Japanese Quartz Movement: Quartz Watches Meaning & Details

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A quartz movement is a watch mechanism that uses an electronic oscillator powered by a quartz crystal. This crystal oscillates at a very high frequency, and the resulting signal is used to drive the clock's timing mechanism.

Quartz movements are very accurate and are used in many high-end watches. In this article, we'll discuss what makes Japanese quartz movements so popular, how they differ from other movements, and why they're worth considering over other options.

Difference Between Quartz and Automatic Movement Watch
buy analog watch, they often look for the Japanese quartz movement's meaning. The reason behind this is that Japanese quartz watches are the most accurate and durable. They are also much less expensive than Swiss quartz movements.

Quartz Movement vs. Mechanical Movement

Mechanical watches are hand-wound timepieces that feature a sophisticated mechanism made up of hundreds of small parts that are coordinated to work together to make the watch tick.

Many mechanical timepieces created in-house by Swiss watch companies may bring hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction. The main advantage of a mechanical watch is that it does not require a battery-power, and as long as the movement is well-maintained and well-manufactured, there is no reason to need replacement.

The discussion of the endurance of Quartz and Mechanical movements is somewhat narrow in scope. As you know, quartz movement is durable, although mechanical watches can also last forever.

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Quartz Movement vs. Automatic Movement

Japanese Quartz Movement Meaning Best Quartz Watches in India

Your watch can have different types of movements. The most common watch movements are quartz movement and automatic movement. One would surely ask what is the difference between a quartz and an automatic movement? Traditional mechanical movements were sensitive to small changes in temperature, but this is not the case with quartz technology.

The most comparable reason is that quartz watches are more accurate, durable and cost less than mechanical watches. Additionally, they are less susceptible to breakage when dropped or mishandled—moreover, technicians who understand how Japanese quartz movements work can repair them more easily.

Quartz movement watches have batteries as their powersource. A battery generates vibrations by passing an electric current through a quartz crystal. Quartz movement is precise and requires little maintenance.

Automatic movement watches are powered by energy created from the wearer's vibrations. It uses a pendulum to store this energy, which is then used to power the clock. The automatic movement is less precise than the quartz movement, but it is battery-free.

Why choose a men's watch with quartz movement?

There are many reasons to choose a men's watch with a quartz movement. The most significant advantage of this type of movement is its ability to keep time accurately over long periods without needing batteries or any other power source! Quartz movements are known for their accuracy, which is why they are often used in watches that require precision, such as watches used by athletes or business people. Japanese quartz movements are the most accurate and durable.

Additionally, quartz movements are generally less expensive than mechanical movements, so you can get a high-quality watch without spending much money.

It has a long history in Japan and has been used since the middle of the 20th century to make high-quality timepieces like pocket watches, desk clocks, and even wristwatches for men (that's why you see them everywhere!).


We hope you enjoyed learning about the Japanese quartz movement's meaning and how it works! This technology is one of the safest and most reliable ways of keeping time. It utilises an electronic oscillator with tiny quartz crystals that create vibrations at specific frequencies, which drive the motor that powers the watch. If you are looking for a watch that will keep accurate time and last for many years, a watch with a Japanese quartz movement is the way to go.

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