Evolution of Race Master Watches: Best Sports Watches for Men

Evolution of Race Master Watches: Best Sports Watches for Men

It's time to Feel the Adrenaline!!!

When was the last time you felt on Cloud 9? If you are a racing enthusiast like me, then nothing in this world can make you happier than embarking on a cruise ride with your favourite car and a Race Master sporty style race watch. 

And that’s where Sylvi Race Master watches for men comes into the picture. The design is the outcome of classic racing-inspired watches with remarkable features that would actually spin your head. These watches are the perfect example of bringing back your memories and evoking nostalgia. 

Let the Race Begin

If you are someone who has a knack for speed and loves the smell of petrol, then you are absolutely at the right place buddy. There is something magical about an 8-cylinder engine revving, the screech of burning tires, and the smell of gasoline. Now you might be thinking what does this have to do with Race Master watches? Sylvi creates the revolutionary Race Master watches with analog and digital displays that give you the feeling of that ultimate race driver behind the wheels. 

There is a deeper connection with precision watchmaking that meets the power of historic motorsports races. Doesn’t matter whether you are an everlasting fanatic about cars or your pulse races high during those adrenaline pumping car races, Sylvi’s Race Master watches are exactly that one great investment that’s worthy of your watch collections. 

Luxury watches for men and high-performance racing cars have always intertwined with each other. This heartful cross section between car racing enthusiasts and watch aficionados has always existed with full glory in the world of horology. So it is absolutely sensible to own a racing watch that actually has the automobile design language built into its aesthetic DNA. In fact, all the high-end luxury watch brands across the globe have the most popular sub-genre ‘Racing Watches’ in the huge universe of sports watches. 

What is Racing Watches?

Racing watches and motorsports have perfectly coexisted together for more than six decades. There are so many different types of racing watches that are available in the market these days at different price ranges. From high-end luxury to affordable luxury ones, there is one for you as per your budget. But before you buy racing watches, it is very important to know in detail about them. 

Racing watches are a sub-category of sports watches that have multiple functions to meet all your needs during high-speed activities. These exclusive watches are definitely not for the faint-hearted. They are mainly waterproof or water-resistant watches. They have different functions like stopwatches, alarms, split timings, dual time zones, luminous displays, and date displays. 

Some racing watches have chronograph displays with sub-dials for separate timing for hours, minutes, and seconds. Along with this some high-end ones also have a tachymeter scale that allows the user to keep track of the distance travelled or the speed achieved. 

Motorsports and Racing Watches

There is an inevitable connection between motorsports and racing watches that no one can deny. The prime reason for both of them to be inseparable from each other is the urge for highly accurate timekeeping during the racing tracks. If you are looking for Indian racing watches then you should definitely not miss the Race Master collection of sports watches from the house of Sylvi. 

Sylvi continues to keep its commitment to the racing world because of its reliable precision racing watches. It helps to record lap times and other important data during the race. Watch connoisseurs in India who love to collect racing watches in their possession have considered Sylvi Race Master watches a worthy buy. 

Evolution of watches have attained unimaginable heights these days and watch brands are not afraid to take bold steps to present a vast array of racing watches. Even the watch straps are also available in different types these days from leather, and stainless steel, to silicone bands. 

Sylvi Race Master – Time to Reach the Finish Line

Hello! My Friend,

Now that you know all about racing watches, let me introduce you in detail with the best race master watches India – Sylvi Race Master watches. You might wonder out of so many high-end luxury brands why am I representing an affordable luxury brand? Because something affordable doesn’t mean it is of bad quality. These Race Master watches are for those brave souls who have fuel in their blood. 

Sylvi Race Master watches are inspired by the classic Le Mans Race that give you the nostalgia of vintage racing watches with a modern twist. It's undoubtedly a fact that we always seek quality products that not only work great but also make us feel good about our purchase.  With Sylvi watches you are never on the wrong track to regret. That’s the ‘Sylvi Promise’ for all its users. 

Now what is the speciality of these Race Master sports watches that has outshined the performance of other brands? 

Definitely, their impeccable looks and outstanding performances make these watches Indian watch collectors racing timepieces. All the watches are carefully handcrafted and designed to the precision that gives a top-notch quality that is simply unbeatable. 


  • Analog and Digital displays with luminous indexes that are easy to understand in every situation.
  • Silicone bands that are flexible, strong, and durable and are not prone to breakage. 
  • Stopwatch to record laps of time with split seconds. 
  • An alarm to keep you updated and never miss on important opportunities. 
  • A date and calendar display so that you are ahead and never lag behind. 
  • Works with the Japanese Quartz Mechanism that always displays accurate timing and a powerful battery that will last a minimum of 2-3 years. 
  • 12/24 hour time display to show split timings. 
  • 3 ATM water resistance to be with you in every situation. 

These Race Master watches from Sylvi are available in 2 exclusive colours – complete carbon black and a combination of grey and black. They are available at a discounted price of 849 INR. 

  • Sylvi Race Master Carbon Black

  • Sylvi Race Master Grey

    Why You Should Have Sylvi Race Master Watches?

    There are so many different categories of watches available in the market these days but still, I am highlighting the reasons why you should own a Race Master Watch from Sylvi. 

    • Precise connection with motorsports history. By wearing this watch, people around you would know that you are a historic racing fan and have impeccable unique tastes to stand out from the crowd. 
    • With outstanding features, these Race Master watches are nothing but a tribute to those classic racing cars prevailing from the mid-century. Now everyone cannot understand the high charm of mid-century era beauty. 
    • By wearing this Race Master watch is the best way to express your allegiance to your favourite racing cars and the concept and beauty of motorsports. 
    • And last but not least, these Race Master watches from Sylvi are nothing short of an engineering masterpiece that glorifies your wrist. Just like the magnificent racing cars, these stunning timepieces are the best to be on your wrist the entire day. 


  • Are Sylvi Race Master watches waterproof?
  • No Sylvi Race Master watches are not waterproof but water resistant with 3 ATMs. This means that these watches can be easily used during light rainfall and while taking showers. But it is strictly advised not to use them during swimming and diving, and also not put them in contact with shampoos and soaps for internal damage. 

    • Are Sylvi Race Master watches durable?

    As the name suggests, these watches are not just for their name, their performance speaks for them. If they were not durable and reliable then wouldn’t rule those racing tracks. Each and every part of these watches would last a long time if taken proper care. 

  • What happens to the silicone bands if they are damaged?
  • The speciality of Sylvi Race Master watches is that they are long-lasting. Hence their silicone bands are also of the best quality that would last strongly during high-performance activities. These bands are resistant to wear and tear even in extreme conditions. However, if after prolonged use, the bands get damaged, all you need is to contact their customer care and the band will be replaced at an extra cost. 

    • Do the Sylvi Race Master watches glow in the dark?

    Sylvi Race Master watches come with a luminous display. This means that the watch is completely legible even in the dark. The indexes are in luminous colours that glow in the dark. 

  • How to clean Sylvi Race Master watches?
  • Sylvi Race Master watches do not require much care as they are tough watches for tough situations. Still, tough things if taken proper care lasts you a lifetime. Since it comes with silicone bands, the bands are washable. Also, you can wipe the watch with a clean muslin cloth after every usage to remove all the specs of dirt and mud. 

    So always reach the Finish Line first and enjoy the micro precision details of Sylvi Race Master Watches and be the unbeatable King!!!

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