Dad's Special Day: Explore and Find Unique Father's Day Gifts

Dad's Special Day: Explore and Find Unique Father's Day Gifts

Nothing is a better gift this Father's Day than the gift of time. 

Cherish every special moment and the beautiful bond you have with your father. For every one of us trust me, our dad is the ultimate. No one will ever be able to take his place in our life, the bond which you share with your father is irreplaceable. There are so many unique and interesting characteristics about every father that makes them special in their own way.  They can have a nerdy passion or some kind of quirky obsession or simply a sports fanatic. 

So, finding that quintessential gift for your father or a father-like person in your life this Father’s Day is quite a daunting task. And it becomes more difficult if he has a special corner for sports. So, a watch for father is the most appropriate way to seal the gift of time. A nice sports watch or a luxury watch is a great initiative to respect his passion. It’s high time to flex those horological muscles and add a sparkling timepiece to your dad’s collection. 

Why Watch is the perfect gift this Father’s Day?

Your father is the only person who silently takes the toll of spending endless hours supporting and loving you. He would lovingly and smilingly sacrifice his passion to give you a better tomorrow. So, this Father’s Day he deserves a watch that is durable and crafted only for his passion for sports. A watch as gift for father would help him to keep track of all the time in style. And the best part is that whenever he checks the time, your fond memory will always bring that priceless smile to his face. 

If he has a soft corner for the charms of horology and sports, a sports watch from Sylvi will surely make this Father’s Day the most special one. Doesn’t matter what relationship you share with him – he can be your father, your father-in-law, your husband who is an amazing father, your brother, your uncle, or even your best friend. This special dad would love a sports watch or a luxury watch with amazing features keeping in mind his love for sports. 

What type of watches you can gift to your sports-loving Dad?

You have got a sports-loving dad in your house. Do not worry, I have got you covered with some of the most stylish men’s watches to gift him that would definitely make his heart flutter. There are different types of wristwatches that would cater to the passion of sports-loving dads. 

  • Smartwatches: The latest entry on the bandwagon of smart tech devices is the smartwatches. They have turned the world into a craze as if it’s like some kind of youth revolution. They were first launched by Apple and iWatch has gained immense popularity from the first day itself. There are many brands after that who has launched smartwatches with a different price range. Men of all age groups prefer smartwatches these days as it helps to keep track of every move. Sports-loving people are always health conscious and what better way to keep an eye on your health other than a smartwatch? 

Smartwatches can keep track of the number of steps along with the calorie burned. They also keep track of oxygen levels and blood pressure. They are waterproof so you can use them during numerous sports and adventure activities. They come with a stopwatch, and an alarm, and can be synced with the smartphone to check notifications and make and receive calls. So literally it’s the world that is controlled through your wrist. 

  • Sports watches: Sports watches are the best gift this Father’s Day to a sports fan dad. They are not as complicated as smartwatches yet keep track of all the movement. The most striking features of sports watches are that they are sturdy, rugged, masculine, durable, and extremely flexible. They come with numerous features making it your ultimate companion. 

The sports watch collections from Sylvi are truly one of a kind. They are extremely stylish and have unique designs that can give tough competition to sports watches from high-end brands. They are very flexible and long-lasting. They come in a flurry of colors to suit all your moods. 

The straps of the sports watch from Sylvi are made from high-quality Polyurethane which is very flexible and strong. They have both digital and analog displays and also have luminous light displays. They come with a stopwatch, an alarm, a date calendar display, a dual time zone with a 12/24 hours format, and water resistant to up to 3 ATMs. They give accurate timing and work with the Japanese Quartz Movement and have different colors. The collections to look for are Frist, Race Master, Protimer, and Rig One ‘O One. 

  • Casual Watches: Apart from sports watches, you can also have luxury digital watches that come with multiple functionalities to help you keep on the go. They look very fashionable on men and are best for people who are very much fond of sports and other adventurous activities. 

The casual digital watches from Sylvi are the best luxury watches that would never make you bankrupt. The digital watches come in different colors and have both digital and analog displays. They have a stopwatch, an alarm, a date calendar display, an LED backlight, and water resistant to up to 3 ATMs. The strap comes in leather, stainless steel, silicone, and nylon. The collections to look for are Vogue, Iconic, Hawk, Velocity, and Horizon. 

Handpicked Sylvi Watches for Father’s Day

Father’s Day should be celebrated for every father out there for the selfless role they play for their family. It doesn’t matter their preferences but they always deserve special love from their loved ones. I have covered for you my favorite stylish men’s watches from Sylvi for sports fan dads. 

Sylvi Protimer Z Black

This is the best choice for athletic minds. This complete black watch is for those fashionable and strong dads who are tough souls. It has a black dial with analog and digital displays and a black polyurethane band which is very flexible and strong. It has a stopwatch, an alarm, a 12/24 hours’ time format, a date display, a luminous display, and water resistant to up to 3 ATMs. 

Sylvi Frist Camogreen 

This is the most unique and beautiful sports watch that you can ever find. This timepiece being my favorite has the perfect army watch look where style and performance are in perfect harmony. The camo green strap with military-inspired patterns and a sleek round black dial has all the rugged looks. It has both analog and digital displays, and a stopwatch, an alarm, a date calendar, 12/24 hours display, and water resistant to up to 3 ATMs. 

Sylvi Rig One ‘O One Black Crystal

This is the most innovative sports watch from Sylvi that you can ever find. This comes with a black silicone band and a transparent dial which is very durable. It has both analog and digital displays, an alarm, a date display, luminous light, and a stopwatch. 

Sylvi Velocity Blue

This latest launch from the house of Sylvi is the perfect blend of style and long-lasting performance. This has the most royal combination of blue leather strap and black dial that is best for hardworking dads. It has both analog and digital displays with crystal glass and stainless steel case. This is appropriate for sports and other outdoor adventurous activities. It has an hour, minute, and second display with a date calendar display, and is 3 ATM water resistant. 

Sylvi Horizon Brown

Another recent launch from Sylvi, this Horizon brown watch is for modern-day adventure dads. It has a matte finish dial with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass that is extremely durable. It has a stopwatch, a date display, an hour/minute and second display, an alarm, and 3 ATM water resistant. 


  • Sylvi sports watch straps are made of which material?
  • The straps of Sylvi sports watches are made up of top-quality polyurethane and silicone bands. They come in different color and finishes. These straps are extremely durable and flexible and made for regular use. 

  • Can I use sports watches from Sylvi in casual outings?
  • Absolutely yes, Sylvi sports watches can be used for any casual outings and parties. Apart from using them during sports and adventurous activities, you can also use them during vacations, mountain treks, beach weddings, and brunch with your friends. 

  • What features you should consider while buying a luxury watch?
  • The prime reason for purchasing a luxury watch is its comfort and functionality. A luxury watch doesn’t mean you have to spend huge; it can also be on the affordable side. The timepiece should be long-lasting and have all the features of a modern-day watch. 

  • Are the sports watches and digital watches from Sylvi water-resistant?
  • Yes, the sports watches and casual digital watches from Sylvi are completely water-resistant to up to 3 ATMs. However, it is always advised not to completely immerse the watches inside the water for a long time and no button should be pressed while it is submerged in water. 

  • What is the warranty period for Sylvi watches?
  • All the timepieces from Sylvi has a warranty period of 6 months. The date of warranty begins from the day the watch is purchased from the website. The watch can be easily exchanged or repaired based on the damage and the warranty period. 

    So this Father’s Day is all about making him feel special and gift him a Sylvi watch and witness that eternal smile on his face!!!

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