7 Most Handsome Hollywood Actors and Their Style Tips

7 Most Handsome Hollywood Actors and Their Style Tips

Audiences are always keen and excited to know what occurs on Hollywood’s red carpet during all significant events. However, in most instances, your eyes get fixed on the handsome actors who come up with an elegant, perfectly cut, well-made suit. Even the gorgeous women who work with styles, materials, volumes, and colors turn fans crazy with their jaw-dropping outfits.

So what does having style signify in this modern world? These avant-garde thinkers raise the bar with their creativity, glitz, and celebration. Here you’ll get to explore a few style tips of the seven most handsome Hollywood actors, a few more adventurous than others, yet they're all exemplary for their excellent fashion sense, from their personal lives to their red carpet appearance. So, let's go through Hollywood's most handsome actors' style tips.

Chris Hemsworth’s Black Blazer Set

So, who wouldn’t wish to play it luxuriously as Chris Hemsworth? He wore an all-black blazer set with a formal white shirt, formal shoes, and that basic silver watch from the best watch brands for men. You can get this look, especially when you're planning to go out for a dinner date. However, apart from all-black, you may pick hues like dark violet or wine-red to appear more distinctive. You may further pick a plain but color-blocked shirt avoiding the tie.

Leonardo DiCaprio

One of the renowned and legendary actors, Leonardo DiCaprio, everyone’s heartthrob, gave an enthralling performance in The Wolf of Wall Street in the role of Jordan Belfort. He even presented several outfit styles in this movie, which portrayed the early 90s and 80s fashion sense. You’ll find him wearing high waist beige formal trousers with a slim belt and a white polo t-shirt, an ideal men's fashion clothing. Nevertheless, this outfit is perfect when you've planned to take your date out for lunch, play golf with her, or even surprise her with brunch on the cruise. You may like to read: Oscars Style: 10 Best-Dressed Celebrities in Hollywood

Zac Efron

Everyone knows the magic of bomber jackets and that it looks incredible on any occasion. If you've planned for a date with your partner, yet want to go very dressed, then the outfit worn by Zac Efron is ideal for you. Moreover, the jacket does wonders during the winters as well. Hence, carry a sassy bomber jacket, trousers or ideally jeans and a white shirt, and go all stunning as this handsome actor. This is ideal for men's outdoor clothing, while you may enhance your appearance with a pair of shoes and a bold pendant chain.

Chadwick Boseman

There’s no doubt that Chadwick Boseman is adept at styling a suit. You'll often find him on the red carpets to promote his films. Moreover, he makes tailoring fun wearing, favoring atypical cutes and bold color suits with daring silk jacquard jackets. You’ll rarely spot the sight of a tie! Chadwick is one eminent leading performer setting the red carpet clothing boundaries, so he justifies a position on the list. However, he’s even an expert at wearing gowns, as he carries sneakers, slim darker denim, and light jackets. Chadwick’s never over-dressed and always appears desirably cozy in every attire he puts on, which is something every man can aspire to.

Robert Downey JR.

You may not prefer wearing this style on your first date, yet when your partner is as bizarre as you and complements your dressing sense, you may surely put on this crazy blazer-pajama set along with men's casual shoes. Downey JR caught everyone’s attention through his extraordinary outfit, which you may carry on all occasions yet very official dinners. Hence, step ahead, and put on a blazer and striped pajamas, thereby matches it with complementing and comfy pair of men's smart casual shoes and pop-culture-influenced tee.

Tom Holland

The handsome leading hero from Spiderman holds the elegant frame that makes him appear spectacular in almost everything he wears. Tom Holland has a unique style, and the sophisticated manner he puts his suit with the skill to mix sets apart while dressing down or up. You can rock this look of black and red trousers and a plain black tee with an elegant wrist watch for men. You can also get men’s white casual shoes as the actor wears in this picture, thereby cherishing his handsome young look.

Rami Malek

Rami Malek is the Bond villain, Oscar-winner, and style quotient. He may have appeared in cool hoodies during Mr. Robot's breakout character, yet Rami's off-screen style is muchly polished. He integrates accurate tailoring with bold touches that won't appear unseasonable in any tour wardrobe. You may even consider a casual velvet jacket and eye-catching pattern shirts. There's some confidence present, but part of his capability to pull it off could be due to the reason that he balances whatever he dresses with essentials like black-fitted trousers. Moreover, you may regard the fact that he's none other than Rami Malek.


This concludes our list of the seven most handsome Hollywood actors and their style tips. During the 1930s and 20s, with the increase in Hollywood movies' popularity, the screen icons became style epitome of men’s clothing for the audience. The leading Paris fashion houses no longer dominated the most significant fashion mania. The hairstyles and clothes put on by dazzling Hollywood stars, both off and on-screen, captured the attention of all moviegoers and started innumerable fashion trends. Hence, dear men, which handsome Hollywood actor's outfit will you prefer to try out on your upcoming date? Try out these looks and achieve your day!

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