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Choosing the Right Watch for Your Personality - Sylvi

A lot can be said over a cup of coffee and a lot can be said about a man by the watch he wears. 

A wristwatch for men is considered to be the most powerful tool that reflects the wearer’s character. Wristwatches have literally seen a revolution ever since their inception. From the time when it was used as a timekeeper to the time they are considered to be the most adorned accessory, it actually has taken a complete swirl and has come a long way. 

Time is the most important aspect of the universe as the universe itself was created at a single point in time and it will continue to be for a time frame we never know. Even our lives are based on the time we live between our birth and death. So time being the constant aspect of the process of life, wristwatches are the best tools to manifest time management. 

But truth be told, choosing the right wristwatch that would match your personality is not an easy job at all. Different men have different tastes and personal styles and prefer to wear a watch for men accordingly. A thorough research needs to be done to find the right watch that is apt for your personality. 

Suppose you are a simple man who prefers classy, elegant, and sophisticated wristwatches but ends up buying a rugged-looking wristwatch just because it is in trend, will for sure regret buying that watch. It's not that a rugged-looking watch is bad but for sure it is not meant for everyone. So it is highly important to select a watch that will be in sync with your personality. 

Sylvi Watches are meant for different personalities of men and you are sure to find one at least for yourself. 

How to choose a Men’s Watch as per Your Personality?

As I already said before buying a men’s wristwatch online is not an easy feat. It requires considerable knowledge to select an appropriate watch for yourself. Do not put yourself at the desert’s end if you are unable to decide the best wristwatch for you. 

You are at the right place and here is the best watch buying guide curated only for you. 

Features of the Watch

When you are looking forward to buying watches for men, you must consider the features of the wristwatch. Because based on the features a man selects a watch that exactly matches his personality. It doesn’t matter if the wristwatch is for a man or a woman, watches are far more beyond than just timekeeping functions. 

There are some basic standard features that are available on every watch these days. Bare minimum it will have a proper display of time, the majority has a date display, and definitely water resistance. These are available as analog watches

However, if you are someone who leads a very active lifestyle and is on the lookout for different functionality in a watch apart from timekeeping, then you should definitely go for multifunction watches for men

Sylvi has a huge collection of different categories of men’s watches – analog watches, digital watches, analog-digital watches, chronograph watches, and sports watches. The multifunction features that Sylvi watches come with are an alarm, a stopwatch, a luminous display, an LED light, both analog and digital display, a date calendar display, dual time zone, chronograph 3 sub-dials, and water resistance of 3 ATM and 5 ATM. 

There are many watches that come with a tachymeter that immensely helps during mountain hikes. If you still want more than these features, then you should go for smartwatches that literally connect the whole world through your wrist. 

Watch Colour Palette

It’s a thing of the past when men’s wristwatches were only found in neutral colours of black and brown straps with white dials. The game has completely changed nowadays. There is a myriad of brands these days that have their own range of coloured watches that look extremely beautiful on men. 

Even men’s watch brands are manufacturing watches with rose gold and gold hues and combining them with different shades of black, blue, brown, beige, green, silver, grey, white, yellow, and orange. 

Sylvi watches are extremely renowned for their bright colour watches that men in India love to wear. So next time when you decide to buy a Sylvi men’s watch online, make sure you choose the bold colour watches to give a breath of fresh air to your watch collection. 

Shape of the Dial

The shape of the dial matters a lot with your personality. There are many men who do not like huge dial watches but there are also a considerable number of men who are mad about huge bold dials. Dials usually come in round or square with different thicknesses. You can choose one for yourself according to your preferences. 

Sylvi watches come in different shape of dials and has both sleek and huge rugged dials. If you use a watch with only formal attire, then I would suggest you purchase a sleek dial watch with clean and clear indexes. On the other hand, if you are an adventure-loving man and wear watches during your adventure or hiking activities, then you should definitely go for the Sylvi sports watches. 

Strap Material

You might be wondering how come the material of the watch strap matches with one’s personality. Yes, my friend actually the material of the strap has a lot to do with your personality. Supposedly you are a man who always wears formal analog watches with clean and sleek dials. For them, the best straps to suit the looks of the watch and also their personality are leather straps or stainless steel straps. Even the mesh straps available these days have slightly casual looks. 

Sylvi watches are available in different types of strap materials ranging from leather, stainless steel, mesh, PU, silicon, and nylon. You can choose the strap material as per your purpose and requirements. 

Design and Style

The design and style of the wristwatches are the most important aspect when matching with one’s personality. Different categories of wristwatches are available with different designs and styles that are meant for offices, formal events, weddings, casual outings, travelling, sports, and adventurous activities. 

It is obvious that a formal office-wear watch would never be appropriate for adventure activities and vice versa. Sylvi has a huge plethora of unique watch designs that can be used on different occasions. Few of the collections are so versatile that they can be used during formal events as well as sports activities. 

Apart from these points, it is also the characteristic of men that depends on the type of watch they wear on a regular basis. Like for the opulent men, a luxurious and little decadent wristwatch is perfectly appropriate. They usually prefer gold-hued and rose-gold watches that suit their high-class tastes. It also reflects the power and grandeur of those men. If you take my suggestion, at least one gold-toned wristwatch is not bad for your collection. Sylvi has an amazing collection of gold and rose gold watches that you will love for sure. 

For tough and rugged men, Sylvi’s analog-digital watches and sports watches are appropriate. These watches are completely durable and tough and match your tough personality. If you are someone who is known for their quirky fashion choices, then you should definitely check the ‘Evoke’ collection and the ‘Rig One ‘O One ‘collection from Sylvi. All I can say is that there is a Sylvi watch for every man with different personalities. 

Sylvi watches are the true mirror of your rich personality and be the star of the party with these exclusive timepieces!!!


  • What shape of the watch dial suits the majority of men?
  • Generally speaking, the shape of the watch dial depends mainly on the size of the wrist. However, there are certain shapes that are universal and have versatile looks such as the round dial watches. Round dial watches for men goes perfectly with all wrist size and gives a sophisticated look overall. 

  • How to choose the perfect Quartz Watch for you?
  • Quartz movement watches are the most popular among watch lovers across the globe and are also manufactured in huge quantities. The best part is quartz watches are available in different price ranges and you can buy one as per your budgetary needs. However, if you will take my suggestion, I would recommend going for Sylvi watches that work with the Japanese Quartz movement and are the most popular and demanding in India. 

  • Are classic vintage watches considered to be old-fashioned?
  • Absolutely not, classic vintage watches are always a rage among true watch lovers. The moment you wear a classic vintage watch, it expresses your rich personality that has soft corner for everything royal and eternal. Sylvi has an amazing collection of vintage inspired wristwatches that you will fall in love for sure. 

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