Stylish and Affordable: Indian Watch Brands That Fit Every Budget

Stylish and Affordable: Indian Watch Brands That Fit Every Budget

A men’s wristwatch might be a tiny accessory but it definitely is of great value. Your entire outfit will be considered to be incomplete without the inclusion of a stunning, sleek, and stylish wristwatch

It doesn’t matter whether you are dressed to the nines for a dinner date or a casual evening, if you do not wear an impeccable watch, your entire look will lose the magic. They are indeed the most prized possession for men like jewellery for women. In fact, watches for men are known to be the most expensive and one of the earliest accessories that humans have owned to date. 

If you have the wish to stock some remarkable and stunning watches and also have a strong fetish for beautiful watches, then we have got your back. These days, Indian watch brands are doing some stunning jobs and giving some tough competition to global watch brands across the globe. Sylvi is known to be the most renowned watch brand in India that is loved by young and middle-aged people. 

Importance of Wristwatches in India?

Not only for the watch lovers but even for the young discerning, it is an extremely tedious job to build up their own watch collection. Their mind keeps on grappling with lots of questions on which timepiece they should invest and on which they shouldn’t. But before that, it is very important for them to understand the actual importance of wristwatches in India. 

Timepieces have been known to play a pivotal role in Indian history for more than centuries. Starting from the ancient sundials to the modern technology wristwatches, it has come a long way and has helped people to keep track of the time. Furthermore, in India watches for men are considered to be an elite status symbol that signifies wealth and success of yours. 

Not only this, in India timepieces are part of its cultural significance as well. If you dig deeper into Hindu mythology, the Lord Krishna is known to hold the Hourglass that symbolizes the fleeting nature of time. Even the mighty Hindu Goddess Kali is connected with time as she is known to be the defeater of Ego and all the negative illusions of the materialistic world. 

The History of Watches in India

In India, there is an ancient relation with timepieces as people extensively used sundials and other devices to keep a track of the time. Even in medieval period there were water clocks which were known as clepsydras, that measured time based on the flow of the water from one vessel to another vessel. These were extensively used in palaces, religious temples, and other significant buildings. 

The European traders who did business in India during the 16th century even introduced the first mechanical clocks which were a highly prized possession and used extensively as gifts to the Kings and Noble men. With the British role in India, usage of wristwatches became more prominent and were used by people of different social classes. 

Sylvi – the Best Indian Watch Brand for Every Budget

Sylvi is known to be the best watch brand in India for both men and women in an affordable price range. Sylvi was launched in the year 2015 and ever since its inception, it has never looked back. The makers of Sylvi realized that there is a huge market gap in India in the field of horology and that the majority of brands are getting their products manufactured outside India. 

Sylvi was therefore made with the vision to restore the local craftsmanship of India and bring world-class watches to the people at a surprising price range. So you might be thinking what made Sylvi the best watch brand in India? The superior quality of the product and unique designs that are also at an affordable price range have kept Sylvi apart from others and much ahead of its competitors. 

People have this notion that you can’t have everything from a single plate. But with Sylvi that is absolutely possible. All the designs have the perfect fusion of Indian culture and modern trends with some of the most unique designs that you would never find with any other brands, exclusive features, and the most attractive pricing. Sylvi does not involve any distributors or middle dealers and directly communicates with its clients hence its pricing is very affordable. 

If you are in search of the best branded watches in India, then you should at least for once try Sylvi watches, and then you will know why I have stressed so much for Sylvi. Sylvi is widely available on major online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa, Ajio, and Jio Mart. 

As of 2023, Sylvi has a huge family of 6.56 lakhs of satisfied customers and we receive a huge amount of orders on a regular basis out of which a significant number of orders are from our existing customers. Hope you know now that numbers always speak for the brand itself and our satisfied customer list is our mirror and our strength to fight this tough competitive world. 

Types of Sylvi Watches

Sylvi has a huge array of different categories of watches all of which are priced within 2000 INR making it extremely affordable for everyone to purchase it. These days a quality wristwatch cannot be cheaper than this. The icing on the cake is that you are getting luxury watches for men at such an attractive pricing.

The types of watches available at Sylvi are:

  • Analog Watches: The analog watches from Sylvi are the most unique and classic in design that you will never find with any other brand elsewhere. All of them have sleek and clear dials with sophisticated looks and come with a date display. The Imperial collection watches have the most unique looks inspired by the curves of the mountains. The recently launched Elegadoom collection is inspired by the beauty of the eclipse and as curves that gives the look of an eclipse. Another recent launch is the Professional Edge watch with a stainless steel strap that gives a glossy and edgy finish. All the analog watches are available in bright colours.
  • Digital Watches: The digital watches from Sylvi are their unisex watches that are exyremely popular among young boys and girls. It has a complete LED display with an alarm, a stopwatch, a date display, an LED light, a 12/24 hours display, and 5 ATM water resistance. They are available in 5 attractive and bold colours. 
  • Analog-Digital Watches: The analog-digital watches from Sylvi are the most popular and have the maximum number of collections. The collections to look for are Iconic, Hawk, Horizon, and Velocity. Even sports watches also have both analog and digital displays. 
  • Chronograph Watches: The chronograph watches from the Sylvi are one of the oldest ones and are always the bestsellers. The ‘Timegrapher’ collection of watches comes with a working 1/100th second chronograph, a date display, split record time, and 3 ATM water resistance. 
  • Sports Watches: If you want to carry a rugged and quirky look then you should definitely check the sports watches collection from Sylvi. you should check the collections of Frist, Protimer, and Rig One ‘O One. All the watches come with the features of an alarm, a stopwatch, a date display, an LED light, a 12/24 hours display, and 3 ATM water resistance.

With a Sylvi watch adorning your wrist, you are simply ahead of others in the fashion game this PARTY season!!!


  • Why Sylvi watches are so reasonably priced?
  • Sylvi watches are so reasonably priced because the watchmakers deal with their customers directly and there is no involvement of third-party vendors or distributors. But do not think then that the quality of the products is compromised, you will get the best quality at this price range. 

  • How to avail the attractive offers to purchase a Sylvi watch?
  • In order to avail of the attractive offers for this party season to purchase a Sylvi watch you need enter available coupon codes at checkout.

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