What is an Analog Watch? Understanding Features of Analog Watches for Men

What is an Analog Watch? Understanding Features of Analog Watches for Men


Watches have been an integral part of the life of human beings since time immemorial. No one would deny that their day is complete without looking at watches or clocks in between their daily chores. Over time the format, design, functionality, and style of watches have changed but its core agenda remains the same – that is display accurate time. If you have a soft corner for vintage watches, then you would definitely like analog watches for men. They are one of the most commonly used watches over time. 

In analog watches, time is displayed with the movements of hands on the dial. In an analog watch, there is a continuous rotation of two or three hands to display accurate timing which is considered to be the core component. These watches work with a Quartz mechanism that helps to enable the ‘ticking’ motion and thereby the seconds, minutes, and hours hands move simultaneously. These days quartz watches are mostly preferred as they are reliable, show accurate timing, that work with a battery-powered circuit to produce electricity. This electricity is distributed in the form of electric current to the quartz crystal. 

Wristwatches are there since the end 19th century and were used by soldiers during World War I. When the quartz watches were launched, they became quite affordable than the mechanical watches. 

If an analog wristwatch for men is there in your mind, then you should never miss the collection from the most well-known brand in India, Sylvi. You will get the best-handcrafted analog watch collection in Sylvi at a price that you can never imagine with luxurious performance. And the best part of Sylvi is that all of their products are exclusively made in India by the finest and the most experienced craftsmen. 

Understanding Analog Watches

Analog watches mainly work with quartz mechanisms creating a ticking motion and moving the hour, minute, and second hand simultaneously to display time. Analog watches these days also come with a date display. On the other hand, digital watches are modern-looking timepieces that have a digital display of time. The dials of digital watches in most cases are either LED or LCD. 

There are several components of an analog watch. It has a distinct watch face with indexes marked in it in either numbers or Roman numbers. They have the second, minute, and hour hand though in some watches the second hand is not present. Analog watches are the most user-friendly watches that you will ever find. It also has the crown which is used to set or adjust the time of the watch. 

From the outside though an analog watch looks very simple but trust me its craftsmanship is quite complex. Sylvi uses the finest materials to make their huge set of analog watches from the best craftsmen in India. The Japanese Quartz movement is used in every watch, the watch face is made in the best quality stainless steel, and the straps are made in either the finest leather, top-graded stainless steel, or PU. Their intricate craftmanship and quality watchmaking process make these analog watches quite long-lasting. 

How to Use an Analog Watch

Before you look forward to buying Sylvi analog watch for men, you should do thorough research about their features and how to set the time and date of the watches. As already mentioned, all the Sylvi analog watches come with a date display. Once you receive the watch, pull the crown of the watch in order to set the time. You need to adjust the hands of the watch and synchronize the time from a reliable time source. Make sure you understand the mechanism of the date display and adjust the date accordingly. 

Sylvi analog watches are extremely renowned for their longevity and let me share the tips with you so that it always displays accurate timing and last quite a long. It is advisable to wear your watch quite often a minimum of 3 days a week so that it shows accurate timing. It is always best not to keep your watch near extreme heat or underwater for a prolonged time. And also after use, it is better to wipe it with a clean muslin cloth. This way it will display accurate timing and last long. 

Benefits of Owning an Analog Watch

There are huge advantages to wearing an analog watch from Sylvi. The most important one is the accuracy of time which would give tough competition to any high-end brand internationally. Sylvi uses only the best material and tools that have no error to display correct timing. Unlike mechanical watches, you don’t have to wind them daily and also not charge them every week like smartwatches. Even you can check the date just by looking at the watch's face instead of clicking any other buttons. If you are mad about timeless classic designs that are never out of style and match your classy status, then you should definitely purchase the analog watches from Sylvi. The most striking part of Sylvi analog watches is that they come in attractive colors that are highly fashionable and can be worn in any occasion. You can style them with your formal outfit in the office, your gorgeous sherwanis while attending a wedding, and even with your casual outfits to be with your friends. 

The Craftsmanship Behind Sylvi Watches

Sylvi has achieved a remarkable name in the world of horology in India that never compromises on the quality of watches. If you are looking for designer analog watches for men then you should not look for anywhere else other than Sylvi. In the world of striking and coolest smartwatches, Sylvi has shown its earnest dedication towards traditional methods of watchmaking. Matching today’s trends and also traditional methods of watchmaking, they have kept a fine balance of modernism and royalty in your wrist. 

Do not get deceived by the affordable price range of Sylvi analog watches with their quality. Like all other brands making high-end luxury watches for men, Sylvi uses the best Japanese Quartz movement in all of their watches. All analog watches have pure stainless steel watch faces that are resistant to scratches. They are made with the finest aesthetics to give a royal look and performance. The bands are made of the finest genuine leather straps in striking colors, top-quality stainless steel, and the strongest PU. 

Analog vs. Digital Watches: Which is Right for You?

In today’s active world, a single watch for men is not enough so it is quite difficult to choose between a digital watch and an analog watch. To make it easier let me explain it to you in detail. An analog watch is mostly a traditional type of watch that has indexes and an hour, a minute, and a second hand to display time. It works with the quartz movement creating a ticking motion. On the other hand, a digital watch has a digital display of time, and the dials of these digital wristwatches are either made with LED or LCD. Digital watches also use quartz movement like analog watches and have great battery power. 

Though it is very difficult to choose between these 2 watch types, still if you maintain certain lifestyles you can select either one of them. Analog watches have literally stood the test of time and maintain a rock-solid reputation. They are brimming with rich history and sophisticated aesthetics and if you love these vintage styles you should definitely go for analog watches. On the other hand, digital watches are scientifically advanced and have digital displays along with several other functionalities unlike analog watches. They are time-telling scientific tools that are loved by everyone. 

When it comes to designs and looks, digital watches stay much behind the alluring styles of analog watches. They have their unique charm that is never out of fashion. Sylvi has the most amazing collection of analog watches that has the most unique and royal looks, especially their ‘Imperial’ collection. They also have a collection of complete digital watches as well. And those who love to stay in between them can always go for their analog-digital watches which is a combination of both analog and digital displays. 

Tips for Choosing and Caring for an Analog Watch

While choosing the Sylvi analog watches for men, you should keep in mind their different looks and style. Moreover, the size and shape of the dial should be according to your wrist size. Sylvi watches are made in such a size that would suit all wrist sizes and would look amazing. You should wipe your Sylvi watch with a clean cloth after every usage to remove dirt and sweat and do not put it in direct sunlight or extreme heat. Though they are 3 ATM water resistant, it is not advised to use them underwater or while swimming. By taking proper care it will last for years. 


As the old saying goes ‘old is gold’, traditional analog watches are never out of style. These vintage classic pieces are always in demand. And Sylvi has given the most stylish modern touch to these analog watches that stays way ahead of smartwatches even.  

So be the vintage classic icon with a modern touch with Sylvi Analog Watches for Men!!!

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