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Whoever has made the term, ‘living in luxury’ surely has great insight. When all the allures and grandeurs of luxury fashion come into mind, every facet of high fashion brands adapts its way to attract people. When it comes to men’s designer watches, it all signifies the timelessness of the impeccable watch. Make sure your luxury watch should complement your entire outfit and accentuate your personality like a subtle dream. But trust me, every luxury watch is way more than its first impression, its performance matters. 

The term ‘luxury' is such an oxymoron to a majority of people. Many people have the perception that luxury means spending tons of money on a product. But trust me, luxury is more about the feeling and quality. That’s why it is said to do it in the luxury of your home. The same goes for the luxury watch, it should give you that priceless comfort and unbeatable performance. It’s so old-school to follow when and how to wear timepieces, nowadays it's all about embracing freedom and styling it as per your heart desires. 

What type of watch wear are you?

When you are looking for a designer watch for men, you need to know what type of luxury watch you want. No one would deny the fame of a smartwatch these days. Devoid of age group, many people are simply going crazy about them. However, a luxury watch is completely a different game altogether. Suppose you are in a social event and completely engrossed at the moment, only a luxury watch would boost your style and display time. 

If you are an athletic person or a health enthusiast, then a smartwatch should always be your must-have. However, if you are someone who loves royalty, then you should go for fashion watches that are the epitome of luxury. 

Fancy watch for men come in a wide variety of casual digital watch, analog watch, formal watch, chronograph watch, and sports watch. Even the straps these days are made of a wide variety of materials under different budgets. So let’s look into details about the types of luxury watches that are available these days.

  • Analog Watches: No one should beat the charisma of analog watches for men, no matter what new technology comes. Sylvi is one of the best brands in India that has the most attractive collection of analog watches. And the price of them is something that will blow your mind. Sylvi launched their latest ‘Imperial’ collection that has the most unique look you will ever find and is the epitome of luxury.

  • Casual Digital Watches: In the time of smartwatches, be different and stand out from the crowd by adorning casual watches for men. The multifunction watches from Sylvi would make your life easier in ways you can never imagine. They come with an alarm feature, date-time display, stopwatch, and dual-time display. 

  • Chronograph watch: are at the peak of luxury fashion. Every high-end brand is busy making the most unique chronographs that give tough competition. Sylvi has a wide range of completely luxurious chronograph watches. They come in leather straps, stainless steel straps, and silicone straps. These watches work at 1/100th second chronograph and have a 1/1000 second stopwatch. 

  • Sports watches: Men's Sports watches are the perfect companion for those who love adventure at every step and also for health enthusiasts. Sports watches are highly preferred by sports personalities who love to control time with their wrist. Sylvi has an excellent collection of sports watches that has an alarm, stopwatch, and date display. 

Handpick Luxury Watches exclusively for You

There is no room to compromise on comfort when it comes to luxury watches. These luxury watches are the perfect gift who are simply crazy about wristwatches. These intricately designed and carefully crafted luxury watches are exclusively made to last a lifetime and passed on to generations. Now that we know the types of luxury watches to look for, let's not waste any more time and delve into the 5 most exclusive Sylvi watches for you.

1. Sylvi Imperial Classy Blue Premium Men's Watch With Date Display

The ‘Imperial collection' is one of the best and the most unique watches from Sylvi. This classic blue analog watch with the curves of the mountain is the perfect formal watches. The stunning blue dial shields the face of the watch from scratches and moisture. It has a genuine blue leather strap and premium stainless steel casing that protects the internal workings of the watch. It also comes with a date display and is water resistant up to 3 ATMs

2. Sylvi Luxury Black Dial Brown Leather Belt Watch For Men

Nothing beats the charisma of a brown leather belt and a black dial watch. This digital watch from Sylvi is multifunctional with dual dial two-time zone, date calendar display, alarm, and stopwatch. It also has a backlight and is water-resistant up to 3 ATMs. It shows 12H/24H time and has a start/stop button, a reset button, a light button, and a mode change button and comes with a buckle strap. 

3. Sylvi Blue Dial Steel Silver Belt Chronograph Watch for Men

This exclusive chronograph watch from Sylvi has a very rare combination of colors and looks extremely elegant and luxurious. It has a combination of black and blue dials with a chronograph display and a classic stainless steel strap. This watch is undoubtedly among the best stainless steel watches for men that would grab eyeballs on any occasion. It has 3 sub-dials, a 1/1000 second stopwatch, date display and works with a 1/100th second chronograph, and is also water resistant. 

4. Sylvi Camogreen Belt Analog and Digital Sports Watch for Men

This sports watch from Sylvi with analog and digital display is the showstopper from the entire range. This has the most attractive silicone camo green band which is very flexible and durable and has a great sporty look. This has a dual dial time-zone, alarm, stopwatch, and date display. This sports watch for men is water resistant up to 3 ATMs.

5. Sylvi Glossy Blue Dual Time Premium Rosegold Case Watch

Last but not least is the king of all the luxury watches from Sylvi. This rare combination of rose gold and blue dial is a stunner and beauty redefined when it comes to the best men's watches. It comes with a premium blue stainless steel band and has both an analog and digital display. It has an alarm, stopwatch, and date display. 

Imagine an event without a watch is simply not happening these days. A luxury watch is not just an accessory to check the time but also a style statement that reflects your confidence and style. 

So what are you waiting for??

Grab a luxury watch that keeps on shining over time and reach the zenith of your style statement!!!

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