Unique Features of Sylvi Velocity Analog Digital Watch Watches

Unique Features of Sylvi Velocity Analog Digital Watch Watches

Life is nothing short of an action-packed adventure. There are so many hurdles and challenges that we come across at every phase. Success comes to those lucky souls who choose to face these challenges and overcome them with confidence. In this high-speed driven ride who wouldn’t love to own an accessory that would be the perfect companion during your action-packed adventure activities? Power packed watches are indeed your perfect companion during your adventure and outdoor entourages. 

Being an adventure lover, you would always love to go to outdoor remote locations to give the best treat to your heart. High speed watches should be your most trusted companion during this adventure rushed trips. It not only checks the time but does several other functions that would help to keep track on your every step. Recently launched the 'Velocity Collection' from Sylvi is the perfect wristwatch for men who have a soft corner for adventure and outdoor activities. 

Watch Movement for Outdoor Watches

In the past decade the outdoor watches have made their name and has come a long way. There was a time, when outdoor or adventure watches were strictly run through mechanical movement. Needless to say, only a handful of high-end luxury brands used to manufacture them that were affordable to certain people only. Eventually quartz watches and smartwatches showed up that were accessible to majority of people. All hail to its affordable price range. 

Mechanical watches would require lots of design notes in order to protect inner hardware. Similarly, smartwatches would require regular charging for the features to work perfectly. Hence the need for quartz watches came into the picture that are affordable and do not require regular charging unlike smartwatches. Fast watches that have quartz movement are reliable, long-lasting, affordable, and are loaded with amazing features. 

What to consider when buying an Adventure Watch

Adventure watches are made for those rugged tough souls who love challenges in every phase. There are certain aspects that need to be considered before buying an adventure watch. Even in your wildest dreams you cannot imagine wearing a formal watch during those adventure hikes or activities. So, lets delve into the points that would help us to select adventure or outdoor watches.

  • Purpose of Buying: It is very important to know for what purpose you are interested to buy an outdoor watch. Trust me this would help you to filter the list of choices that should be there in your watch. Affordable adventure watches are basically required for basic outdoor activities, short duration hikes and treks, normal sports activities, endurance training. If you are into extreme sports or mountaineering expeditions then affordable adventure watches should not be suitable for you. 
  • Brand: When it is about adventure or outdoor watches, trust me a men’s watch from a reliable brand makes a lot of difference. You can be assured that you will get quality products from good brands. Not only that, a good brand also has a reliable after service facility. Sylvi is the most trusted brand in India that has launched their ‘Velocity’ collection which are an amazing set of outdoor watches. 
  • Type of Watch: Outdoor watches comes with different features that would be helpful to you during adventure activities. You can also go for smartwatches that also has numerous features. Hence it is upto you whether you want an outdoor watch or a smartwatch. Smartwatches have features like health metrics, call and text notifications, tracking weather, etc. On the other hand, a good outdoor watch will also have numerous features apart from being extremely tough and reliable. Moreover, you don’t have to take the pain to recharge daily. 
  • Price: It is important to set a budget when to tend to buy an outdoor watch. Based on your budget, you should search for outdoor watches online that would have amazing features. Based on your requirements and habits, you can decide whether you need a basic one or a more advanced one. 
    • Toughness: The most important feature to select an outdoor watch should be its toughness. During your adventure activities both you can your watch can get into scrapes and will also get lots of scratches. Therefore, it is mandatory for the watch to be tough and reliable in order to withstand such pressure. It should be rugged enough to protect itself from harsh condition and yet remain powerful. Velocity watches from Sylvi will give you amazing looks and real toughness and reliability. 

    Sylvi’s Velocity Watches – your ultimate outdoor Partner

    Sylvi is one of the most renowned brands in India that is immensely preferred by men of all ages. Recently they have launched their Velocity collection which is a set of 3 analog digital watches with amazing features and good looks. The best thing about these watches is their versatile look that can be worn to your workplace as well as during your outdoor activities. These watches are best made for those fashion forward trendsetters who are bold enough to sport tough looks. 

    Velocity watches comes in top-quality genuine leather straps in 3 colors – coffee, brown, and blue. All the 3 watches have a gorgeous black dial and a tough zinc alloy case, a strong mineral glass, and a stainless steel back case. To become your genuine reliable partner, these watches come with water resistance of 3 ATMs. Along with this it has a tachymeter, a date calendar display, both analog and digital time display, a stopwatch, an alarm, an LED light, a 12/24 hour display, and countdown timer. These watches come with an attractive discounted price of 1399 INR that makes it ideal to buy for many people. 

    Most importantly the Velocity watches gives accurate timing thanks to its Japanese Quartz movement and powerful batteries that lasts really long. Here are all the 3 Velocity watches: 

    1. Sylvi Velocity Coffee
    2. Sylvi Velocity Brown
    3. Sylvi Velocity Blue

    Its high time to take your adventurous spirit without any hesitation to take you all the corners of the world from the top of mountains to the deepest of oceans with Sylvi Velocity watches !!!

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