Do's And Don'ts When Buying And Wearing A Watch

Do's And Don'ts When Buying And Wearing A Watch

Is this the first time you want to purchase a watch yourself? Then there might be some things you need to know before doing so. Wearing a watch is always said to enhance your overall attire. People higher up in society choose to buy luxury watches for men that are used to show off the professional and fashionable life they lead. There are many different categories of watches available in the market, from which you can choose one according to your preference. 

However, if you don't know the one that could be the most suited to you, it might not bring the change you were looking for. Depending upon your outfit, buying and wearing the watch you bought appropriately also plays a significant part in attaining the sophisticated look you might have wanted. 

1. Avoid wearing two watches at once

Most people may not do this if they are not children with no idea about fashion. However, if you are a grown-up and get a sudden urge to try out weird styles, which most people avoid, then you should leave this one out too. Even if you think wearing two men’s watches at once could provide more attraction, you might be entirely wrong, as it would only make you look ridiculous in public. 

2. Break the right-hand stereotype

People from their younger age have always seen men wear multi function watch like Sylvi timegrapher Red sl steel on their right hand. And with time, they also adopt this trend and follow it till they grow older. However, nobody has made a rule that being a man means you must wear your watch on the right-hand wrist. 

Suppose you feel like wearing a watch on your left-hand suits you better, then you should do it. Try not to think about what other people will think about you because, in the end, you should be dictating your fashion and nobody else's. 

3. Location of the watch in hand matters

You might have thought buying a daily wear watch like Sylvi timegrapher blue sl steel means wearing it on your preferable hand and it would look fashionable. But, this is where most people make the common mistake: while wearing the watch, you need to note at which height or in which way you want the watch to stay on your wrist. 

If you like the watch higher than your wrist, try to wear it accordingly. However, if you like the watch hanging from your wrist without falling, try loosening the belt slightly to get the exemplary fashion. 

4.The size of the watch is essential. 

When you are looking to purchase a men’s wrist watch, there are many sizes in which you can find them in the market. If you don't buy a wristwatch that suits your hand without looking too big or small, then the whole purpose of your wearing it could go in vain. Hence, if you got a smaller wrist, opting for watches like Sylvi timegrapher golden pu could be a perfect choice. While on the other hand, if you got a larger wrist, then Sylvi timegrapher black rose gold steel could look the best on your big hand. 

5. Clean your watch daily

The watch price is increasing daily; moreover, if you want to purchase the best wrist watch for men, your budget could be stretched further. When you desire to invest a significant amount in owning a watch, you should also have the will to keep it clean after usage.

A watch is that part of your outfit that mostly stays exposed to outside conditions for extended periods. It means all the dirt flowing around keeps on accumulating over the face of it without you properly noticing until it gets filthy. That is why try and clean your watch from time to time to ensure that it keeps functioning and shining every day. 

6. Combine the watch with your outfit

Have you got a reception to attend lately or an office party with colleagues? Then you wouldn't think of wearing the same outfit to both as different occasions have their significance and dress code. Now, the concept of wearing trending watches for men is also the same, where you need to combine the timepiece's design with your outfit for the occasion. 

Suppose you are going into an office meeting wearing a suit and tie where an analog watch would look the best on you. But, instead of an analog or business class watch like Sylvi iconic brown, you wear a sports watch, which might make your overall attire look bad. That is why, while purchasing a new watch for men, you should decide on the outfit beforehand for a greater understanding. 

7. Maintain a collection

Regarding fashion, diversity is the best formula everyone should follow to look their best while attending any event or occasion. The same theory applies to watches, where you need to maintain diversification so that while wearing a different outfit, you can choose one that goes perfectly with the attire. 

If you have an eternal love for a specific type of watch, you should also know that it wouldn't necessarily fit with every outfit you own. Hence, when you purchase a watch, go for different categories as it would only enhance your fashion sense for the others around you. 

8. Go for a casual watch. 

A men's watch is always meant to be bold and sleek in design to enhance the aura of the people wearing it. If the watch is crafted so that it doesn't fit the environment of an office meeting, it will lower the chances of making a name for yourself among everyone. 

Watches are only meant to increase the popularity of your outfit, which takes more considerable attention. However, if the reverse happens, people can ask many questions related to the outfit, which can make you feel embarrassed about yourself. If you are looking for casual watches under 1500, you can easily find one on Sylvi.In.  


You need to know many things to purchase and wear a watch that suits all your preferences. If you don't do certain things correctly, then it might make you feel worse about yourself. That is why, after reading this article, you can understand its do's and don'ts properly. 

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