Trending Clothing-Watch Ideas to Wear This Festive Season

Trending Clothing-Watch Ideas to Wear This Festive Season

Although at first glance Indian clothing is seen exclusively as religious or ritual clothing, it is also related to the concepts of ethnic identity and the creation of difference. In the course of identifying a garment as Indian, the cuts and combinations of certain Indian garments are the basic principles by which the garment is identified as Indian. For example, a tunic top is considered Indian if it covers at least the hips of the wearer or reaches to the knees or ankles. Your Indian character is enhanced by combining it with long trousers and a shawl. Long, loose trousers (called "shalwar" in India) and draped garments such as dhotis are perceived as typically Indian. Certain collars and necklines such as the Nehru collar (stand-up collar) or the round split neckline are other important elements in the design of Indian-style clothing.

Apart from these specific types, there are also other types of clothing that require specific combinations of designs, cuts and contexts to develop or emphasise their Indian character.

Moreover, men wear Indian clothes only when they have a specific office or task in a ritual. On other occasions, they usually appear in normal clothing worn on other formal occasions, such as belted trousers and 'jerseys' (sports shirts) or button-down shirts.

To call Indian clothing simply religious clothing is to draw an artificial line between the secular and the sacred. Hindu rituals take place in temples, and some ceremonies are held in the homes of the organisers and hosts. Hindus wear Indian clothes when they perform a puja (at home or in a temple) or when they attend a puja as guests (at someone else's home or temple). Indian clothes are worn when addressing and worshipping deities, when exchanging material things in relation to them and when asking for their blessings.

Indian clothing can therefore be called puja clothing. Puja clothing is meant to maintain and restore "transcendence" by referring to and addressing ancestors, family and tradition. The different types of Indian clothing used for puja vary according to context and are also chosen according to context.

Indian dress norms are constantly being renegotiated and the influence of Hindi films is particularly important. Indians have constantly adapted and changed their dressing according to fashion, economic convenience and personal taste, but also according to the political context and hegemony.

Traditional men's clothing consists of Achkan/Sherwani, Bandhgala, Lungi, Kurta, Angarkha, Jama, Shalwar Kameez and Dhoti or Kurta Pajama. Recently, Western garments such as trousers and shirts have also been recognised by the Indian government as traditional Indian clothing.

Nehru Jacket

Nehru's famous men's jacket, also known as the 'Bandh Gale ka Coat', has been an important part of traditional men's clothing. With its straight cut, mandarin collar and buttoned tailoring, the jacket is reminiscent of the Achkan, Bandhgala and Sherwani styles. Thanks to its elegant Indian essence, this timeless outerwear remains one of the most sought-after traditional men's garments.

With its elegant cut, mandarin collar and buttoned front, it exudes sophistication and style. No wonder it is a favourite of all men who want to look good and stylish.

The classic Nehru jacket is stylish and comfortable, suitable for all ages. Boys, teenagers, men and even the elderly can wear the traditional Nehru jacket in their own way on different occasions.

You can complete your outfit with a shiny silver color watch. The best wristwatches are simple, versatile, sophisticated and classic, and you need to know how to match a watch to your outfit. The style of the watch you choose must be in line with the formality of your outfit.

Kurta Pajama

The combination of a men's pyjama kurta with a jacket also offers maximum comfort without compromising on style. Added to this are the sumptuous cotton and silk blend fabrics and the finely structured materials of the jacket. When purchasing pyjama kurtas for daytime wear, it is advisable to opt for lighter colours and shades. Shades such as light yellow, pale pink, sea green and beige are the most suitable options.

Even if you love your favourite pyjama kurta set, your choice of jacket can make all the difference. We're talking about the instant touch of exquisiteness that an achkan jacket can add to any traditional look. If you are hosting a puja in your home, you need to feel comfortable and look your best. With a kurta jacket ensemble, you can get through a day of meet and greets without worrying about looking shabby. So keep fashion and comfort in mind and opt for a pastel blue kurta jacket ensemble. Complement the luxurious jacquard jacket with pale gold paisley detailing with a printed beige jutis and a luxury analog watch. A wristwatch is an essential accessory that marks the way its wearer experiences and perceives time. Watches are also a fashion statement, a symbol of wealth or a reminder of the day's upcoming appointments.


When it comes to choosing Indian and Western royal grooms dresses, nothing beats the charm and grace of a Bandhgala suit. This traditional garment for men has a long length and a close fitting jacket that reaches to the knees. This beautiful outfit can be embellished with embroidery or intricate jewellery, giving it a glamorous look.

Achkan Suits

The achkan has many similarities to the sherwani, but is easily distinguished by a button placket on the front and a wide spread downwards. This jacket, usually knee-length, is often combined with patialas or pyjamas and is usually worn by grooms and at family occasions.


The sherwani is the epitome of party and wedding wear, as it is very popular as a formal dress. The sherwani lends class to a man, especially if it is made of fine fabrics and embellished with embroidery.

Men's sherwani are prized for their regal appeal. The charm and magnetic energy of a man who elegantly wears this garment is unmistakable.

Choosing the right footwear to go with the pyjama kurta is extremely important as it completes and enhances the look. Shoes such as loafers, jutis, chappal kolhapuri or traditional sandals can be considered.

Complement these outfits with a very important accessory, to be worn on any occasion: we are talking about a high-quality luxury watch with an analog display. Analog time displays are almost ubiquitous in watches sold as jewellery or collector's items, and in these watches the range of different styles of hands, numbers and other aspects of the analog dial is very wide. When wearing a luxury watch, it should not be worn loose. For the watch to fit properly, steel strap watch or leather strap must be in front of or just above the wrist bone. The lugs of the watch must not extend beyond the edges of the wrist.

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