Watches for Boyfriend Online: Factors to Consider Before Buying

Watches for Boyfriend Online: Factors to Consider Before Buying

Love knows no bound, and so does your efforts to make him feel special also knows no bound. Nothing wrong in saying that in love you can even cross the mountains. You thought that gifting a watch to your boyfriend would be so easy, but trust me it's one of the trickiest efforts you have ever done. You are ready to splurge a chunk of money but your result should be that priceless smile on his face when he receives it. Men's wristwatches are that perfect status symbol where you simply don't want to waste your hard-earned money. And the most important is that it has to be minimal yet stylish to get that sharp look. Sylvi Men's Watches are specially curated for men from different age groups and come with a huge variety at different price ranges to help you to choose that perfect watch for your boyfriend. So look no further and dive into the factors that need to be considered before buying online the perfect watch for your boyfriend. So let’s find that perfect watch for your boyfriend.

The most important question: Why do You Want to Gift Him a Watch?
It is very important to consider your reasons for gifting him a watch like any other major purchase. If he is someone who is mad about watches, then think no further and dive into the plethora of options available online. If he doesn’t have much knowledge about watches yet loves adorning them, gifting your special someone a beautiful timepiece would indeed be the best decision to etch your name permanently on his heart. There are certain practical aspects such as accuracy and durability that only a reliable brand can offer you. The investment you made from your hard-earned money should definitely stand over time. Once these priorities are set, it becomes much easier to select that perfect timepiece for the person you love.

Look and Fit

The look and fit of the watch are very important because if it goes wrong your entire effort to make him happy would be in vain. Hence the size of the wrist plays a pivotal role when selecting a watch. If he has a large wrist, then it is advisable to choose a timepiece with a bigger face and stronger build as thin small dial watches would look fragile on his wrist but it should not be oversized and look out of place.

Analog or Digital

Analog Watches has stood the test of time and has its own magnificent aura that is never out of style. Though few may call them old fashioned but trust me with those hands and the ticking mechanism with a simple and smart look, your fashion game goes way too higher. Analog Watches are the perfect accessory that would stand for both formal and casual occasions. Digital Watches these days have developed immensely and there is a huge array of options available for Digital Watches with lots of features. Moreover, certain brands have watches that comes with both Analog and Digital display and fit both needs.

Chronographs, Sports Watches, and Smartwatches

Chronographs, Sports Watches, and Smartwatches have created a lot of buzz in the watch market. If your boyfriend is someone who is extremely fond of new edge technology, then selecting a watch under these three categories would definitely be a great choice. Chronograph Watches are known to be ‘Jumped-up Stopwatches’ that have their own charisma which is intrinsically connected with automation sports, the space industry, and also the aviation industry. Sports Watches are a great choice for someone who is a sports personality or a health-conscious individual or simply someone who prefers to manage their schedule round the clock. Smartwatches these days are indeed the mini version of smartwatches with literally the entire world being managed under your wrist. All the above three watches come with a huge number of features under different price ranges with huge stock that becomes easier for you to select men's wristwatches as per your requirement.

Type of Straps: Leather, Metal, or PU

Whether you like it or not, a man with a leather strap watch would never go unnoticed and would always stand high in the crowd. In today's world, designers have given leather watches such ethereal designs and look, that gone are those days when the leather watch would mean a boring strap of leather with a huge white dial. Leather strap watches are the perfect accessory that goes hand in hand with a formal outfit. Steel strap watches also termed bracelets are a significant icon of versatile masculinity that's durable and hard for regular use. Rubber or silicone straps are hard, flexible, and extremely strong that are perfect for rough use with rugged looks. However, you should consider getting these types of watches from a brand that provides high-quality materials and never compromises on quality.

Movement Type: Mechanical, Automatic, or Quartz

The mechanism or the movement of the watch is another factor that is very significant when selecting a watch. Quartz watches are extremely common these days and are fondly preferred by the majority of the brands that work with the ticking motion. These watches are affordable yet come with several functions and features. They are powered by batteries that need to be replaced between 12 to 36 months and give the most accurate time. Both Mechanical and Automatic watches are quite similar and work with the help of springs and cogs. The only difference is that with a Mechanical watch you have to wound daily by your hand whereas in the case of Automatic watches it gets wind itself with the motion of the hands.

Oh! That Color

For men's wristwatches, the color of the watch (both strap and dial) plays a very important role. With the classic black, silver, and brown watches being the ultimate style icon there are also funky colors in red, green, blue, or yellow that look quite trendy and stylish.


Trends and styles always change and can be adapted as per your taste but the quality is something that should never be compromised in the case of selecting a watch. Hence selecting a trustable Brand is very essential which has a huge happy customer base. While buying a watch for your boyfriend online, research a lot about the brand and read reviews from the customers who have purchased the product of that particular brand.

Buying a watch for your special one is indeed the best accessory so make sure you buy the best one to bring that priceless smile to his face that skips your heartbeat!!

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