Elon Musk's Watch Collection is from Outer Space

Elon Musk's Watch Collection is from Outer Space

Elon Musk is a name known to all. No one is ignorant about his achievements. Be it launching rockets, to owning social media platforms, this Tesla owner has always amazed everyone across the globe. However, when it comes to his personal style, he is pretty much the same as other Silicone Valley tycoons who love to follow a simple style. 

So when it comes to daily wear watch, he maintains a simple collection and usually wears two types of watches. He is mainly spotted wearing an Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra watch and a TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 SpaceX Chronograph. Surprisingly he doesn't own all the fancy luxurious brands that every man of his caliber can own. So he is not much of a watch guy and prefers minimal style that is simple yet sophisticated. 

For the Common Man

Now every man would dream to own wristwatches that are exclusively made as luxury watches for men. However, not everyone would be able to afford those high-end watches with a sky-rocketing prices. But that doesn't stop you to own luxury timepieces. Trust me, it's the biggest myth that luxury products mean spending tons of money. It’s more on the luxurious feeling that you would feel when you wear the wristwatch. 

Now that’s where Sylvi comes into the picture. Sylvi is one of the best watches for men that would give you the ultimate feel of luxury. Like the watches that Elon Musk wears are from Outer Space, similarly, Sylvi watches would raise you high above the general crowd. Well, that's the aura and charisma of owning a Sylvi watch. 

Why Sylvi should be your perfect Watch Partner?

My answer to this question should always be a return question. 

Why not Sylvi as the perfect watch partner?

Sylvi has all the ingredients to be the most luminous watches for men. All the products of Sylvi come with stunning luminous displays with powerful performance. Ever since its launch, Sylvi has achieved stupendous success through the best quality products, and the best after-sale service. And this is the reason that within a short span of 7 years, Sylvi has a huge customer base of more than 500,000. 

Sylvi is one of the best watch brands for men that proudly contributes to the ‘Make in India’ campaign. All the products of Sylvi are exclusively made in India by the finest craftsmen with ethereal and intricate designs. Sylvi is also very renowned for its vibrant color products. If you put together all the colorful Sylvi watches on a tray, it would seem like the perfect palette of dreams. 

What’s so special about Sylvi Watches?

When it comes to the best men’s designer watches for men in India, Sylvi can give tough competition any day to high-end watch brands. Sylvi is extremely famous for its use of vibrant colors in its products which makes them extremely unique from others. There are a different collection of watches that have been launched by Sylvi which are very unique. All these collections also have remarkable features as well. 

When it comes to men’s watches, Sylvi has four different categories of wristwatches. They are Analog watches, Casual Digital watches, Chronograph watches, and Sports watches. All these watches come in genuine leather straps or high-grade stainless steel bands, nylon bands, or PU silicone bands. 

  • Analog Watches: Analog watches have been in the market since their inception and have never been out of the craze. Vintage ones are never out of style. If you are looking for a watch for office wear, then Sylvi Analog watches would be perfect for you. All the Analog watches come in genuine leather straps and a date display. They are available at a price range of 729 INR to 1499 INR.

The recently launched ‘Imperial’ collection should be your perfect choice if you are looking for men’s watches under 1500 INR. The looks of this set of watches are something that I have never seen before. The dial comes with the curves of the mountains with a diamond-encrusted index and a date display. The straps are made of genuine leather and come in blue, black, and grey with silver casing and a luminous curve dial. 

Another collection of watches that would give you the outer space feeling is the ‘Timegrapher’ collection. These are the best-looking watch I have ever seen to date. Wearing these watches would literally make you feel you are inside a spaceship or the rockets made by Elon Musk’s Space X. These are the perfect travel watches for men who love to explore different adventures in their life. 

  • Casual Digital Watches: The Casual Digital watches from Sylvi has literally created a huge craze among watch enthusiasts of all age group. These are renowned for their multifunction features, colorful straps and dials, luminous display, powerful performances, and water resistant. These are the perfect watches under 2000 INR for men of every age group. 

