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Does the color blue skip your heartbeat? Have you got the blues to rule your wardrobe?

Oh yes, the majority of us have the same feeling. And nobody can beat the charisma of blue color watches. When it comes to men's watches, many prefer to stick to classic black and brown. However, if you are someone who would love to diversify their taste, you must go for a gorgeous blue accent in your watch collection. 

The divine blue color with all its royalty runs the gamut like no one else could. Ruling from the deep blue sea to the infinite sky, it has engraved its presence forever. The fashion industry has declared men’s blue watches as the epitoof luxury and social status. 

Why choose the color blue?

Gone are the days when fashion choices would mean the same trends for everyone. Very few people would risk being different. However, the game is completely different these days. Fashion choices these days are all about standing out from the crowd. And that’s where blue men’s watches steal the game. 

Blue is one of the primary color spectrums that connects spirituality and symbolizes serenity, wisdom, and stability. For any formal or special occasion, the peaceful glow that comes from the bright royal hue or deep navy on a watch for men will always bring you tons of accolades. The masculinity of the blue color watch projects an exquisite modern look compared to other traditional aesthetics on your wrist. A luxury watch that comes with the tone of blue accent blends with any occasion. The intelligence that's reflected in the blue tone will always beguile the gents to grab it. 

Nitty Gritty of a Blue Watch

Now since you have decided to go for a beautiful, dainty blue watch, let me help you to know the details about them. Before you buy a watch, it is very important to do proper research about your choice. It is not mandatory that you need to be an experienced watch connoisseur to identify the heritage and charisma of a blue watch. It is necessary to have the variety you can get when it comes to choosing a blue watch. 

  • Blue Strap: The most attractive part of a blue watch is undeniably its strap. Blue strap watches are a huge craze these days among everyone irrespective of their age. Blue strap comes in a plethora of options and you can choose any of them. Straps with the color blue come in stainless steel bands, cool leather straps, blue metal straps, and blue polyurethane and blue silicon straps. 

  • Blue Dial: Blue dial watches are the must-have watch accessories for men. Apart from the blue strap, anything that would grab your attention is the blue dial. It comes in a deep navy hue or bright royal blue, these are so cool and sleek in ways that you can count. Due to their distinct masculinity, blue-dial watches are extremely versatile. They are mostly made of enamel or metals such as brass or titanium. 

  • Blue Case: A blue wrist watch can also be stated when it comes with a stunning blue dial. It’s a rare combination that a wristwatch comes in different colors but only with a blue dial. But trust me it’s worth spending your pennies for it. The case is usually made of the best quality stainless steel, that's hard and doesn't wither with time. 

Stunning Handpick Blue Watches only for You

Now that we know in detail the different aspects of the blue watch, the fascination for this stunning blue hue has grown stronger. Sylvi is considered to be one of the best branded watches for men in India that excels for the blue watch with its unique signature style. So let’s not think much and delve into the varieties of Sylvi blue watches. These selected 5 will rock your life in ways no one else can.

  • Sylvi Atlantic Blue Premium Style Analog Digital Watch For Men

There is nothing like too much blue when it comes to a blue watch. This Atlantic blue belt watch should be a must-have on your wish list. This comes with a premium quality blue stainless steel band and a combination of both Analog and Digital display. It has a stunning black dial with rose gold ticks. It has an alarm, stopwatch, and date display feature with a start/stop push button and reset button and also a deployment clasp. This is also water resistant to up to 3 ATMs. 

  • Sylvi Imperial Classy Blue Premium Men's Watch With Date Display

The Imperial collection from Sylvi is the most unique in India and undoubtedly the best analog watch you can find. The most attractive is its stunning blue dial that has curves of the mountains in shades of blue. It is surrounded by a steel case in silver and made with a genuine blue leather strap. It comes with a date display, a crown reset button, and a deployment clasp and is also water resistant. 

  • Sylvi Blue Dial Steel Silver Belt Chronograph Watch for Men

Blue dial with a blue case with a steel silver belt is that rare choice you should never miss. If your choice is something out of the box, then this mechanical watch for men should be your ultimate companion. With this chronograph watch, you can literally live your life by the second. It comes with a 1/100th second chronograph, stopwatch, date display, and 3 sub-dials with three modes- elapsed time, split time, and 1st-2nd place times. It has a start/stop and a reset button, a deployment clasp, stainless steel silver band, and is water resistant. 

  • Sylvi Blue Casual Analog Chronograph Man's Watch - 3 Chrono

If a jeweled beauty has a name then this blue chronograph watch from Sylvi has to be. Trust me I have never seen such beauty in a men's watch before. The stunning cobalt blue dial has an intricate design that represents Indian Royalty with diamond markings. It has an analog display with a chronograph design and has 3 hands representing hours, minutes, and seconds. It comes with a blue leather band and stainless steel silver case and a date display. 

  • Sylvi Analog-Digital Sports Men's Watch with Big Classy Blue Dial

The list would never be complete without a blue sports watch. This stunner piece has an Analog-Digital display, multifunctional, date-calendar display, and stopwatch, and is water-resistant. It has a polyurethane-made blue silicone band for optimum flexibility and a black dial. 

The blue wristwatch has an array of enviable traits which is effortlessly stylish yet beautifully versatile with a sense of calmness and intelligence. 

Check this Must-have luxury watches in your wardrobe.

And this is the reason that your blue wristwatch attracts such a ubiquitous charm and this universally jeweled timepiece is such a stunner on your hands!!

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