10 Best Stylish Hollywood Stars and Their Stylists

10 Best Stylish Hollywood Stars and Their Stylists
Every famous person has a great celebrity stylist who works tirelessly in the background to produce several of the most legendary and unforgettable red carpet and street style looks. These looks supersede trends and become the in-thing for decades to come. Stylists are more needed than ever; while some still work in the background for their clients, others are well-known figures in the field. Here are 10 Best Stylish Hollywood Stars and their stylists. Whether you need fashion inspiration or want to check out Hollywood royalty, get ready for the significant event.

1. Jennifer Aniston - Styled by Chris McMillan

Jennifer Aniston - Styled by Chris McMillan

Jennifer Aniston, a member of the Friends cast, has always possessed a timeless elegance. She is renowned for her elegant style since she consistently ranks at the top of the list of best-dressed celebrities. Jenny trusts no one but Chris McMillan for her style. One of the most popular hairstyles of the 1990s was inspired by Jennifer Aniston's portrayal of Rachel on the television series Friends, known as the Rachel. But Aniston's off-screen fashion has gotten as much acclaim for being approachable. The appeal of Aniston's appearance is that she exudes style without trying to do so.

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2. Michael Fassbender - Styled by William Gilchrist

Michael Fassbender - Styled by William Gilchrist

Being attractive help, but not all handsome men can wear a tux as well as Michael Fassbender. Since he first became one of the most Stylish Hollywood Stars and with more than forgettable styles, Fassbender has come a long way. All credit goes to his stylist William Gilchrist and his style sense. He transformed the entire look for Mr Fassbender with suit style. Fassbender’s flawless fusion of personality and style has allowed him to establish himself as one of Hollywood’s best-dressed men. Every man looks fantastic in a men's fashion clothing suit, but some seem tailor-made for them. One of those men is the Irish-German actor Michael Fassbender. 

3. Tom Hardy - Styled by Nicole Schneider

Tom Hardy - Styled by Nicole Schneider
Icons in Hollywood are not in short supply. No matter what character he plays, his presence on television produces a lasting impression that is difficult to forget. Tom Hardy always wears appropriate clothing, clearly defining the difference between formal and casual. Nicole Schneider, the reason behind Tom Hardy, the fashion icon of London. Although this handsome Hollywood actorTom Hardy will show up to a red carpet event in a three-piece suit with men's leather casual shoes, he shuns the idea of smart casual. Hardy often maintains his hair clean and has it slicked back to contrast his more rough facial hair when he has a long beard. Tom Hardy's street style demonstrates his mastery in defining casual wear and keeping it simple.

4. George Clooney - Styled by Jeanne Yang

George Clooney - Styled by Jeanne Yang
Here's the eldest one of the Stylish Hollywood Stars. Jeanne Yang is a well-known fashion stylist who has worked with various Hollywood stars and is a favorite of George Clooney. George Clooney, a famous philanthropist and actor, doesn't like to take many risks with fashion and only trusts Jeane Yang for this style. He is a man of class. His love for a black watch is immense. He loves to go with the class, whether it comes to industry events, parties, or anything. No wonder he is the sexiest man on the planet. Who can tell that he is already 50? This star shines with a timeless "look."

5. Leonardo DiCaprio - Styled by Evet Sanchez

Leonardo DiCaprio - Styled by Evet Sanchez
The "Dream Boy" of every girl in the 90s and still a dream boy for many. We have witnessed how exceptional Leonardo DiCaprio was at his early age. He is one of his era's most respected and prominent actors. But besides acting, Leo amazed his fans with his looks, style, and collection of best men’s shoes. His hairstyle is one of the most famous hairstyles of his era; if you are from the 90s, you can relate to it. Be it casual or formal, he loves to keep it simple and maintain his classy chocolate-boy look.

6. Jon Hamm - Styled by Diana Schmidtke

Jon Hamm - Styled by Diana Schmidtke
Jon is full of surprises, and he never fails to surprise us with his distinct personality in real life that mirrors his on-screen persona. The reason behind the tremendous sexy look of Jon Hamm is Diana Schmidtke. A journey from an actor to style icon of Jon Hamm would be easier without Diana Schmidtke. Jon Hamm doesn't dress like a mythical figure; he does so to the proper degree and wears woodcut-style shirts, leather coats, wool, high collars, and leather watch for men. He appears to have the same sense of style as well. Not everyone knows, but he is a great fan of good watches. You may like to read: 10 Best-Dressed Celebrities in Hollywood

7. Julia Roberts - Styled by Elizabeth Stewart

Julia Roberts - Styled By Elizabeth Stewart

Elizabeth Stewart is a good friend and stylist of Julia Roberts, and the fun fact is they even twin with each other in various events. The Pretty Woman actress maintains her elegant and sophisticated appearance, whether on a talk show or strolling down the red carpet. Julia Roberts is a public favorite thanks to her elegant appearance and endearing demeanour.

8. Sarah Jessica Parker - Styled by Patricia Field

Sarah Jessica Parker - Patricia Field
Patricia Field is why Sarah Jessica Parker's fashion has been a continual great inspiration, whether she's strutting through the streets of New York in a clumsy pair of clogs or appearing just on the big screen in a deliciously bizarre gown. She has imparted numerous sartorial lessons to us throughout the years, particularly in accessories. It's uncommon to see Parker stroll out in a plain handbag or pair of shoes; even her wear-anywhere clogs are stylish enough to liven up a pair of basic grey sweatpants.

9. Sandra Bullock - Styled by Elizabeth Stewart

Sandra Bullock - Styled by Elizabeth Stewart
Elizabeth Stewart, a walking brand of stylists. She is the reason behind many Stylish Hollywood Stars' incredible styles. With her gorgeous dresses, Sandra Bullock has been attracting attention. Her strong personality is reflected in the loud and striking hues of her clothing. Fans and the media were impressed by the stunning blue gown she wore to the Oscars in March 2014. She always stood out of the crowd and will remain the dream girl for every man out there. Her perfection in dressing style is beyond perfect.

10. Jennifer Lopez - Styled by Rob Zangardi

Jennifer Lopez - Styled by Rob Zangardi
Rob Zangardi is Jennifer Lopez's stylist. Maintaining the look of JLo, who wants everything perfect, is difficult. The Marry Me actress is known for her distinctive and sensual style, which constantly commands attention. The clothing of JLo is what every lady desires. We cannot help but wish we might loot her wardrobe, even for a brief moment, whether she goes out wearing an oversize sweatsuit or tight crop top. Throughout her career, Lopez has consistently worn the best attire.


Many Hollywood actors and actresses appear on the best-dressed list for their timeless style. All credit goes to their stylists, who play an immense role in creating their overall look. Most of these stars don’t bother to style much, but when they do, they rock the stage.

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