Explore a Collection of Leather Watches Online - SYLVI

Explore a Collection of Leather Watches Online - SYLVI

In business, a Man is known by the watch he wears.

Yes, you heard it right. A men’s wristwatch is not just a mere tool to check time. It is way more than that. And if it’s a leather watch, mark my words, it is more of a status symbol to the owner. A classic leather watch reflects a man’s style, persona, and confidence. Leather is the staple element to craft the most important aspects of men’s wardrobe. It is used extensively to make belts, shoes, and definitely top-quality wristwatches. 

So if you are looking forward to classic leather wristwatches for purchase, think of nowhere other than Sylvi leather watches for men. The impeccable designs, unmatched styles, and colors to die for are the basic elements you will find in Sylvi leather watches. But there is so much more to leather watches that you need to know in detail. You may like to read: Affordable Analog Digital Watches.

What makes Leather Watches a Timeless Style?

In this digitalized age, where everyone owns a smartphone and smartwatch, leather watches have never lost the crown and are still ‘en vogue’. Leather watches have literally stood the test of time since time immemorial. It is true that fashion trends fade over time but true style sense is there to make its mark forever. All the major brands all over the world have never stopped manufacturing leather watches and they have always been bestsellers among all age groups. 

In a leather strap watch, the watch face should not be loud, flashy, and bulky rather it should be simple and sophisticated just like the old barrel cask of single malt bourbon. Leather strap watches are in a true sense the outcome of rugged craftsmanship combined with the age-old decadence of exquisite watch faces. Sylvi leather watches are the perfect balance between impeccable style and powerful performance that makes it one of the most sought-after watch brands in India. 

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Benefits of Leather Watches

You would be making a huge mistake if you will consider leather strap watches as an old-age fashion. Always remember, a diamond never loses its shine. The same goes with leather watches, they have never lost their glory and have always flaunted ultimate class and true beauty. 

  • Leather Watches are Versatile: Leather watches are extremely versatile and go perfectly well with both formal and casual looks. Leather watches are outstanding in business meetings wearing formal shirts and pants as well as during vacations wearing casual shirts and jeans. You can also wear your leather watch with shorts as well. Sylvi Watches has the best collection of leather watches with striking colors that would give the ultimate debonair look. If you want to purchase elegant leather strap watches online, Sylvi watches should be your ultimate choice for any occasion. 
  • Leather Watches are of the best Quality: Nothing could beat the charm of a good quality leather watch. A good quality leather watch is always preferred because they are durable and retains its shine for a considerable amount of time. The opulent shine of Sylvi leather watches speaks for itself as they are made with genuine top-quality leather available in India. Always know that leather straps are very strong yet flexible making it the prime reason to last a long time. 
  • Leather Watches are Comfortable: Nothing beats the comfort of leather watches with any other straps. The best part of leather straps is that it is smooth and fits around the wrist in the most comfortable and caring way. The grandeur of the leather watch is simply unbeatable. The best combination of leather straps is with stainless steel dial that looks very graceful and magnifies your style statement like never before. Leather watches from Sylvi are the true symbol of comfort and style. With Sylvi leather watches you won’t get any cuts or rashes. 
  • Leather Watches are Classy: A luxury watch with a gleaming leather strap is never out of style and fashion. Wearing a classic leather watch would not only let others know that you value time but also that you are a true bearer of class and sophistication. Leather watches keep you humble and yet confident at the same time no matter whatever occasion or event you are in. Sylvi leather watches are the ultimate symbol of class and beauty. If you prefer a formal look you can go with basic colors like black or brown, and if you prefer a casual and vibrant look, you can go for bold colors like blue, grey, and light brown. 
  • Affordable price range of Leather Watches: It’s a myth that people have about leather watches being extremely expensive. You always don’t have to buy luxury leather watches by splurging huge amounts of money. Luxury leather watches are all about the feeling of luxury and comfort and good brands like Sylvi also have classic leather wristwatches for purchase at an affordable price. You will be completely enchanted with the look of Sylvi leather watches at the first glance itself. 

Sylvi – the Ultimate Leather Watch for Men

Sylvi has the most elegant leather strap watches online that you can find in a flurry of colors at an attractive price range. Whenever you are purchasing Sylvi leather strap watches, your money is invested in the right place. The huge collection of leather watches has the most charismatic look, the brightest color, the perfect stitching, and excellent features. All the leather straps are made from genuine leather that is sourced from the best vendors in India. Sylvi watches are made exclusively in India by the finest and most experienced craftsmen in India. 

So here goes my top 5 favorite leather watches from Sylvi. You can choose any one of them or also can have a look at their huge collection from their website www.sylvi.in

  • Sylvi Imperial Blue
  • Just as the name suggests, the Imperial watches are the true symbol of class and sophistication. The Imperial collection of watches has the most unique look with dials that have the curves of the mountains. This particular combination of blue leather strap and stainless steel case with a blue dial in mountain curves is my favorite. It has an analog display with a date feature and water resistance of 3 ATMs. If you prefer bold colors, go for this, you will never regret it. 


  • Sylvi Timegrapher Blue Blk Leather
  • This chronograph leather watch has the most unusual combination of colors that you can ever imagine of. It comes with a blue leather strap with blue stitching. It has a stainless steel silver case. The dial has the most unique combination with a shining blue outer rim, then with black, silver index and reading, and finally the inside dial in deep indigo. It works with 1/100th second chronograph, a stopwatch, 3 sub-dials representing hour, minute, and seconds, a date display, and water resistance of 3 ATMs. 


  • Sylvi Velocity Coffee
  • This analog-digital watch has the most rugged and cool looks. It has coffee color leather strap, stainless steel silver case, and black dial with silver index. The design of the dial is unique and unusual. It has a date week calendar, hour, minute, and second display, a tachymeter, a stopwatch, a countdown timer, LED light, an alarm, a 12/24 hour format, and 3 ATM water resistant. 


  • Sylvi Horizon Black
  • If you want a leather watch that has a dial with a flurry of colors, then this should be your absolute choice. It has a black leather strap, a black case, and a black multifunction dial. The readings inside the dial are in different colors silver, red, white, deep green, and fluorescent green. It has an analog-digital display with a stopwatch, an alarm, a date calendar display, luminous light, a 12/24 hour display, and 3 ATMs water resistant. 


  • Sylvi Iconic Brown
  • If you want a leather watch that has tough looks then you can definitely go for this timepiece. This analog-digital watch comes in a classic brown leather strap and a black multifunctional dial. It has a date display, an alarm, a stopwatch, a luminous display, a 12/24 hour time format, and water resistance of 3 ATMs. 


    So it’s high time to embrace the timeless beauty of classic Leather Watches for Men from Sylvi and be the shining King who has never lost its glory and power!!!

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