The most notable and premium collection is the 'Vogue' collection which is a set of Analog Digital watches. You would get the most beautiful rose gold dial watches in this collection. They have a multifunctional dial with a date display, a stopwatch, an alarm, and are water resistant to up to 3 ATMs. 

Another collection is the 'Iconic' collection which is a set of digital watches that comes with both leather straps and nylon straps. They are extremely stylish and very chique. 

Recently launched is the 'Rig One 'O One' are a set of Analog Digital watches that truly looks like the one appropriate for outer space. This set of watches comes with top-graded silicon bands and has a luminous display. They are multifunctional with an alarm, a stopwatch, a date display, calendar display, and are water resistant to up to 3 ATMs. 

    • Chronograph Watches: The Chronograph watches from Sylvi are truly one of a kind. These ‘Timegrapher' collection watches come in stainless steel bands, leather straps, and also silicone bands. If you are someone who prefers to adorn mechanical watches for men, then should definitely have one of these in your wardrobe. All the chronograph watches work with a 1/100th chronograph, 1/1000 second stopwatch, a date display, and are water resistant. 

  • Sports Watches: The sports watches from Sylvi are specially made for the ones who are health-conscious and adventure lovers. They fit in so well on your wrist with the ergonomic style that they would look amazing on any wrist size. They are made with silicone bands that are very long-lasting, very strong, and flexible. They have both analog and digital displays, a date-time display, a weekly calendar, a stopwatch, an alarm, and water resistant to up to 3 ATMs. 

Selected handpick Sylvi watches only for You

Now that I have enlightened you about the different categories of Sylvi watches and also about their famous collections, let me help you to select your favorite wristwatch. So let us delve into a few of my favorite Sylvi wristwatches for men that would literally make you feel that you belong in outer space. 

  • Sylvi Timegrapher Blue Bl 2 – Chrono
  • Sylvi Timegrapher Blue Bl 3 – Chrono
  • Sylvi Rig One ‘O One Rosegold Black
  • Sylvi Frist Camogreen
  • Sylvi Timegrapher Black RG Steel 
  • Sylvi Imperial Black

  • FAQs

    1) Does Sylvi Watches have a resemblance to Elon Musk’s Outer Space collection?

    Ans. Sylvi watches are very renowned for their distinct style and powerful feature and performances. Wearing a Sylvi watch you would literally feel that you are from outer space. The looks are very unusual that can give tough competition to high-end brands as well. They are made with the best quality materials and are extremely long-lasting. 

    2) Are Sylvi watches budget-friendly?

    Ans. Sylvi watches are considered to be extremely budget-friendly that can be afforded by everyone. However, do not get mistaken by the price with the quality of the products. All the products are of top-notch quality that is made to last a long time and would give you the ultimate feel of luxury. 

    3) Will I get multifunctional watches at Sylvi?

    Ans. Absolutely, you will get a huge collection of multifunctional watches at Sylvi. The multifunctional watches are available at different price ranges so that they would never cross your budget. All the multifunctional watches come with a date time display, a calendar, a stopwatch, an alarm, and are water resistant to up to 3 ATMs. 

    4) From where can I purchase Sylvi Watches?

    Ans. You can purchase Sylvi watches by visiting their website www.sylvi.in. If you stay in and around Surat, you can also visit their store with a prior appointment and get your favorite Sylvi watch. Moreover, you can also purchase Sylvi watches from online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. 

    5) Do Sylvi Watches comes with a guarantee? 

    Ans. Yes, Sylvi watches come with one year of guarantee. Post that period for any issue you can contact them and get your watch serviced with minimum pricing. All the Sylvi watches work with Japanese Quartz Movement so we are very confident with the performance of the wristwatch.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Grab your favorite Sylvi watch and literally enjoy the feel of being in outer space!!!

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