10 Watches That Prove Quartz Is Better Than You Think

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The advent of the Quartz watch is the biggest reason for the downfall of the traditional luxury watch business. The mass production of quartz watches indicates the future possibilities and the current popularity in the market. In this ever-changing world of watches, Quartz has taken the bigger aspect. In this article, we will talk about the fantastic quartz watches that define how Quartz is better than you think! So, let's look at the best options for Quartz watches and understand how it takes a superior aspect.

Top 10 options of watches you can invest on:

1. Sylvi Green Belt Black Big Dial Watch

The men's watches online have some cool features that keep you trendy and stylish. The round dial watch has an attached silicone band that gives a sporty look. The belt of the watch fits comfortably on your wrist. It has an analog-digital display with a robust look, making it a great option for casual events. It has dual dial support with 2 time zones with a round case. 

This multifunctional watch is completely water-resistant and scratch resistant & offers incredible efficiency. Attractive straps, easily accessible functions, long-time durability & lightweight features make this watch a number one option. It has seamless packaging with a 6-month warranty.

2. Sylvi Camogreen Analog and Digital Sports Watch

This mechanical watch is specially designed for men with many cool features. It has vast characteristics that keep this watch in the second position. The round Dial watch has an attached silicone camo green band that makes it look sporty. You can easily access the functionalities through one tap of buttons. The strap is attractive and made of polyurethane material.

3. Sylvi Carbon Black Analog Digital Sports Watch

This is a must-buy watch online that you should keep in your wardrobe. This is the perfect option if you love making a collection of watches. This timeless, elegant watch piece gives accurate fit and comfort to your wrist. It's a remarkable option to present someone on their special day. It has lightweight, durable, water & scratch resistant features with 1 year of warranty*. The detailing on the watch can bring anyone's attention. Everyone will look to the wrist when you wear it formally and even casually.

4. Sylvi Green Dial Cream Belt Sports Men's Watch

This quartz watch looks great on every hand. This true quartz diving watch has an innovative system and loaded functionalities, bringing this to the list of top 10 quartz watches. No one can take their eyes off you when you wear this on any occasion. 

It gives a sporty & comfortable, classy casual look to you. It has many buttons on the sides: a light button, start/stop button, Mode change, reset button & light on/off button. It is based on the Japanese Quartz movement with an impressive dial look. Make your every moment comfortable with Sylvi.

5. Sylvi Luxury Analog Digital Black Watch For Men

Are you looking for quartz watches to gift someone? Watch is the foremost option for gifting to workmates, friends, and close ones. This is one of the impressive & brilliant collections of Sylvi. It has a 35mm dial with quartz movement that gives a simple and classy look. The sturdy black dial has a backlight for night vision. This high-end watch is designed in Japan and has minimalist dials of hues. You can comfortably change the straps as per your need. The eye-catching color captures everyone's heart in an affordable range. 

6. Sylvi Royal Blue Dial Chronograph Analog Watch

The chronograph quartz branded watches are the greatest addition to your collection. This watch has 3 sub-dial, unique & durable wrist belts that make it comfortable to wear. It will be one of your favorite watches in the near future. It gives you the perfect manly look for events, business meetings, and special occasions. The intricate design on the watch reflects the dynamic fusion. The watch is distinctively designed for men like you. Grab the dashing look and display the accurate time.

7. Sylvi Brown Leather Belt Analog Digital Watch for Men

Are you looking for a luxury watch or something with a simple and minimalistic look? This stylish casual watch is suitable for your everyday casual look. It gives a unique style statement with anything you pair with. It has a stopwatch, digital dual dials supporting 2 different time zones, and is shock & water-resistant. The LED backlight function makes it a perfect option. Check out the positive reviews shared by the customers and get ensured.

8. Sylvi Gold Sports Analog Digital Wrist Watch for Men

Wear rugged watch with style and show your true personality to the world. With this analog-digital Quartz watch, you can get the best look ever! The black and golden dial set against the black silicone strap brings out the tough guy in you! If you want to get the tough & sturdy manly look, you can try this watch. It gives you an athletic look. The bold black dial contrasts with the strap. It has 3 hands that resemble the hours, minutes, and second, respectively.

9. Sylvi Lustrous Silver Dual Time Functional Premium Men's Watch

Watch is the most precious gift you can give to someone you love! This bold Sylvi timepiece with stunning details attracts everyone's eye. When you wear this watch, people around you can't take their eyes off it. Grab this beautiful watch and give a quick boost to its appearance. The dial is stunning and brings functional convenience. The luminous light and stopwatch functions bring this watch to the top 10. 

10. Sylvi Analog-Digital Sports Men's Watch

The watch has quartz movement with analog and digital displays. The tough & robust design of the watch resembles the sporty casual look. The stunning dial has 2 different time zones on the black dial. Wear this cool watch with any attire, and look awesome.


By concluding the above contents, we can say that Quartz watches are the perfect example to gift someone. These watches have ample features that give evidence it's worth a buying decision. All the above-discussed options give a perfect high-luxury look and appealing personality. If you have a limited budget, you can try any of the above-discussed watches right now. As discussed above that are known for eye-popping, durable, accurate, and cheaper watch options!

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