi has a huge collection of genuine vegan leather watches that are eco-friendly and very stylish. Most striking is that these leather watches are not only available in neutral colors but are also available in bold colors to give you an extremely stylish look altogether. You can get Sylvi leather watches under all the categories. 

Rugged Stainless Steel Watches

If you are someone who loves to sport a rugged look yet want to be sophisticated and stylish, then you should definitely go for Sylvi stainless steel watches. From chronograph or analog or analog-digital, you will get them in different categories and you can select any as per your preferences. 

Sporty Silicon Watches

The world is going crazy with silicone strap watches. And why not? They are so cool, sporty, and stylish, and are also available in a wide range of colors. All the smartwatches and sports watches are available in silicone straps. Sylvi has an exciting collection of silicone watches that make it really tough to choose from. 

Latest Nylon Watches

They are the latest wonders in the world of nylon watches for men. If you want a comfortable and breathable watch strap that you can wear all day long, then you should definitely go for Sylvi nylon watches. These NATO straps are durable, long-lasting, and available in a huge array of colors. 

Now that we have discussed about different watch straps, let us dig deep into different watch features. 

Vintage Analog Watches

Very few things never go old and never lose their charm. Vintage analog watches are definitely top on that list. Analog watches have a lasting impression on society and it makes you a man of words when you wear them in front of others. Sylvi has the most stunning and unique collection of analog watches that wouldn’t make you stop for only one. 

The most beautiful collection of watches that I have ever witnessed is the Imperial collection from Sylvi. I am sure you have never seen a watch whose dial is inspired by the curves of the mountains. There are five different combination of colors in this collection in beautiful colors and comes with a curved dial with only a date display. 

The latest launch from Sylvi is their Elegadoom collection that is inspired by the beauty and light of eclipse with a curved dial like concave lens. 

Sleek Digital Watches

Sleek digital watches online are a huge craze among young boys and girls along with men and women. It is an ideal watch for both men and women who prefers versatile and contemporary timepiece. In digital watches, instead of hands, the time is shown with LCD display of numbers in hours, minutes, and seconds. 

Sylvi has an impressive collection of digital watches named the Evoke collection. The Evoke collection has watches for both men and women. These watches are available in five cool colors with a luminous display, a date display, an LED light, a stopwatch, an alarm, and 5 ATM water resistance. 

Rugged Analog-Digital Watches

Analog-digital watches for men are for those all-rounder men who are always on the move. These watches give a sophisticated, stylish, and modern look with multifunction features. Sylvi has a huge collection of analog-digital watches. The notable collections to look for are Iconic, Hawk, Velocity, and Horizon. 

Sports Watches

Another entry in the world of multifunction watches is the sports watches. These watches are ideal for men who are health-conscious and sports-loving and don’t prefer the complexities and the charging process of smartwatches. 

The sports watch collection to look at from Sylvi are Frist, Pro Timer, and Rig One ‘O One. These watches have both analog and digital displays with an alarm, a stopwatch, a luminous display, a 12/24 hour display, and 3 ATM water resistance.

Chronograph Watches

When it comes to men’s watch styles, how come I miss about chronograph watches? Chronograph watches are wonders in the horology world. They have a crown, push, and a bezel along with 3 sub-dials representing hours, minutes, and seconds. 

The Timegrapher collection from Sylvi is a set of smart-looking chronograph watches that are perfect for office wear as well as casual wear. They have a 1/100th second chronograph, split time, a date display, and 3 ATM water resistance. 


  • What are the types of watches that I can wear during hikes or mountain treks?
  • During hikes or mountain treks, you can wear a chronograph watch, a digital watch, a sports watch, or a smartwatch. There are lots of options to choose from as per your needs and preferences. However, make sure whatever watch type you wear, it should be lightweight, comfortable, durable, flexible, tough to withstand extreme temperatures, water resistant, and made from breathable material. 

  • On what occasions can I wear a Chronograph watch?
  • Chronograph watches are one of the most versatile watches that can be worn on various occasions like in offices, business meetings, a wedding, casual outings while traveling, and even during hikes and adventure activities. Only make sure it is water-resistant. 

  • What are fashion watches?
  • Not all watches are considered to be fashion watches. It comprises those timepieces that would complement any outfit you wear and also look extremely stylish and trendy. Fashion watches always stand out from the crowd and give the impression that you have an eye for special accessories. 

    So free yourself from all the worries and get yourself a Sylvi watch to remain stylish forever!!!

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