Explore Men's Nylon Strap Watch Collection by Sylvi

Explore Men's Nylon Strap Watch Collection by Sylvi

Does life treat you the same every day?

Definitely not. Then a single watch is not enough to wear every day and for every occasion. It is nothing wrong to wear different types of wristwatches for different events and places. For an active lifestyle, a nylon wristwatch is something that can keep up the pace. If you are a busy man, the least hindrance you would ever expect is from an uncomfortable watch. Your watch should be your perfect companion without any distractions at all. 

NATO or nylon watch straps are the latest entry in the horology world that has overwhelming response from the users. They are loved by majority of the watch lovers across the globe. They are extremely fashionable, very light on your wrist, dependable, and do not cause any irritation to your skin. Sylvi nylon strap watches have been bestsellers in India ever since they were launched. 

The History Behind the Use of Nylon Straps

It’s not that just one fine morning nylon strap came into existence and got a warm response from watch lovers across the globe. These watch straps have a lot of history connected to them. During the 70s it was first introduced by the British defense army. Though during World War II, there were instances of using nylon straps, still it got its first public appearance in 1970. These nylon straps being both tough and comfortable, that would easily be adjusted and secured perfectly to the wrist, received a huge surge in popularity from the moment it was launched. 

A nylon strap watch means to support the most tenacious endeavors that offer great resistance against the rough lifestyle of military life. Eventually, over time, these nylon straps were not only limited to military people and became an icon in the watch industry internationally. Since it is a plastic material that is made into fabric form. Nylon is strong, tough, and durable with a strong resistance to abrasion and tear, which is a definite reason for watchmakers to use it as a strap. 

What is the Specialty of Nylon Watches? 

It’s not with some magical touch that nylon strap watches have become so popular in a world of leather and stainless steel straps. If you are someone who prefers to wear a watch that is lightweight and has breathable straps when you wear it, then a nylon watch should be your ultimate choice. 

A nylon watch for men has changed the mentality of men’s watches coming in only black and brown as you can find huge color options with nylon straps. Who said that men should not adorn colors with wristwatches? Men these days are not at all afraid to carry bold color watches. The specialty of nylon straps is that they can be easily dyed in a plethora of colors possible. Also cleaning these straps is not a burden and hassle at all. 

If comfort is your prime concern of wearing a wristwatch, then definitely you should try the nylon watches collection from Sylvi. I can guarantee you will never regret purchasing it. The USP of nylon watch bands is that since they are made from durable and flexible woven materials, they can be given any shape and style to make different types of stylish watches. The hook and loop features used in nylon straps are designed in such a way that they can withstand extremely challenging conditions as well. 

The process to manufacture nylon straps that are used by Sylvi goes through complex processes to make them flexible, strong, and durable. Similar to the ankle strap used in the surfboard that takes a lot of time to get loose, nylon strap watches also take a lot of time to wear and tear. I am never saying that they would never get damaged but the timeline is quite long which makes it a worthwhile investment. 

Let’s make the World Colourful with Sylvi Nylon Watches

If you prefer to lead a colorful life then Sylvi nylon watches should definitely be on your wishlist. A fabric strap watch is very much in fashion these days and men of all ages love to wear them on different occasions. These watches are a perfect option to gift your special person for their special occasion. You can also gift Sylvi nylon watches for weddings. 

You will get a huge collection of analog-Digital watches and chronograph watches with nylon straps from Sylvi. The most striking part of these wristwatches is that they are available in different vibrant colors. You can choose any one of them as per your taste and budget. The nylon straps used by Sylvi are of the best quality NATO straps, lightweight, breathable, water resistant, quick dry, and very easy to clean synthetic fabric that can be used for all occasions. 

Innovation and quality are the prime concern of Sylvi nylon watches that would turn heads all around you. If you prefer to buy chronograph nylon watches then you should definitely scroll the ‘Iconic’ collection. These are available in green, blue, grey, white, black, and a combination of red, green, and black. They have 3 sub-dials representing a date, a stopwatch, and an alarm. it has both analog and digital displays and 3 ATM water resistance. 

If you are looking for a clean and simple look to use at offices and formal occasions, then you should definitely purchase from the ‘Hawk’ collection of Sylvi. The dial has clean and luminous display with a date week calendar, analog-digital displays, a stopwatch, an alarm, and 3 ATM water resistance. They are available in grey, black, and a combination of silver and black. 

If you prefer funky looks, then you should definitely look for the ‘Velocity’ collection from Sylvi. They have similar features to the ‘Iconic’ and ‘Hawk’ collections, however, the looks are very unique and funky. They are mostly preferred by the young generation who prefers to lead an adventurous life. As of now, it is available in grey color with many new vibrant colors to be launched soon before this festive season. Furthermore, you may like to read: Top 2 White Men's Watches.

Reasons to Buy Nylon Watches Online

Buying wristwatches for men from an online portal is quite common these days however, it is very important to buy it from a trustworthy brand like Sylvi. Still there are other vital reasons why you should purchase nylon strap watches from Sylvi.

  • Sylvi is a trustworthy brand with more than 700,000 customers who have always recommended Sylvi to their friends and loved ones. 
  • The price at which you get Sylvi nylon watches are ones you will never get with any other brand. 
  • Do not get mistaken by the affordable price of these watches. Quality is never compromised and is of utmost importance. 
  • The quality of nylon straps used by Sylvi is simply the best in the market. They are meant to be used during adventure activities, extreme weather conditions, and even on a regular basis. They are long-lasting and don’t get damaged easily. 
  • Colors that you can never imagine for a men’s watch. Gone are those days when men’s watches would only be limited to blacks and browns. You get a huge option of colors at Sylvi to choose from. 
  • If you are someone who selects a wristwatch watch based on its style and looks along with its performance, then Sylvi nylon watches are surely for you. 
  • The remarkable features and accurate performance you get from a Sylvi watch are unmatchable and you would never get it from any other brand. 

It’s time to explore unique styles with Nylon Strap Watches from Sylvi and give tough competition to others!!!


  • Are nylon strap watches comfortable?
  • Absolutely yes, nylon strap watches are very comfortable and this is the reason they were initially chosen by the military. It can be used during tough situations and has strong resistance to abrasion and tear. 

  • Can I clean Sylvi nylon strap watches?
  • Sylvi nylon strap watches can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth or a wet tissue. They are water resistant and also quick dry. They don’t need daily maintenance and can be cleaned easily on a weekly basis if regularly used. 

  • How long do Sylvi nylon watches last?
  • Sylvi nylon watches are meant to last a long time if taken care of properly. It should last for a minimum of 3-4 years or even more with proper usage. They come with one year of warranty. 

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