Explore Gifts Under 1000 - Best Watches for Men

Explore Gifts Under 1000 - Best Watches for Men

Birthday is that time of the year that marks special above everything irrespective of your age. And if it is the birthday of the most special man in your life, it is close to your heart. So the gift also has to be special which would bring a special smile to his face. That special man can be your father, brother, husband, boyfriend, son, or even your best friend. Your mind is boggling with several ideas to gift him and that’s when you realize that selecting that special gift item for him is no bed of roses.  

Sometimes selecting birthday gifts for men is so daunting that you become clueless about what gift would suit them the best. The best gift for men on their birthday is a beautiful watch. Trust me, this is the best way to express your devotion and love towards your man irrespective of his age. No man has ever said that they don't love watches and that watches are of no use to them. Gifting a watch to your man is the most practical and useful piece you would give to him. 

Why Watches Are the Perfect Gift for Your Man?

For men, it is considered that a classic watch is the only piece of jewelry that they love to wear on daily basis. Believe me, men’s watches as birthday gift brings that eternal smile of happiness to their face. And if your man is mad about watches, then nothing on earth can make him happier than a watch as his birthday gift. In a world full of the smartest gadgets booming all around us to tell us the time, that mysterious attraction towards wristwatches is simply blasting. 

You will always have to agree that a watch as gift is always mysterious. There is always that rush and anxiety that what watch would be perfect for your father, husband, brother, boyfriend, and son. And that’s when you give your best search to grab the best for him. Gifting him a watch is not only out of responsibility but it is the sweetest gesture of love and affection towards your man. This is the reason that watches for men are considered to be the universal birthday gift for him. 

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Why you should always go for Watches as his Birthday Gift?

There are a thousand reasons to finalize watches as the best birthday gift for your man. Let's explain it in detail so that you would understand why they are my favorites. 

  • A Timeless Classic Piece: You will have to admit that nothing is as timeless and classic as a wristwatch for men. They can make any outfit shine be it casual or formal. There is no event in a man’s life where his outfit is complete without a classic watch on his wrist. Best watch brands for men have exclusive birthday collections that can never go wrong as birthday gifts. Even if your man is not much interested in watches, still if you gift him, he would gladly wear them with confidence and style all year round. 
  • Endowment of Time – a Long-lasting Investment: The prime reason for a watch being an incredible blessing for your man is that you can use it on regular basis. So a daily wear watch from a good brand is indeed an investment that is worth every penny. In the world of smartphones, who needs a watch just to check the time? But still wearing a wristwatch is considered to be profoundly pragmatic as it is the most polished and brilliant way to outshine your outfit. 
  • Passed on through generations: Best branded watches for men not only last you a lifetime but also can be passed on through the next generation as well. So on his birthday, a wristwatch is like that one solo blessing that would constantly stand the test of time. So don't be reluctant to choose the best timepiece for him based on your budget. It doesn't mean that you have to splurge a huge amount of money, there are good brands that have powerful timepieces at affordable prices. Wristwatches are that noteworthy fulfillment that they would use and cherish their lifetime and would also pass their next. 
  • Makes a lasting impression: A good wristwatch would never go unnoticed rather it would make a lasting impression if carried with proper confidence. A good timepiece is a mirror of your style, personality, and class. Wear it on any occasion and you are definitely ways ahead of the crowd. A good wristwatch would always be the best birthday gift for father who is considered the pillar of every family. From luxury watches to fashion watches, there are a plethora of options that would be etched in your heart forever. 
  • Fine Assertion to your Personality: Gifting a well-branded wristwatch for your man always adds a fine assertion to his personality. The best way to showcase your good behavior and character is through a fine wristwatch. There are different types of watches available in the market these days that looks fine based on the age group. A casual watch for a boyfriend's birthday is the best way to make him feel special and let him know that you care about his choices. 
  • Make Him remember about You every day: Gifting a wristwatch to your favorite man is the best way to make him reminding about you every day. This way he knows he is special in your life. This special man can be your father, husband, boyfriend, brother, son, or even your best friend. A wristwatch is something they would mostly wear on regular basis and whenever they’ll check time will surely think about you. Such is the magical charm of a good wristwatch. 

Sylvi Watches – Your Perfect Gifting Partner

When it's all about the best birthday gift for the man in your life, Sylvi watches should be your ultimate choice. You would get the best watch for men under 1500 INR with the best quality. Because Sylvi is one such brand in India where quality is never compromised. All the products are made with the top-quality materials available in the market from the finest craftsmen in India. Every timepiece you see is the outcome of the finest craftsmanship and ethereal designs that have gone through numerous quality checks before displaying to their customers. 

Sylvi wristwatches are made keeping in mind the budget for everyone. So you will also find excellent watches under 1000 INR and this ensures that there is a watch for everyone out there. And the best part of Sylvi watches is that they contribute to the ‘Make in India’ campaign where all the products are made exclusively in India. By purchasing a Sylvi watch you are also supporting a local brand as well. 

Sylvi watches are the perfect birthday gift options for the man in your life. You will find the most stylish watch for boys with powerful performance and also long-lasting. Visit the Sylvi website and go through different categories to understand their different types of products. 

If a boy's leather watch is there in your mind, then Sylvi has a huge collection of genuine leather watches. The most attractive part of Sylvi is that they are extremely renowned across India for their wristwatches in vibrant colors. You will get different vibrant colors of leather watches on the Sylvi website. 

Transparent watches are recently huge craze and the young crowd is going mad about them. Sylvi has recently launched their set of transparent watches under the collection ‘Rig One ‘O One' and has received a hugely positive response. These watches are extremely cool and have silicone bands, an analog display, a date display, a calendar display, a stopwatch, and an alarm, and water resistant to up to 3 ATMs. 

Below are a few of my favorite Sylvi watches that should be the perfect birthday gift for your man. 

  • Sylvi Rig One ‘O One White Crystal
  • https://sylvi.in/collections/rig-one-o-one/products/rig-one-o-one-white-crystal

  • Sylvi Imperial Blue
  • https://sylvi.in/collections/leather-watches-for-men/products/1118-imperial-classy-blue-premium-watch

  • Sylvi Timegrapher Rosegold Leather 
  • https://sylvi.in/collections/leather-watches-for-men/products/blue-dial-black-leather-belt-analog-mens-watch

  • Sylvi Vogue Black
  • https://sylvi.in/collections/analog-digital-watches-for-men/products/8306-black-premium-wrist-watch

  • Sylvi Frist Camogreen
  • https://sylvi.in/collections/analog-digital-watches-for-men/products/black-dial-camogreen-strap-sports-mens-watch

    So make your man feel confident with Sylvi watches on his birthday this year and make sure it’s the best birthday gift for him. Sylvi is there to curate all your special needs for yourself and your loved ones.

    Gift a Sylvi Watch and make it a Sylvi special Birthday to remember his entire life!!!

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