What is a chronograph watch and How to use

What is a chronograph watch and How to use

Have you been looking to purchase an exquisite-looking watch for men for a long time? But have yet to be able to identify one as your preference due to the wide range of choices available. Then, you can go for chronograph watches,  a badass addition to the watch industry. You can quickly identify chronograph watches due to their unique design, aura of sophistication, and excellent features. If you want to be the coolest of the people dawning a watch in between everyone, then this chronograph watch might be it for you.

However, if you are unfamiliar with the chronograph watch and need to gain more idea about it, here in this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about the best chronograph watch.

What is a chronograph?

Let us first start by understanding the meaning behind chronograph watches which will help you understand it better. 

The word chronograph stands for time writer, associated with a stopwatch. Hence, ideally, the chronograph watches are an excellent combination of a stopwatch and the usual display online watches for men

Now, let us look at why you can choose to buy chronograph watches as your next addition to the collection of watches you have.

  • Lots of functions

    The first and foremost reason behind owning a chronograph watch is the wide range of functions that it offers to the user. Chronograph watches are primarily known for serving specific purposes simultaneously. For instance, it can keep track of your heart rate, quickly calculate the average speed with which you are traveling and carry out both events simultaneously. Moreover, some chronograph watches are known to have telemetry functions. That means it can help you know the distance from where something is going on by the noise of it. 

    • Dual workability

    As you might have learned previously in the article, chronograph watches combine stopwatches and standard watches. Hence, they serve two purposes at a specific time per your requirement. Even more so, you might be surprised to know that there are stylish watch for men that can multi-function like pulsometer, telemetry, and the functions of a regular watch. 

    • Experience of a lifetime

    When you are looking to purchase the best premium watch available in the market, chronograph watches could be the ideal choice. Owning this type of watch will provide you with the experience of a regular watch and add a few more exciting functions. However, being a luxury watch, the price of it might be a little higher than the usual watches available to buy. Many smartwatches in the market offer many features that no other type can offer. But, if you are looking for accuracy and the experience of having a dial to look at and not some digitally displayed numbers, then chronograph watches might be the one for you.

    • A true iconic timepiece

    Of all the wrist watches-type watches available nowadays, chronograph watches are considered the most iconic ones. This type of watch was designed a long time, initially back, depending upon the functions it is said to offer. Even more so, it is the ideal choice for the divers out there looking to purchase a watch that suits them to wear under a chronograph watch. Additionally, many more sports personalities or persons tend to purchase chronograph watches. 

    • Glamorous looking

    Compared to all the fancy watches for men, available chronograph watches are the most visually appealing and have a great design. By wearing the chronograph watches, you can have a sassy and classy look, and if matched with your outfit, you would stand out from the rest of the people near you. All the different knobs and instruments on the dial might make the watch challenging to understand, but in terms of design, it is excellent. If you want to own a luxurious watch with premium features, then chronograph watches might be yours to own.

    What is the function of the dials present on the chronograph watch?

    You might have understood that it is pretty complicated to determine the functions of the chronograph. That is why, to help you understand, let us look at the functions the different dials present on it perform. There are three dials on the chronograph watch: one is used to measure the hours, one for the minutes, and the other for the seconds. You would find a sub-dial on it, ideally used to measure the time elapsed in seconds, minutes, and hours. 

    How to use a chronograph watch?

    For the next part of the article, let us understand how to use the chronograph watch ideally. For starters, you can press the top pusher available on it to activate the watch, and subsequently, to stop the watch, you would need to press the same button. Now, if you want to reset the best chronograph watches, you would need to stop the watch from running and then press the top pusher button while it keeps on running. But when it gets stopped, you must press the bottom pusher to reset it back to default. If you have done the deed perfectly, you can see that the second hand would return to the position of 12, which means it has been reset successfully. 


    Chronograph watches are famous for their dual functions of a stopwatch and a regular watch, and it is also quite popular due to their unique design and not so easy to understand features by the look of it. The chronograph watches are considered the most useful for the diver and the sportsperson who find this type ideal. 

    Even the person residing in the military tends to use chronograph watches due to the accuracy through which it measures time and other functions are measured. Most of the major watch brands present in the market choose to produce chronograph watches as they find them suitable according to their luxurious brand image. After reading the article, you can understand everything related to chronograph watches perfectly.

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