10 Different Types of Watch for Occasions - Watch Style Guide

10 Different Types of Watch for Occasions - Watch Style Guide

Why you should wear a watch?

One should probably ask why wear a watch when we have mobile phones. Well, you’ll get your answer in this article. Also, you’ll find different types of watch in this watch wearing guide.

You’ll get watch wearing ideas for all types of places and occasions including office meeting, date or family gathering, sports activity, exams, and many more things. There are some places and occasions where wearing a watch beats checking a phone, as mentioned below.

In this article, I have included the best watches for different places:

  1. Office / Meeting
  2. Date / Family Gatherings
  3. Crowded Places
  4. While Driving
  5. At Cinemas / Plays
  6. In Temples / Religious Worship Places
  7. During Trekking / Hiking
  8. During Sports Activities
  9. During Exams
  10. As Jewellery Ornament

Formal Digital Multitasking Watch for Office / Meeting

Best Casual Watch for Office Meeting Sylvi Casual Watch Collection

It's very simple and straight, first and foremost, no boss or owner wants to see you looking at your phone every single time and ignoring PowerPoint presentations / meetings / during discussion of important topics.

In some meetings or companies, mobile phones are strictly prohibited.

Now what? It's simple to wear some classic, classy, and a little bit elegant formal dashing watch and show your potential, dedication, and sincereness to your company/boss with a warm smile.

You can also wear some digital multi-tasking watches to do your routine regular office work too.

Wearing one classy watch is an easy way to build up your personality and body language and it also reflects your dashing dressing sense, skills, and complete professionalism.

Have some professional look with a good choice of simple digital watch. Here is a guide about best professional watches.

Digital Watch for Crowded Places

In-country like India, there are not enough trains that can fulfill all necessary requirements of people due to large populations. So trains are running full of people and very much crowded.

In that condition, you can't use your phone to check if you are going to be late to work. In such a hurry and rush hour, it's very time-consuming and risky to check the time on your phone.

So you have to be practical and the simple way is to wear the best casual watch to check your time immediately and to run and complete your work and task on time. So at any crowded place, wearing a watch is useful and comfortable to do your work easily.

Beautiful Watch for Date or Family Gatherings

Sylvi Casual Watch for Family Gatherings Watch Style Guide

When you are on a date or at some family gathering or in any function, it looks so awkward to stare at your phone every time. Pulling out your phone constantly on a date doesn't give the impression that you're on the point of making a love connection.

So on your first date, you must have to look kind of genuine, sophisticated, and gentlemanly to impress your loved one.

So what's the solution?

Simply choose some stylish, classy, and casual type perfect watch for couple. Gift a beautiful couple watch to your partner and make your date more special and unique.

If you are looking for a watch for the festive season, you may like to read this article: How to Choose the Right Men's Watch for Upcoming Occasions.

Stylish Watch for Movie Time

All we know is that before every movie, theaters run an entire public service announcement telling sponsors not to be annoying with their cell phones and ruin the movie for those around them.

And we also shouldn't use mobiles with loud ringtones and flashlights. It's very disturbing and irritating to others. So we always should wear a watch to check movie time and for other purposes. Simply you can wear a stylish dark watch.

Formal Watch for Temple or Religious Worship Places

No matter where you worship. Nobody likes to see someone continuously staring at a brightly glowing cell phone screen in places like temples, mosques, or churches during prayers. Using a phone in that kind of religious place looks so informal and disrespectful. So instead of using phones, one can wear one fine beautiful wristwatch to check the time of prayers and other spiritual programs.

So it's a great idea to wear watches during prayer hours. Get some fine dashing watch that suits your kind and spiritual soul.

Digital Smartwatch while Driving

Sylvi Watch to Wear While Driving Best Mens Watch

First of all, we all should strictly follow all traffic rules and regulations as a responsible civilian. We should not use phones or make calls or surf the net while we are driving a vehicle. It's very dangerous and using a phone while driving a vehicle is strictly prohibited too.

In this case, simply you can check the time by wearing a fine wristwatch. Well, it is also advisable to wear a multi-functional digital watch which helps to measure distance, speed, and all other parameters while you are driving a car.

Cops never and won't pull you over for glancing and staring at your wrist. You are safe and this way you can make your driving much safer by wearing a suitable watch.

Robust & Waterproof Watch for Sports Activities

We can't use phones during some rugged activities and when we are participating in sports activities like water rafting, riding horses, running, biking, surfing, sky diving, golf, skeet, riding a motorcycle, etc. In short in any rugged activities you need kind of rough and waterproof digital watch, which is perfectly suited on your wrist and provide comfort during those sporty activities.

During the workout, it looks so informal and atypical to continuous staring and checks your phone while others are working out hard. In such conditions, you must have a smartwatch or any sports watch to check the time of your workout, rest time, set time, and other measurements. With a powerful waterproof smartwatch, you can also measure all your workout activities, cardio distance, running time, rest time, your heartbeat, and also you can measure how many calories you had burnt.

Same during swimming you can wear a perfect water-resistant and waterproof watch to make your activities more accurate and complete. In short, you can't use your phone everywhere during rugged activities so watches are necessary and essential part of our daily routine life too.

Casual Watch for Exams

As we all know that mobiles are not allowed in any examination hall. And during exams, we always need to check the time to complete our questions paper in time. There is a time limit, so you have to complete your examination within that time limit. You must have to wear watches during the examination to finish your question paper in time. You can wear casual watch during exam.

Sporty Slim Digital Watch for Trekking / Hiking

Waterproof Watch for Trekking Sylvi Sport Waterproof Watch

So when you are trekking, exploring mountains, or roaming in the jungle. There are no mobile phone networks and you can't charge your mobile phones during long trekking routes.

In certain conditions, you must need one fine powerful, and multi-tasking watch to check the time, measure distance, walking steps, your sleep, and health-related parameters. Purchase a smart and powerful water-resistant watch, wear it on your wrist and enjoy your holidays in the mountains / jungle.

Isn't it that simple? It gives you perfect trekker and sporty looks too. Wear a sporty slim watch.

Wear Watch as Jewelry

Is the watch considered jewelry?

Yes, why not, you can use the watch as jewelry too. One fine, perfectly designed and beautiful watch can play a role as jewelry too. Like gold or platinum plated watches. It looks so beautiful, amazing, and rich on your wrist. You can also were such beautiful watches during parties, marriage functions, or any important events of your life. Go grab one branded watches for men.


1) Can I wear a watch during swimming?
Ans: Yes, you can wear a watch during swimming, diving and also when you are taking shower. But you must have one rough and tough water-resistant and waterproof watch. Not all watches are water-resistant. So you must purchase the water-resistant watch.

2) Which type of watch is best in the gym and during workouts?
Ans: I recommend to wear a digital smartwatch during workout. Digital smartwatch is specially made for fitness purposes. You can find the best smartwatch for gym, sports events and for any kind of sporting activities online.

3) What type of watch I have to wear during office time and meetings?
Ans: You can wear a fine casual genuine leather strap watch in office. You can also wear smart watch on your wrist to get professional look and impression. But you should avoid sports watches or very expensive watches during office time.

4) During traveling, is it right choice to wear expensive watch?
Ans: Nope, never wear expensive watches when you are traveling, it might be stole or misplace, why you want to take risk, just wear casual watch.

5) Can I use only one watch for all occasions? What kind of watch I have to purchase for all events?
Ans: Buy one causal beautiful simple watch with medium dial and genuine leather strap and bingo you can wear it at all occasions.

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