Explore How to Build and Maintain a Valuable Watch Collection

Explore How to Build and Maintain a Valuable Watch Collection

Have you been dreaming of building your watch collection since childhood?

Then my friend you have come to the right place. A few years back I was also bitten by the same bug of building my very own treasured watch collection and today I am proud to say that I have a promising collection of designer watches. And the best part is that none of them have crossed my budget and I didn’t have to mortgage my house to make this watch collection. It's because I have chosen the watch brand effectively and such a worthy brand in India is Sylvi.

The simplest funda is to get yourself educated about watches, then purchase your first exclusive watch, and then go down the rabbit hole. Believe it or not, when you start the journey to build your collection, you will realise you are not alone on this bandwagon. 

Though in this smart world, wristwatches are more of technological and practical obsolescence, the enthusiasm for wristwatches has never been less. It has been growing more with every passing year. There are many young watch collectors these days and this has made the market hot and trending. Exclusive designer watches are expensive and their technicalities are not easy for everyone’s arms around. 

Why do People build a Watch Collection?

Perhaps this would be one of those mysteries that many people would love to not solve. True watch hoarders don’t need many reasons to start their collection. They would rather be interested in tips for watch collectors than finding answers to the above question. 

But still, you might wonder why collecting watches is so famous among human beings. It's because a good quality watch is there with you through thick and thin. Many might think they are not that much of a valuable investment like buying properties, purchasing insurance bonds, and even valuable gold or diamond jewellery. 

But tell me one thing, do you always walk along with all of your properties, or insurance bonds? Even expensive jewellery cannot be worn everywhere. But a true watch for men is worthy of an investment that will walk with you in every phase of your life. Then why not invest in building your collection of timepieces? 

Tips to Build Your Watch Collection

Let's not beat the bush around and accept the fact creating your timepiece collection is truly an intimidating feat. But trust me, when I say securing your first designer watch is quite tough and that choice needs to be made keeping many things in mind. 

Budget Consideration

It is not that any fine day you go to a watch retailer shop and buy any watch that attracts you. There are humongous tireless efforts, thoughts, and strategies that fall into the plate together for a watch enthusiast to build their collection. Budget is the foremost aspect before we get deep into the philosophy of collection and enhance our taste. It doesn’t matter whether it is your first purchase of a luxury watch or looking forward to increasing your collection, you need to set the budget. 

Even if you follow famous watch collectors across the globe, for them also the initial aspect of selecting a model is its price. There is no limit to increasing the budget and the more money you invest, the better the watch it is. But it is solely up to you to decide where the budget increase needs to stop. If you go with my suggestion and if it is your first purchase to curate your collection, then you should always purchase a less expensive watch from a trustworthy brand. And eventually, you can increase the cost. 

Sylvi watches are not only great as a first purchase to curate your collection but also as the one to increase your collection. Initially, you can select the analog watches that would give you a vintage royal feel. Then eventually, you can cover one watch from all of their collections. 


It is important to decide your watch philosophy behind making your collection. For some watches have forever been intimidating and they have never been interested in any other accessories other than watches. For them building their collection is truly justified. For few people get intimidated by the fact that everyone around them is building their collection. They get curious and start making their collection as well. 

For some people, collecting high-end limited models is like a milestone and they always want to go ahead with it. Of course, in this scenario, you need a lot of money to invest. In true essence, they love to collect trademark watches from all of the renowned luxury watch brands. 

Many people connect very personally with their watch collection. They mainly purchase timepieces that represent a specific time of their life or celebrate several special achievements. Whatever it is, for these people more than brands these moments are special and they want to make it special by purchasing luxury watches. These watches are a beautiful reminder of excellent achievements or beautiful phases in their life. 

Whatever might be your watch philosophy to build your watch collection, Sylvi as a brand won’t disappoint you ever. You will never regret your purchase and think that your money was wasted. This I can guarantee with my personal experience. 

Enhance Your Taste

A lot can be said about a man or a woman by their watch. Trust me, not your selection of clothes has an impression even the watch you wear makes a lasting impression. You should always buy watches that align with your personality and taste. Most importantly, you should get timepieces that are distinct and individualistic. The watches you wear must match your awe-inspiring taste, unique style, and preferences so that even after a decade there is a flutter of happiness when you wear these watches. 

The best way to know your niche and hone your taste is to explore different brands, categories, and complications. In this way, you will have a clear picture of what type of watches attracts you the most and the ones that do not attract you at all. And accordingly, you can look for models and brands so that your valuable time is not wasted. 

Supposedly, if a man who mostly prefers formal attire and attends formal events, without much knowledge buys a sports watch. It would be a complete fashion disaster and both a waste of his time and money. If you follow my rule of thumb, your passion for watches is what shapes your taste when you purge your watch collection. With Sylvi watches, your taste will surely never go down, rather it will be an inspiration for others as well. 

Where to Start? Research Well

Another important aspect of making your timepiece collection is to know where to start. The best is to go with trustworthy, authentic, and good-quality watch brands that would never dampen your interest in making your watch collection. A good watch brand like Sylvi will give you the assurance and happiness to increase your collection in the future. The best is to go for quartz watches that are affordable in price, easy to maintain, and have lots of availability of good brands. 

So it is mandatory to do good research on different watch categories and brands and know about their feedback from customers before you purchase your own. And if you are buying luxury watches online, then the selection of authentic brands and customer feedback is extremely vital without any miss. 

Invest in Watch Collecting Case

Last but not least, not only is it important to make your watch collection but it is also pivotal to maintain them. The best way is to invest in a good watch collecting case so that you can get your entire collection in the same box. It is always not possible to open different cases to wear a watch, hence best is to keep them in a single box. 

Apart from that, a watch runs accurately when you wear it regularly. So it is important to wear a watch at least once a week. If you clean them with a muslin cloth after every usage, their longevity increases. 

So build your own promising Watch Collection with Sylvi for years to treasure!!!

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