Brown Watches For Men

Brown Watches For Men

The color brown has had an integral relationship with men's wristwatches since its launched. There is a different level of elegance and sophistication associated with a brown strap men's wristwatch with a white or black dial. These days there are so many different categories of wristwatches available in the international market but nothing beats the charm and charisma of a classic men's brown color watch. At Sylvi, we have a great collection of brown color watches for men under the Chronograph and Casual Digital watch category at a great attractive price range. A brown wristwatch can be adorned by men of all age groups irrespective of their background.

Latest men’s brown watch online

The fashion trend these days is welcoming the old styles with a modern twist. Gone are those days when a brown color watch for men would be the classic Analog watch that comes with a brown leather strap with a black or white dial and a simple display and enclosed with a golden or silver case. Watches have evolved immensely since their launch and there are different categories of men's brown watches available online. Even the most famous sports watch and smartwatches also come in a brown color strap. The brown color wristwatch by Sylvi is manufactured with the latest designs and is available under Chronograph and Casual Digital watches.

Buy brown color watch for men

Sylvi is the best brand to purchase brown color watches online with a huge array of styles and categories at the most attractive and affordable price range. We have 4 different types of brown color watch available online on our website ranging from the discounted price of 985 INR to 1199 INR and you can choose any one of them as per your budgetary needs.

  • Brown Strap Watch: At Sylvi, you will get the best brown strap watch for men that are available in three different shades. All our brown wristwatches for men are made with the best quality genuine leather which is extremely durable. Our leather bands are very strong yet very flexible with a thickness of 4.44mm and come with a buckle clasp that gives you the ultimate comfort of sheer luxury at the most affordable price range. Our leather strap watches come in a light brown, deep brown, and dark chocolate color that looks extremely fashionable. These leather bands are secured with a soft silicone lining and strong stainless steel buckle.

  • Brown Dial Watch: All the brown dial watches at Sylvi comes with a classic black dial with a luminous display. Though sounds cliché, a genuine brown leather strap with a black dial watch is a match made in heaven and is considered to be the perfect combination ever. The black dial enhances the look of the brown leather strap and comes with a black, silver, or rose gold casing. The black dial is made of the best quality zinc alloy material and the glass casing is made of Polycarbonate. All of these black dials come with a glossy finish.

The trend of brown watches for men

Every product in Sylvi is designed keeping in mind the latest fashion trends for wristwatches in the Indian market. For every product that is launched, the designing process goes through lots of research and sketches. And then only the final product design is selected which is being made by our excellent craftsmen. All our brown leather strap wristwatches are the perfect partner for men on any occasion or any corporate event. Therefore, a brown watch is never out of fashion nor it is an odd choice for any event. If you are a trendsetter and love to play with colors with confidence then the men's brown watches from Sylvi would be your perfect partner to boost up your fashion game to quite an extent. The price at which Sylvi offers you the most stylish brown wristwatch for men is considered to be the best in the Indian market. Its quality, performance, and looks are capable enough to give tough competition to other luxury brands available in India. Our brown wristwatches are the perfect gift option for your friends and loved ones for their wedding, birthday, or any casual event. They can be gifted to someone from the corporate sector as well.

Best brown watch to buy online at Sylvi Watch

If you are looking forward to buying a brown watch for men then think of nowhere and visit the Sylvi website to get the best products at the most affordable price range. All our brown watches for men are of premium design and their quality is on par with high-end luxury brands. Generally, the brown leather watch from high-end brands will cost you a mountain but the brown watch from Sylvi would never make you bankrupt yet will give you the privilege to own a luxury brown watch at premium quality. No matter whatever the occasion is, by adorning our brown leather watch you will attain that ultimate look of sophistication, and it's bound to grab your eyeballs at you. We have a collection of Casual Digital watches and Chronograph watches that are made with premium quality genuine leather straps. The chronograph ones come with black casing and rose gold casing with a glossy finish. With our Chronograph watches, you can live your life by every second. It also comes with a 1/1000 second stopwatch and also comes with tachymeter. Our Analog-Digital comes with a dual-time facility that displays military 12H/24H time. It also has a LED backlight that is perfect for any sports event and also appropriate for regular purposes.

Sylvi brown watch features

Sylvi brown watches are available in two categories of Casual Digital watch and Chronograph watch. Irrespective of their category, all our brown belt watch comes with a black dial with a glossy finish and luminous display. The brown leather strap is extremely strong but is very flexible with a thickness of 4.44mm making it very comfortable on your wrist. All the watches are water resistant up to 3 ATM or 30m and comes with a 6 months warranty for any manufacturing defect. Our Analog-Digital wristwatch comes with a dual time feature of supporting two different time zones. They are shock resistant and comes with an efficient stopwatch, military 12H/24H time display, and an LED backlight feature that are very helpful in the sports field as well as regular purpose. The Chronograph brown watch comes with a 1/1000 second stopwatch and 1/100th second chronograph. It also has the feature of a timer, and a date calendar, and comes with sub-dials. The glass is made of Polycarbonate and is completely scratchproof. It runs with the Japanese Quartz Movement that never stops. The black dial is engraved with an Analog and a Chronograph display with a tachymeter and date calendar. One can press the push buttons and can select between the three modes available i.e., split time, elapsed time, and 1st-2nd place times.