Explore Commanding Style with Sylvi's Best Military Watches

Explore Commanding Style with Sylvi's Best Military Watches

Who else would understand the actual importance of time apart from military persons? It is essential not only to keep a sharp eye on the time but also to strategize and combat planning, to figure out and calculate all the locations and routes. 

With the massive advancement of technology, many would feel that wristwatches are a thing of the past as smartphones and smartwatches can be used to check the time. Wristwatches are timeless pieces that have never lost their charm, especially a military watch and vintage watch. 

Those days are gone when military watches were only meant for army people and could be used in the war fields. In modern times over the last few years, military-inspired wrist watches have become a huge rage. It's not only that horological aficionados have fallen for this renowned retro trend but the famous watchmakers are also exploring the past vintage pieces for some inspiration. High-end luxury watch brands have launched their military watch collection which is loved by everyone including military personnel. 

Sylvi has an amazing collection of military-inspired watches for modern men in India that are meant for tough men to sport a rugged look. These watches have some amazing features that make them stand apart from the rest. 

History of Military Watches

Authentic military timepieces are considered to be rare. Initially, military watches were developed mainly on a contract basis for the armed forces of a country. They were manufactured with some special features that would display accurate timing even in adverse weather conditions. Gradually these wonderful timepieces made their entry into the civilian market and watch lovers were extremely curious to explore their special features. 

Military watches were built for tough men who used to put their lives at risk during combat. Military timepieces are known for their extraneous designs that are exclusively designed to work under tough conditions. The first-ever military watches were launched for the German Navy Officers in the 1880s. Then during WWI, pocket watches were used which were made by companies like Cartier, Longines, and Omega. 

However, during WWII military timepieces saw their actual boom, and companies like Rolex, and IWC made their entry. The most striking feature of these watches was that they were waterproof. Out of all the timepieces, the Bulova A11 became instantly famous. Gradually with time, these special timepieces were made available for civilians and that was the moment they became a cult favorite among watch lovers. 

Characteristics of a Military Watch

Being a horology lover, I would always do complete research before purchasing a military watch. I had done enormous research before purchasing my first military watch from none other than Sylvi which I have never regretted. So let me help you out with the basic characteristics of a military watch so that you would know exactly what you would find in it. Moreover, if you intend to purchase military watches online, then you should know about these basic features before making your purchase. 

Highly Durable

If a military watch for men is not durable, then it doesn’t deserve the title of a military watch. It is mandatory for both the body and the strap to be durable and long-lasting. The watch face should also be shatterproof. Most importantly, the watch should be water-resistant with a high rating and should also be shock-resistant. They should also work flawlessly in extreme temperature conditions. The stainless steel used should also be of the best quality. 

All the above features are truly present in Sylvi watches and this is the reason this brand is my favourite when it comes to men’s watches online

Luminosity and Legibility

The speciality of military watches is that the watch should have a luminous dial or at least a backlight so that you can check the time even in low light. For every military watch, a luminous dial is absolutely mandatory, or at least there should be some type of illumination. This is the reason, a true military watch that is actually used in the Warfield needs to be covered as the enemy might locate the illumination from a distance. 

In addition to this, the index numbers should be clearly legible in order to check the time easily under tense conditions. The numerals should be discernible every time. The contrasting colours of the watch face also play an important role in the legibility of the numbers. 

Sylvi watches have a luminous dial and also some of them have a backlight option. Due to the luminous dials, you can check the time at low light and all the index numbers are clearly visible in any situation. 

Reliability of the Watch

When you are purchasing a men’s military watch, make sure it is reliable and does not ditch you at the time in need. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a quartz or a mechanical watch, but the timing should be accurate every time. Moreover, all other features should also work properly every time in every weather condition, be it extremely cold, hot, or even at high altitudes. 

Sylvi watches have always been renowned for being reliable and this is the reason why they have such a strong customer base. Make sure if it’s a quartz watch, the battery should last for a considerable amount of time. 

Multiple Functionalities

A genuine military watch should be everything with multiple functionalities so that all its features should work accurately other than displaying the time. A good military watch should have an alarm, a stopwatch, a 12/24 hour time format, dual time zones, a date calendar display, a luminous display, an LED backlight, and 3-5 ATM water resistance. All these amazing features are there in Sylvi watches that make the brand special. 

Sylvi – genuine Military-Inspired Watches

Sylvi watches for men are made for strong and tough men who love to be genuine at every phase of their lives. It doesn’t matter whether these watches are actually used in warfare, but there is one point I can assure you, this watch won't ditch you in the middle. These watches have a distinct rugged and tough look that completely supports this organization. 

Sylvi has been made to create a rugged and a tough look watch that will last a long time. The exclusive collection of Sylvi military watches like the Hawk, Horizon, Velocity, Timegrapher, Vogue, Iconic, and Sports Watches have all the features of a military watch. They are multifunctional with 3 ATM water resistance, making it a worthwhile purchase. 

If you want to know my choice, my two favourite collections are Vogue and Velocity. Both of them have completely different looks from each other but share the class, allure, and strength of military watches. Both have analog and digital time displays and along with it, they have a stopwatch, an alarm, a date calendar display, a luminous watch face, an LED backlight, a 12/24 hour time display, and 3 ATM water resistance. 

If you are looking for durable watch, then this article may help you to choose one: Rugged Watch Buyers Guide.



  • Are Sylvi military watches waterproof?
  • Sylvi military watches are completely water-resistant to up to 3 ATMs. So they can withstand a splash of water in any condition and are tough enough to work and display accurate timing in extreme weather conditions. 

  • What are the features I will get in Sylvi military watches?
  • Sylvi military watches are multifunctional making them an ideal watch for all your adventure activities. It has a stopwatch, an alarm, an analog-digital display, a date calendar display, a luminous watch face, an LED backlight, a 12/24 hour time display, and 3 ATM water resistance. 

  • What different types of straps will I get in Sylvi military watches?
  • Sylvi military watches are available in different types of watch straps. They are genuine leather straps, top-graded stainless steel straps, PU straps, silicone straps, and good-quality nylon straps.

    You don’t need to be in the army to wear a military watch but you can definitely get the essence and allure of them with Sylvi Military Watches adorning your wrist!!!

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